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Black Beauty Stockings Pantyhose & Long Fingernail Worship
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

2:00 a.m. thoughts...

I am up and it's about 2 in the a.m. I am checking My e-mails, eating chocolate chip cookies and comtemplating world domination. Although I am up burning the after midnight oils I am really not too tired yet. Has something to do with the residue of jet lag from Japan and My energy and mind is floating and flowing. Since I have returned there is much to do, places to go and things to see. Amazing how events in ones life can change you for the better or worse. Effecting how you perceive life, how you treat people, how people see you and what you do.

Substance is something that is very important to Me and seeing things deeper than what they really are is key. There are so many misinterpretations about life and what it all means. We all have our opinions about life based upon our up bringing, belief and societies actions and non actions. Love, forgiveness, regret, anger, pain, lack of respect, jealousy, fear etc....some of the adjectives of life's lessons goes on and on. I believe it's how we handle these things tells alot about who we really are and what we are made of within.

As much as we feel we have and feel that we own it's not ours to begin with in the material world. Just as it is said it is not the destination it's the journey that holds the most importance. Of course it is good to have a goal, it's just what you do and don't do in life to get there tells alot about your soul. I am by far not an angel but I do have a higher conscience that allows the right decisions to enter Me. Pride in what you do and the respect from others is a good thing. Respect not in an egotistic way but through humility and trust.

I am closing this writing now and allowing Myself to get some rest for the day to come.

Good Night or should I say Good Morning!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The wolf within...

An old Cherokee was teaching his grandchildren about life. He said to them, "A battle is raging inside me ... it is a terrible fight between two wolves. One wolf represents fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. The other stands for joy, peace, love, hope, sharing, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith." The old man fixed the children with a firm stare. "This same fight is going on inside you, and inside every other person, too." They thought about it for a minute and then one child asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?" The old Cherokee replied: "The one you feed.".....


Monday, October 26, 2009

My Internet Talk Show Interview Part 2

I did My second taping for WRPBiTV tonight. The show on WRPBiTV is called The "G" Spot and the hostess name is Gabrielle. A very sexy fiery red head who interviews Me on various subjects about life some world events and of course the main subject is about fetishes and the whole Domme Lifestyle etc..I did My first live taping with Her about 2 months ago and I will post that here when I re-retrieve the file for it so you can view it. Tonight we also talked about latex clothes, the desire, how it feels. Gabrielle's sidekick was on the show as well, he was very curious about the scene and had quite a fews questions to ask regarding it. My Aunt came with Me to watch and check out the show. She is very cool and open minded. It is a good feeling for My family tosupport Me and have an open enough mind.

This segment lasted about 35 minutes. I am usually interviewd for 50 minutes but tonight was cut a little short because of scheduled timing. I really enjoy being interviewd and asked questions about being a Dominatrix and the whole lifestyle of it. It is a very insightful opportunity for people listening or reading to get facts not fiction of what this really entails from someone that has been around for awhile and not afraid to tell it like it is. We laughed and joked a little and enjoyed ourselves very much during the interview. WRPBiTV has been around for a long time in the Florida area and reached lots of listeners and viewers. People can call in with questions too.

I have a year long contract with The "G" Spot Show with Gabrielle to be a guest on Her show once and month. So you can catch Me LIVE just go to the site and look for The "G" Spot Show with Domina Erotica and you can check it out for yourself. You can see Me being interviewed and discussing that nights topics. The show starts at 10:00 p.m on Monday. I will have it posted here ahead of time when I am scheduled to be on so don't miss it!!

Trampling with tight jeans and flip flops

Ok, so My last blog here I talked about My WRPBiTV monthly interview I did Monday night. After it was over I drove from West Palm Beach came home to relax etc...I checked My e-mails and there was an e-mail from My favorite welcome mat. He hoped it was not too late and asked if he could come over to My arena for a intense trampling session with Me. Of course I said yes, I had some energy left even though I was winding down for the night. By the time he made it to My place it was about 1:00 in the a.m. Now I don't really do sessions at this time of the morning but he was an exception because I really enjoy his company and trampling him.

He has a special request and that is Me dressed in either very tight jeans or very tight booty shorts, a tight t-shirt and wearing flip flop sandles on My feet while I trample him. I start off with trampling his chest and stomach and then move down to his balls. I stomp and throw in a few jumps while I am at it. I also take one of My feet and smash his face so it is pressed on the floor. While I am stomping and trampling he asked if I would curse him out like I was pissed off at him for doing something wrong. I am running up and down his body tap dancing on his chest and smashing his balls and cock with My flip flopped feet, while he grunts and  moans.

I am laughing, verbalizing, stomping, trampling, dancing, running and having a great time with My welcome mat. This goes on for about 1/2 an hour or so. I am working him up to be able to handle more but that will take some time. He said that in the past he has went to other Dommes and they were too gentle with him, too concerned if they were hurting him and asking him are you alright. Not Me, and he likes that! I see that My welcome mat is getting very excited. I increased My verbal and stomping as he got more turned on by it. You know what happened next and he let out a moan. I got in a good little work out at the same time and the last of My energy was depleted.

He cleaned up, we chatted for a bit and then he left. Sleeping Black Beauty went to bed....sweet trampling dreams!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Training a new cleaning sub...

I am very particular about who I allow into My Harem of personal subs, slaves and real time session subjects. I get calls and e-mails often from those who want to be in any of the above categories. There is this one sub that has been wanting to show Me just how well he could follow orders with cleaning My arena just like I commanded him to. I am a very meticulous Woman that likes details to be well understood and performed when it comes to cleaning and following instructions. So I told him to come to My arena after thorough screening and correspondence to show Me what he could do.

He arrived on time, that's a good point for starts. He was very nervous and eager when he arrived. I was not dressed in My fetish gear, just a pair of very tight jeans and a t-shirt with very high heels on of course. I gave him a look like he should know what to do first, that's when he fell to his knees and kissed My feet. I told him to remain on his knees as I discussed with him what I wanted him to do as far as cleaning and My expectations. After his briefing, I told him to go to the bathroom and take off his pants, shirt and shoes fold it neatly and return back to the arena main room when done. I then put a white lacey satin maids apron around his waist and told him that is the official cleaning uniform for now. I gave him the Bissell little green rug cleaning machine to clean My rug and chairs. I checked back in from time to time to make sure he was doing the job right.

After he finished that I tied up his cock and balls and made a tight leash, then I gave him natural cleaning solutions to clean My arena floors and area. He cleaned for about an hour and then the next task was to rake the leaves in the back yard area, put them in the pail and then come back inside. By this time he was sweaty and a little grimey from his tasks. I figured why not make him even more sticky, so I told him to get in the shower tub and lay down on his back. He immediately got excited which made his CB bondage even tighter..I had to piss, so I blindfolded him and pissed My golden nectar next to him. I stepped on his hardened excitement with My high heels and then I told him to finish himself off and he exploded all over him self. I told him he was a pissy dirty mess and for him to go home just like that marinating in it. He did not mind at all. I told him to get dressed, he kissed My feet and I then dismissed him. I guess he will be more useful for cleaning for Me, he did do a great job at it!