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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Are you new to this lifestyle?

There are plenty of you out there that are new to this lifestyle, curious, anxious, nervous, excited, horny, scared and full of anticipation about seeing a Mistress/Dominatrix. In fear or unsure of the unknown that awaits you. You probably been thinking about indulging into kinky scenarios BDSM and fetishes for awhile but was too nervous to take the first step or not aware of how to go about it. I always say ... we have to start from somewhere! The key is having your first time experience with someone who is actually experienced because if you don't, you may leave with a bad taste in your mouth, jaded and pissed because your first time sucked and you wasted your money! Some of you assuming it's all a waste of time because all other Mistresses must be the same. Honestly speaking I am pointing out the obvious, there are a lot of females out there that are only escorts with a whip in their hands claiming to be a "Mistress or Dominatrix". Buyer Beware!! Just posting pics of you wearing fetish clothing or sexy clothes with the content of your profile listing the kinky things you provide does not make you a Mistress or Dominatrix, especially if you are offering actual "sex" in your sessions. What I mean by "sex" is getting fucked, sucking cock and receiving oral pleasures ... I am speaking to those that do what I just described. Make it easier on yourself and others that are fooled by you and just advertise in the escorts ads! At least that would be more honest in representing yourself and those that are looking for you and don't know any better will see the difference much more clearer. Just post your ad on escort sites and advertise as an escort that offers kinky services. Leave the "real" BDSM fetish lifestyle to the real Mistresses and Dommes like Myself and plenty of others out there that are true and honest about what they do, who they are, and what they represent and do NOT offer "sex" in their sessions!

If you go on Domme/Mistress sites like Backpage or even Erosguide  etc... you will see what I mean. I understand there are females on there that are young and inexperienced and maybe assume that incorporating actual "sex" in their sessions is what a Domme/Mistress is suppose to do, but that is not how you should go about it. I also understand that there are some that like to have kinky sex and get paid for it. Again, if that's the case then advertise in the escort sites as a escort that also provides kink and fetishes. Some may say if I don't like it then stop advertising in Backpage and Erosguide and then you would not be surrounded by escorts with a whip. The thing is, Backpage and Erosguide is 2 of the most popular Domme/Mistress sites on the net although I am also advertised on many other sites that are more "real" Domme friendly. When someone sees My ad on Backpage they can clearly see that I stand out from the rest as a professional, classy, highly experienced, refined and naturally genuine Domme. Those that are seeking what I offer and what I represent contact Me. There are plenty of people seeking the real thing and they find it. 

My comments on this matter is based upon My observations and long standing experience in this lifestyle. I have been in this lifestyle for over 20 years so I feel I have a solid opinion and say so. What I am saying is not just My opinion or a judgement call, it's fact not fiction! See for yourself. Research the net and you will see exactly what I am saying. Actually, if you are here reading this on My blog you are apart of the masses that are seeking the real thing, and you have found it. I have never been one to perpetrate a fraud or bull shit people into thinking I am one way then flip into something else. Those that know of Me and have been in My presence can testify that I don't tolerate drama and fraud. I write what's true to My heart and beliefs. 

Many moons ago, I used to train and mentor a handful of select females and school them on how to become a Mistress, how to act, what to say, how to carry themselves, the aesthetics and professionalism of being a Mistress with class and style. To this day, there are a few of them out there doing very well for themselves and that makes Moma proud! I still get inquiries from females wanting Me to train and mentor them but I decline because I don't have the time and head space to do so. I may give a few pointers to a very few but that's about it. 

What it boils down to is this ... do your research! Compatibility, trust, realness, experience, chemistry, attraction and skills is what will be the main factors of getting what you really want in your first time seeing a Mistress. It's like most any type of relationship where you are seeking someone to fulfill apart of your life that you are lacking in or desire. You don't want to be jerked around and made a fool out of! Find out more about who you are seeing. Even ask questions if possible. See if she has a web site where you can read more about her. Google her name and see if anything else about her comes up. Most true Mistresses have an established web site or full profile page or even a blog that represents and tells more about them. If not, then your taking a chance on wasting your time and $$.

As always, Domina Erotica