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Black Beauty Stockings Pantyhose & Long Fingernail Worship
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me .. August 29th .

This month August 29th is the special and divine day that I was born into this world! It's My birthday and I will be the fabulous age of 46. In other words I will be 46 years young ...  not 46 years old. Looking and feeling youthful is a state of mind, a positive innermost attitude and a way of life. An accumulation of years is not a death sentence it's a blessing. Try to use your time wisely with as little regret as possible. All things are perfect in a rhythm of divine arrangements created by Perfection.. There are no such things as coincidence and luck. I'm so grateful to be hear with all that life has to offer. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy My birthday and will be anticipating nice gifts from My pets and admirers. If you have any questions or comments about giving or sending Me a gift send inquiries to My email address at ... ... It's ok to send Me a delayed birthday gift that is fine with Me. Better late than never....

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NYC update.....

Things have been going well in the Big Apple...I'm loving My new life and taking in all the vibe. The flavor of the City is mad crazy, delicious with versatility, realizations, character and never a dull moment. Sometimes you don't even have to turn on your television, just step outside and you will learn the meaning of life! Although I have lived in NY before I see so many things with different eyes. Due to My life's elevations and deeper understandings sprinkled with being older and much wiser. I'm taking advantage of being able to explore some areas of NY that I never took out the time to see before. Back in the days of being here I was moving so fast and was in a different yet the same state of mind. I feel like a 1000 years have past, I'm younger than I used to be. I feel like this is My home at last, I know everyone that I meet. I have an army of gold around Me and My spirit is stronger and resilient.

Some may read My blog and feel I sometimes get a little too deep in My writings and not kinky enough but that's ok. Everything is not for everybody. Although I'm very kinky and absolutely love My Dominant lifestyle, I will not suppress My other sides which makes Me whole. I'm a philosopher by nature and a versatile freedom writer not afraid to express Myself. In order for Me to delve into being a true Domme this other side of Me must prevail and at times it Dominates Me! But that is ok because it keeps Me focused. So either you will love it or leave it! I've never had anyone complain to Me about the writings in My blog, I just know there are those out there that would love to just see and hear about the nasty kinky stuff and don't have to think and feel too deep. For all you die hard kinky perverts don't worry I have more than enough kink coming your way either through My words, pics, videos as always stay tuned My pets. Domina Erotica will never fall from kinky grace. There is always some behind the scene perversion going on whether you know about it or not.

I have to share something of major profoundness I just experienced. If you ever want to do anything in your life to truly deepen your thoughts, views and meaning of life about being human, what we are made of and what you need to do to wake up and live a better life go to this exhibit ASAP! Click on the "Body Worlds Exhibit" link below to see what I'm talking about....a must see if you've never been. Don't let it go by without checking it out!

Body Worlds Exhibit