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Black Beauty Stockings Pantyhose & Long Fingernail Worship
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

My furry love of My life....

My heart belongs to a very cute, furry 4 legged pooch named Aura also known as Nuggett or G-Nuggett when she is rebelious! She is My little luv and My furry child...I am a dog lover and she is a pampered pooch, can't you tell!! She is a miniature Dapple Dachshound...a little over 3 years old.

Pose for the camera baby!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Writing to express your soul and free your mind!

I love to write, I have been jotting My thoughts and feelings down for awhile. It is a release and it feels really good. When I am really into a subject like kink and it's really flowing I get turned on. But not so much in a way horney more like mind fucking! It becomes a strong rythm that takes you on a ride up and down in and out in your mind and your inner conscienceness. Deep and long strokes across your mind and then it comes around and slows down and so on...ok let Me keep going because I was getting a little too involved.

I have many favorite things to write about as you will see here and all of them move Me. Therefore you will feel it. I enjoy telling stories, real ones that is. True real time fetish stories is what I call them, experiences I personally had. That's why blogging for Me is ideal. Whenever the feeling and desire takes Me and I want to write and I love for others to go on that journey with Me I blog here, I may write in a notebook etc..

When I am writing about spirituality etc..then it's the same intensity just coming from a different place.
When it's about life in general I still catch a high.

Freedom of expression in this way is very important to Me, expressing Myself through My personality and character is an element in life I breath deeply. I love having a vivid imagination and seeing clear My scenarios in My head. Details are key when telling a story down to the simplest things. To paint the picture so precisly you feel like you were in the room or you can feel everything that is being said, you can relate.

For Me writing is one of the best feelings to have, beside getting and trying on latex clothing. I am very passionate about them both! There is so much to say in such little time....say it!

Monday, November 30, 2009

My new pics..what a tease!

I want to give you the larger size of some of My new pics to tease you. These pics are from one of My lastest photo shoots. I have much more to mezmorize you with but you will have to wait for My updated site at You can check out My site now and those pics are hot, but wait till you see the rest, I am looking forward to it Myself.

Well, njoy!

Latex Vixen!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanks for the giving...

I want to say first and foremost....THANK YOU!!!....for everything, every moment, every hour, every minute and every second of everyday!!....To the All Mighty...The Creator and Maker of all beings...I feel blessed and I am blessed. There are many of us that had a great Thanksgiving full of family and friends, lots of food and drinks, plenty of hugs and love, tons of kisses on the cheeks and handshakes, quite a few smiles and tender looks, a warm, safe environment and cozy bed to go to. But there are many that lacked this type of enjoyment and holiday celebration and unity. My heart goes out to them...for whatever reason these people did not have what many of us are blessed with. I had so much food left over from Thanksgiving, that I cooked and a friend cooked and I was not going to thow it all away. To Me that is considered very selfish and not as compassionate as a human soul could and/or should be.

When I am driving I see a group of homeless people, the same crew all the time sticking together at the same location. They are some of the sweetest people I know. How do I know they are because I usually stop and talk to them for a few minutes when I am at the stop light where they are getting their hussle on at..Today I got a large platter tray, utensils like forks and knives and spoons, paper plates and napkins. Packed this platter with all the food left and drove over to where they hang out. I waited for a few minutes and did not see them but then I looked again and saw one of them was walking down the street. I called him over to Me and told him I had a lot of good food to give him and his friends. A large smile accompanied his bright sky blue eyes and he must of said thank you 50 times. He said that the rest of his friends are down the street and he would take the food over to them and they are going to really eat for the first time in a long while. My heart was so happy because it just feels good and it is only right. I do this every year with My left overs from Thanksgiving and also during the rest of the year at times. As well as other volunteer from the heart services for humanity.

Opportunities like that to give back are mandatory. We as a people have become SO selfish with the lack of compassion that is astounding. I know that giving and being nice sometimes comes back around and bites you in the ass. Some people may take your kindness for a weakness and try and sometimes succeed in taking advantage, I am well aware of this fact and I know this from personal experience and also being a member of earth with observing our obvious behavior. This does not take away from the fact that you can still have compassion. I am not writing this to make it seem like I am a saint or even to receive praise, I try My best to be the EXAMPLE AND NOT THE PROBLEM.  I am writing this because maybe somebody will get this and think about themselves and maybe look outside themselves and realize there are many people that are in need and there is something that could be done about it. Even if it's the smallest thing. Some people feel no one has done anything nice or from the love of their hearts for me, why should I give to someone else from my heart? More than likely someone else has it much worse than you have it, and giving from a special place helps accumulate positive energy and helps to erase negative karma. Compensation is something we all have to make for through meterious deeds.

I have heard some people say that why can't the homeless get off their ass and get a real job instead of begging for money etc.. in the streets. One can say that and look at their lives and think that could never happen to me! Well, a good majority of the homeless did not say "Oh I want to be in the street begging for money and not knowing where my next meal is coming from". LIFE let down a heavy gavel on their heads and it went down hill from there with what seemed like no other outlet or way out.  Some may say that they have gone through very hard situations too and they bounced back. Well, that was your best possible arrangement specially made for you. Not everyones' destiny as we know will be the same, we don't have some of the same strengths and weaknesses. We are all different yet the same.

I have spoken to a few homeless about their lives and what lead them to the streets. Their answers come from losing jobs, losing spouse and children to divorce or death, bad health and no healthcare or care at all. Getting evicted and losing their car, apartment or home, bad car accident,  drugs, drinking name it and it has happened. Some have tried almost everything to make their situation better to get themselves and maybe their family out of this drowing hole with no avail. The system and people who don't care may be blocking their paths to salvation...Some of these people could have been some of the strongest but with
very weak luck, it happens.

We are still in this recession and it's getting thick and deeper in the hole, some say it has improved a little. There are numerous amounts of people that are finding themselves facing these kinds of hardships and possibilities. This is the real world and most of us live in the real world where these things are happening and obvious. Not something that happens mostly in third world countries. Keep your eyes blind to the truth and there could be a time that you may have no other choice but to see clearer with a warmer heart, with no warning to take heed and run for cover. This is not doomsday talk this is life...we are ALL apart of this GLOBAL CLEANSING!