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Black Beauty Stockings Pantyhose & Long Fingernail Worship

Black Beauty Stockings Pantyhose & Long Fingernail Worship
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rubber thigh high boots....

Well, I did mention in My previous blog that I got a brand new pair of beautiful black rubber boots when I attended the DOM CON Convention in Atlanta. These rubber boots are so sexy, reaching near My ass, fine quality rubber and a major turn on for Me. I have put them on quite a few times since I got them and I can't get enough. The smell of them and how they look when they are shined is so erotic. I will be wearing these boots outside in public alot for the autumn/winter season here in Florida and when I travel.
My pet kneel came by tonight for training and I had him talc the inside of the boots and then assist Me in zipping them up. Next he shined them with some Black Beauty Latex polish, one of My favorite polishes because it works well and also the name of course. After they were placed on they looked perfect with what I was wearing, My latex bra and sexy latex booty shorts. I admired Myself in the boots in the mirror and then had My pet kiss them from the pointed toes to the thigh. Making sure if he messed up the shine with his lips he would re-shine the spot again.
I laid him on his back and shackled his wrist and ankles. I stood over him and then placed My booted foot on top of his hard man meat. He groaned and wiggled as I kept this up changing from one foot to another. I had him suck My heels and then kiss the soles of the boots. I walked around his body telling him how much of a boot slut he is for Me and he will polish the rest of My boots the next time he comes to see Me. I attached a leash to his collar and did some collar and lead training as he remained on his hands and knees crawling like My pet with his ankles and wrist still shackled together. I made him follow from one side of the arena to the next.
After exhausting My pets knees from crawling I allowed him to lay on his back again. Legs and arms in the air looking like an insect that was just sprayed with bug spray. I laughed at how humorous I thought he looked at the moment with that thought in My head. He was wearing lacy purple girly panties that I told him to wear that day. It was time for My pet to go and I was getting hungry so I dismissed him for the evening. He got dressed, we chatted for a bit regarding our next meet, he kissed My feet and left.
When he was gone, I still had My rubber boots on, I sat down not wanting to take them off. I sat down and ate My dinner with them on and had a great meal! I still kept them on for a few hours after that, to Me that was dessert

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My DOM CON Convention experience story..

Well I am back in Fort Lauderdale from the Convention in Atlanta...I had a good time. I arrived in Atlanta Friday early afternoon, got checked in and started My adventure. I had sessions right away. One sub I had sessions with at least 3 times while I was there contacted Me for a long red fingernail/domination session. I actually seen him about 15 years ago when I was working at Nutcracker Suite in New York. I attended the Pro-Domme workshop and mingled. I met Mistress Sadie Hawkins of Atlanta a nice Lady and very interesting person to meet too. That evening I went to the play party at 1763, kinda low key vibe and not alot of people but it was alright anyway. There were a few scenes going on which fed into My voyeour side.
I met some really cool people at the Convention, two that stood out the most to Me. Goddess Max Payne ( was one of them, someone that I really enjoyed getting to know, Saturday was Our first time meeting and hopefully it was not the last. She will be coming to Florida soon, but unfortunately when She visits the end of this month I will be in Japan. But Her next visit I should be in Florida and We are going to spend time together terrorizing. She is a beautiful Black Domme with the type of class I admirer in a Domme and a Woman. We had great conversations and We clicked with a positive vibe right away. I cherish moments like that when meeting other Black Dommes (people), I don't have alot of "real friends" because as we all know sincere people with good intentions are very hard to come by.
Goddess Max Payne and I attended the Fetish party Saturday night at 1763 a dungeon play space in Atlanta owned by Miss Whip. By the way, the space at 1763 is quite amazing I was impressed with the layout and purpose. There We hung out with Sir Max another person I met at the Convention on Friday, really cool guy and good people. He was very useful to Me assisting Me with some things I needed, conversating and taking Me and another Domme, Mistress Black Mamba out to breakfast Saturday morning. That afternoon I had 2 more sessions, one was very intense CBT, verbal degradation and serious flogging. I also hung out at the vendors selling their fetish wares during the day. I bought some fabulous rubber thigh boots from The Shoe Guy, these boots are sooo sexy can't wait to put them on again with My latex cat suit. I can't wait for My next victim so I can walk all over him with My rubber boots!
I also purchased 100 22 gauge hypodermic needles for play piercing for My next pin cushion. After the Fetish party Saturday night Goddess Max Payne, Sir Max and I hung out until 5:30 in the a.m. in one of the hotel rooms at an after hours party given by a Mistress from N.C. We had a great time, Domina M was also there along with other out of town Dommes and of course subs at our beck and call for servitude and play.
Sunday was My last day there, and I was still ready for action. In the afternoon, socialized, went to the vendors and started to get My self ready to return back to Florida that evening, My flight was at 9:30. I had bitter sweet good byes with Goddess Max Payne, like I said We connected and I will miss Her, until next time Miss Lady!.
Sir Max drove Me to the airport. After I checked in I noticed a man staring at Me and fixated on My very long red fingernails. He knew who I was from My web site on the internet, he said that he saw Me around for along time and always wanted to meet Me but he was nervous about seeing Me. He said that he thought I would be too addicting...He commented on how much he loved long fingernails. He even said he has a strong fetish for them as well as black Women. We talked for awhile and I gave him My card, he actually was on his way to Fort Lauderdale, Florida too. He was visiting on business there for a few days and only saw a Domme 5 times before in his 4 years of actually being in the scene. One Domme that he saw before I knew from New York. He called Me this morning and requested a session with Me, I will be seeing him tonight at 8:00. A nail raking, heavy bondage, collar and leash scene. Never know who you might meet!
Anyway, to sum it all I enjoyed Myself, it's always great to get away and expand your horizons, explore new places and meet new people, but it's also good to be home.

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