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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me...I will be 43 years young and loving it!!

I have never been the type of Woman that stresses over Her age and worries about getting "older". I am like fine expensive wines that ages gracefully and taste better as time goes by. I am very proud of My age and happy to be in a place in life where I understand My purpose and reason for living. I am also aware that older does not always mean wiser, and younger does not always mean stupid or naive. Fortunately, I have fallen into the "older yet wiser" category and I am truly grateful for this blessing. Don't get Me wrong I am by far not saying I know it all and the wisest person around. But I feel I do pretty good considering!...One may ask what makes Me feel and say that I am truly "older yet wiser" and My answer would be based upon My life's teachings, realizations, innerstanding Myself as a Spiritual human being, a Woman and a child of God. If that goes a little deep, then hey, I am just speaking from a place that I am very familiar with and that's My heart and soul.

My Birthday is August 29th and I am very excited for this day to come. I am going to celebrate being "allowed" to live such a great life and to have experienced so many different things, gone to many wonderful places and met so many great people. I feel I still have so much to learn and accomplish, so I am looking forward to what is next for Me. Anyone that knows Me will tell you I have been the same person as far as being real, giving and passionate... only thing that has changed is that those qualities have enhanced and that makes Me happier!

43 years young is what I say and mean because I don't feel 43 years old. If anything I feel vibrant and youthful. I don't "look" 43, whatever 43 suppose to look like. I still get carded at the store for My I.D. which is always flattering. I feel blessed and some ask Me how do I maintain My youth. My answer is the following: My ethnic background is Native American Indian (Cherokee), West Indian (Jamaican), African American (Black), which helps with My skin being soft with no wrinkles. Lots more melanin in the skin as well as oils to keep the skin more supple ( I also try My best to take care of My skin and drinking enough water helps too)....... My positive deep inner attitude about life and having the ability to not be easily stressed out about situations and drama....... I try and practice My spirituality regarding the "3 Greatest Virtues" (Read about the "3 Greatest Virtues" I wrote here in My blog below this post) And I have a profound respect for the Creator....... I don't drink alcohol any more. I stopped drinking over 15 years ago......... I don't smoke cigarettes ....... I eat 80-90% organic foods and love to cook organic recipes....... I try and work out sometimes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and sexy body....... I love with passion and forgiveness........ I do what I LOVE, which is being a Dominatrix with the whole lifestyle involved....... I take out time for Me! .....I try to keep a balance in My life of all things important and true to Me...... I try and be there for others and not always expecting something back..... and last but not least as I said before, I don't stress over getting older......

Not sure yet what I plan on doing for My B'day but whatever it is it will be all good! I have a wish list for those of you that would love to send Me gifts. If you need info on how to send Me a gift, click onto My email address at:  .... I am in the process of adding a lot more wish list gifts to My list of things I like, so stay tuned for that..... Click onto the following link to view My list:

Domina Erotica's wish list link