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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Broward College lecture update....

Well My lecture was a complete success and I am very happy with the outcome. I had a inquisitive and open minded class of student. I got there early for Me and My videographer to set up. The students starting to arrive and they looked eager to begin. I had a bag full of crops, latex, whips, masks, shackles a latex sleep sack and a few other things for show and tell. I was all set but before we started I had a nice conversation with the professor and her and I discuss some psychology about the scene and she had some questions from her text book knowledge. Now we are ready to officially begin.

The professor introduced Me and I was welcomed by a loud applause apparently there was a buzz going around that I was speaking at the college. My cousin was in that class and she sitting there smiling. I began the lecture with clearing away one of the most popular pre conceived notions about a Dominatrix....No We are not just Women that carry around a whip and beat men for a living!

I get that questions sometimes when I am asked what do I do. This is the image that a lot of people have about a Dominatrix. I explained more about that as well as various other topics about this Lifestyle. The students were very engaging with many questions. I wore a classy blue and black latex dress that fit Me like a second skin with My 8 1/2" black platform high heeled shoes. I had the floor for about an hour and a half and that did not seem like enough time because the dialog was flowing and the energy was amazing. My videographer filmed the whole lecture and I will place a clip of it here in My blog soon so you can check it out. I will have the whole lecture for viewing soon too and will let you know where it can be seen.

After the lecture some of the female students wanted to talk a little with Me and touch My latex dress and agreed that it felt very erotic like I said. I also passed out all of My business cards to the students, they wanted to check out more. And of course it always happens that some of or one of the female students become even more intrigued with being a Dominatrix after getting that facts and asked Me, do I still train Dommes. I told her to give Me a call and maybe we can chat about it. The Professor and I had a little more conversation and then I left.

It was a very enlightening and fulfilling experience, I really enjoy speaking to people and spreading the reality and truth. I am looking forward to My next lecture, I will let you know.