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Hello My enticed admirers .. I am Domina Erotica Long Fingernail Black Beauty Alpha Male Slayer Humiliatrix Slut Trainer & Mind Fuck Specialist .. You have now entered .. Black Beauty Domme Chronicles .. Welcome to My captivating blog world within a world where you will be granted access to My updates, My Pay2Play Protocol πŸ’° (Cashapp & Google Pay), Mistress Mantra, Domme Philosophy, My Black Beauty World Domination tour travel schedule and locations, book a real time session with Me while I'm touring in your area, read My kinky real time fetish stories written by Me, access to My clips4sale store, talk with Me live on My Niteflirt phone domination line, Skype & KiK professional web cam humiliation and domination sessions, My interview where you can hear Me speaking My opinions about BDSM Fetishes and Domme life in general, My sexy fetish pics and more.

You will scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and check out all My kinky content I just mentioned on each page to explore, obey, imagine and worship Ebony Royalty! ... Take a journey inside the mind and visuals of Domina Erotica Black Beauty Domme. The diabolical adventures and updates of a seductively hypnotic psychological manipulator and Ebony fetishist. Experience the Domme Philosophy of the Mistress of Eroticism .... My words will always be a mind fuck mantra for you, now enter with an opened mind leave as My slave ... you may now proceed!

Black Domina

πŸ’‹Are you here to give? Is that your purpose? To serve, worship and admire Black Beauty? I am here to receive and make you My bitch, you know that is My purpose Black Royalty should be lavished for Her beauty, power over you and presence πŸ’‹

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Black Beauty Domina Erotica

Black Beauty Domina Erotica
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Absolute Chocolate Perfection!



Wednesday, February 5, 2020

I'm coming to New Jersey!

I am coming New Jersey ... prepare for the Black Queen! You will be able to worship and serve Ebony Royalty in just days from now. You will contact Me for further details, reserve your place to kneel at My pretty feet as I mind fuck you and tease you with My fine chocolate ass. Come get it here:

⚪Text or call My booking line at: 347-384-8754

⚪Fill out My contact form located on the right side of this post ↘️↘️

⚪Click on the white button bellow. Call to talk to Me on My Niteflirt phone domination humiliation fetish line. We can speak in filthy details about fetishes  perversions and how much you yearn to be My bitch!

Call Button

Monday, January 27, 2020

$erve Wor$hip $ubmit to Black Beauty!

Are you here to give? Is that your purpose? To serve, worship and admire? I am here to receive and make you My bitch, you know that is My purpose. Black Royalty πŸ‘‘should be lavished 🌷 Your need and insatiable desire to serve Me is to be expected. My strong natural desire, ability to control, train, use alpha boys ♂️ and turn them into beta girls♀️ is legendary. Fetishist, pets, sissies, submissives and all subservient male walks of life are certainly welcome to get trained by Me, get used by Me and spoil Me. πŸ’‹

Go look through My Amazon wishlist. Click here ➡️ Black Beauty Amazon Wishlist  ⬅️ Everything in My Amazon wishlist is very seductive, dominant, kinky and will look sexy as hell on My hot chocolate πŸ”₯ physic. Let's play on webcam ... Skype or Kik, I may wear the gifts that you sent Me as I thoroughly control and mind f*ck you into addiction to Me ... contact Me for further details at: or fill out My contact form located on the right side of this post. 

Call Me on My Niteflirt # 1-800-863-5478 ext: 01902677 phone domination humiliation JOI SPH fetishes assignments line. Do you have cuckold fantasies? Let's talk about how you love BBC πŸ†

⬇️    ⬇️    ⬇️    ⬇️    ⬇️

Skype: DominaErotica
Kik: XoticBlackBeauty
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Monday, January 20, 2020

Respect! MLK Day! .... 2020

As we go about our lives and move on with our days, we should never forget the people that gave us hope and still do. On this day we celebrate Martin Luther King! πŸ‘‘ A true leader and warrior angel for all races. We have come far, but we have a long way to go .... I have a dream! πŸ’‹

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Call Me ... Humiliatrix & Mistress of Eroticism

So many sluts call Me on My Niteflirt phone domination line wanting to suck πŸ’‹ big black d*ck! Such a fascination for the all mighty MANDINGO! All you sluts that love to slobber on big d*ck call Me for detailed instructions on how to deep throat at: 

1-800-To-Flirt, ext # 01902677 

Fetishist Seductress Humiliatrix Slut Training Instructions Discipline Humiliation Captivation Addiction Domination Controlling Erotic 

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Bubble Butt Black Beauty in tight jeans.. New Clips cummin'

I've been shooting some Niteflirt Goodies Bag clips lately. Look at Me below with My sexy Ebony ass. You want to see more from this hot chocolate jeans clip and more clips of Mine? Click on these Buy Now buttons to buy Part 1 & Part 2 of the clips ➡️  ➡️    

You can also just click on the link below to drool over Me and worship Me through My clips at:

I've added a few short sexy, kinky clips to My Niteflirt Profile Page to further lure you, My prey into further addiction to Black Beauty.

I also plan on shooting more clips soon to be added to My original clips store at:

 I have not shot clips content in years as you will tell when you go to My My Clips4sale store . So, I'm in the process of updating some hot new shit that will certainly, captivate you and give you the ultimate cock tease boner! 

You can still get your Black Goddess worship on now by visiting My Clips4sale store . The kinky content I have there now is still on fire and  perfect for your dick clutching pleasures and filthy thoughts! Enjoy ... πŸ’‹

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year! 2020 is in full effect ... serve Ebony Royalty!

Wow, where do I start? 2020 is here and we all know what's the usual drill. Make resolutions for the New Year, try to become a better more kinkier version of yourself. Looking in the mirror and say, you know what self? I'm not going to be a wimp anymore. I'm getting My ass up and serve Ebony Royalty right now! Now doesn't that feel much better, speak it into real existence. Almost like tease and denial. You get all built up and ready to explode, controlled and horny. You want to let it out, but you are being denied for some reason. Who's controlling the shots? It's always Black Beauty, and I'm having too much enjoyment watching you suffer and beg. It amuses Me! 

A new year to come to terms with your destination and goals. You will say and do what you mean and mean what you say. Stop procrastinating servitude and worship to Me. You need to fullfill and accomplish your journey. Stuck on how do I submit, where do I submit or when do I submit? I'm here to guide you, train you, use you and make you My New Years bitch! To get started contact Me at or you can fill out My contact form located on the right side of this post and you must be the following:

*submissive *fetishists *sluts *puppy *masochists *foot worshipper *high heels lickers *long fingernail scratching posts *boot lovers *urinals *humiliation junkies *bondage victims *sissy bitches *spitoons  *trample welcome mats *toe suckers *chocolate ass lovers *verbal abuse subs *physical tormented sluts *mind fuck victims *easily used pets *punishable meat *tease and denial pets *collared and leashed subs *ball busting nuts *stockings and pantyhose worshippers *cross dressing sluts *nervous first time submissives *strap on cock suckers *CBT victims *lovers of the ultimate cock tease *worshipper of Black Beauty Ebony Royalty ...  your 2020 New Years resolution and addiction. Cum get it!

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Cracking no whips in Maine..

Oh Maine ... beautifully scenic, peaceful, great sea food etc... but the kink isn't in abundance here.  I've been here a few times before so I didn't expect it to be on and poppin', and I was correct. So, I'm in Maine again for a lil down time. I'm constantly traveling. So, this moment is a good thing. Don't be fooled the kinky shit stays in My mind, but for now I'm on a brief hiatus. 

My travel plans and updates are in the works as I type this post. So, as always check back here to see what I'm up to and where I'm going to be next. Life is a highway I will ride it all night long! 

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tis the season for kink and blessings!

Tis the season to celebrate, be kinky, be blessed, be nice, be naughty, be well, be kind, be bad, be grateful, be free, be you, be happy, be freaky, be festive, be hopeful, be possible, be in bondage, be submissive, be yourself, be aware, be with Me, be in tuned, be delighted, be used, be dominated, be happy, be on a journey ... just be !

Happy Holidays Blessings to all and be well,

As always Domina Erotica Black Beauty πŸ’‹❤

Friday, December 13, 2019

Black Beauty in New Jersey

That's right you read that correctly. I'm coming to New Jersey again Saturday December 14th. I'm visiting New Jersey until the end of next week accepting sessions. So, book your quality kink time with Black Beauty. Contact Me for more details at  ... use My contact form located on the right side of this post .... or text Me instead on My booking line at 347-384-8754

Friday, December 6, 2019

It's all about Black Beauty ... submit!

*Foot Fetishist
*Slut & Sissy Training
*Small dick humiliation
*Long Fingernail Lovers
*Race Play 4 white bois
*High Heels Fetish
*Strap on Cock Suckers
*Fantasy Cuckold bitches
*Psychological Manipulation
*Intense creative role play
*Phone & Email Domination
*Nipple Play torment
*Male Reformation
*Making you My bitch!
*Sensual Erotic Play & Teasing
*Golden Nectar of the Goddess
*Strict Masturbation Instructions
*Pure Black Beauty Addiction
*Hot & Extremely Erotic Shit Talking
*Prolonged & Intense Tease & Denial
*Corporal Discipline & Punishments
*Detailed Verbal & Physical Humiliation
*Sexy Chocolate Ass & Leg Worship
*Slave Training Instructions & Assignments

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving ....

Happy Thanksgiving to you My enticed admirers  .. A day of thanks a day of gratitude a day of family friends or solitude a day of reflection and food. Whatever this day means to you  ... live, love and enjoy!❤

Black Beauty in Washington D.C .. North Virginia .. Maryland

All rise !! .... I'm now in Washington DC North Virginia & Maryland areas accepting sessions until further notice. Long Fingernail Black Beauty Erotic "CAPITAL PUNISHMENT" seduction training for all sluts, pets, sissies, fetishist, masochists of our nation's capital. Cum get mind fucked deep into sub space! As part of My Black Beauty World Domination tour, I'm excited and anticipating getting My rope lasso on a few pair of political balls!

*To book a session with Me you can either send Me an email to:

*You can fill out My contact form located on the right side of this post

*Or you can call or text Me instead on My booking line at:

# 347-384-8754 

See you soon πŸ’‹

Monday, November 11, 2019

Black Beauty still in New Jersey

Yes I'm still in New Jersey accepting sessions  .. I've extended My visit here again! Every time I get ready to go the kink vortex sucks Me back. Can't say when I'm officially leaving the area cause it keeps changing. So, follow Me and keep up to date on My postings ... 

Domina Erotica Black Beauty 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Buy My Long RED sexy fingernails teaser clip!

I have a new teaser clip in My Niteflirt GOODIE bag store for you to purchase ... Check out My .. "Long RED sexy fingernails" teaser clip. See My with My cherry red talons seducing you as My pet bitch! Why aren't you clicking on the BUY NOW button right below !? 

But, quick grab your dick cause it quick! 

More Black Beauty Hot Girl Tease clips coming soon to My Niteflirt GOODIE bag store .. 

Friday, October 18, 2019

Lovely Toes Pretty Feet Sniff My soles extended sessions in New Jersey!

I have extended My visit in New Jersey until November 5th. Check back here cause lately I've been extended My visit in New Jersey. I'm trying to go, but you New Jersey freaks are so hot with a boner for Black Beauty. I am still in Piscataway area accepting session.

Worship, kiss, sniff and admire My pretty feet sole suckers! Get down on your knees, you will be collared, leashed used and serve Ebony Royalty ... I want to look down and see you try and anticipate My next move My pet, but will you never know. It's not your place to know. 

Look at My sexy feet, I will make you My foot bitch! Grovel with your nose in between My feminine toes. You drool cause you want to kiss and taste My delicious feet, you want to put them in your filthy mouth. Maybe, if you are deemed worthy! Stick out your tongue foot pet, My bitch ..  I will use it to clean the bottom of My feet!

As akways, Domina Erotica Black Beauty 

Thursday, October 10, 2019

I'm now ending My New York takeover ... I am now New Jersey !

New York, New York ... I absolutely love it here. The city that's deeply in My soul. This place has too much to offer. I had an amazingly kinky time in the Big 🍎 Apple. I shot a lil sexy and perverted teaser clips content and loaded it to My Niteflirt GOODIE bags. Click the link below to pay to view it. I'm adding more Hot Girl Black Beauty teaser clips there soon. Stay tuned!

 Black Beauty Niteflirt Teaser Clips

So many sluts and slaves, so little time. Now that I've captivated, used, hog tied, teased and denied, control, sissified, trampled, pissed on, dug My long sexy fingernails into, smacked a bitch and got fabulous foot worship by My New York pets. It's time to move on to ....

NEW JERSEY .... I am now accepting sessions in Piscataway, New Jersey until October 18th. I plan on being in NJ for a limited time only. Contact Me for more details at or use My blog contact form located on the right side of this post. 

You may respectfully with proper etiquette call or text the following number, which is My booking line to schedule a session with Me and get details. You will only contact Me between the hours of 11am to 11pm daily. Abuse of this number will get you blocked forever! 

# 347-384-8754

Here are some of the deliciously kinky fetishes I enjoy:

Black Beauty Expertise :

*Long Fingernail Worship
*Pretty Feet & Tasty Toes Fetish
*High Heel & Boot Worship
*Stockings & Pantyhose Worship
*Sensual Domination & Alluring Control
*Seduction Mind Fucking Interrogation
*Bondage & Discipline
*Verbal & Physical Humiliation
*Training & Creative Roleplay
*Face Slapping & Trampling
*Intense Prolonged Tease & Denial
*I enjoy turning boys to sissy girls 
*Sluts leave lipstick on My strap on
*SPH - Small Penis Humiliation 
*JOI - Jerk Off Instructions 
*GS - Golden Showers
*Smoothering *Queening
*Ball Busting
*Nipple Play 

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Buy My new hot girl sexy long fingernail teaser clips now!

Click the "BUY NOW" button below to purchase a variety of kinky sexy teaser clips from My Niteflirt "Goodie Bag"  ... Long Finger Black Beauty Hot Girl Tease clips and more for your hard cock pleasures. More teaser clips to cum 

Long Finger Black Beauty Hot Girl Tease 1

Long Finger Black Beauty Hot Girl Tease 2

Long Finger Black Beauty cock tease 1

Thursday, October 3, 2019

I'm in a New York state of mind!

It's been official, I'm back in My ole stomping grounds NYC visiting for awhile ... Aaahh the fond memories of pure debauchery! Too many memories to count. As I take My rightful place in such an amazingly iconoclastic city, I too am iconic ... this is this city that help shape the formation of Domina Erotica Long Fingernail Black Beauty. This city can deeply profoundly mind fuck you fantabulosly on a whole nutha level. My journey started over 25 years in this city and still counting. 

I'm in a New York state of mind and I'm loving every minute of it. Intense energy and kink in abundance. All of you fetishists, sluts, pets, subs, sissies and admirers are hungry for a taste of Black Beauty. It's also a treat to rekindle with servants from My NYC past. Great to see all of My ole bitches too. Ok, gotta run now. I've got places to go, people to see and deliciously kinky things to do!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Extended Stay in Astoria Queens NYC

My visit to Astoria Queens NYC and accepting sessions has been extended October 2nd -9th in a private location. Thought you missed out on seeing Black Beauty? You still have a lil time. So, get off your lazy ass and come and get it! 

Use My blogger contact form on the right side of this post or email Me at: 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Accepting sessions in Astoria Queens NYC

I will be accepting sessions in Astoria, Queens NYC ... September 26th-29th in a private location .. This is a limited time only impromptu visit so cum and get your much needed last minute dose of Black Beauty now! Use My contact form here on the right side of this post or email Me at Mserotica@ to contact Me ...