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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The beauty of VERMONT!

I love this time of the year to travel when the beauty of blooming nature is in full effect. I'm presently in Vermont and it's so pretty and relaxing. On My tour of United States, checking out some areas that I've never seen or rediscovering. I'll be on the east coast for a couple of months, then I planned on heading to the west coast. 

Look at this amazing cabin retreat I'm staying at in Vermont. 100 acres of pure natural and beauty! If you look hard in the 3rd pic you will see My cabin that's tucked away in the trees with My own private lake .. serenity! 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Coming to New Jersey ....

Hello all... Since I've returned from Europe I've been on a hiatus for about 1 month. Now, I'm starting My travels throughout various parts of the United States, starting with New Jersey.

New Jersey  ... May 5th to May 9th 

My travel schedule after New Jersey will be posted here soon .. I'm working on My United States travel plans now. My goal is to travel to the west coast ... destination California! In the meantime, I'll have some fun on the east coast. See you soon!

Domina Erotica 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Good bye Berlin ...

This is a pic of Me in My last week in Berlin, Germany... I already miss it! Here I am enjoying the day in preparation to return to the States...  a casual Black Beauty. It's bitter sweet! It's difficult to readjust your spirit, mind and body from one part of the world back to the next. I've been in Europe for about 6 months, so to return back to the United States is very surreal for Me. I've gotten so used to the language, culture, people, food, environment, ways of living overseas and of course the 6 hours times difference! My head is still spinning and I'm still on European time. 

I'm looking forward to returning back to Europe this October 2017! Although I love the United States, Europe gives Me life!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Major Travel Change!

Life has an amazing way of taking you left when you're trying to go right! As you may know My plan was to leave from Europe and travel to the west coast to California and Hawaii. But, My travel plans have drastically changed. I'm flying out of Europe today and going to the east coast to Connecticut and New York area. 

I will be in Connecticut and New York accepting sessions and then taking a road trip cross country to California. Those are the details for now. I'll post My specific dates and more details soon. 

Domina Erotica

Monday, March 6, 2017

Updating My clip store?

Ok, it's been awhile since I've shot videos for My kinky clips store at: My own production company was going full force a few years ago with Me at the Command Station giving orders, doing the hiring and firing. My time became very limited and I discontinued shooting. 

I've been getting a lot of emails from subs and paying fetishist asking Me if and when am I going to shoot again? Would I consider them to be in My clips, I would love to buy more of your clips etc..

Well, the answer is I don't know when I'm going to shoot again. Apparently when I feel like it. I definitely would love to start shooting a few clips at some point though. If so, its going to be all about Me! Fetishist videos where I'm alluring and controlling you with My hot commodities in stockings, pantyhose, My long sexy fingernails, Me in high heel and a lot of words coming out of My mouth. Like .. Pure Humiliation, Genuine Shit Talking, Small Penis Insults, Praising Myself of course, Erotic  Kinky Verbal Mind Fuckin! 

I know what I just said gave you a little boner! But you still have to hold onto your willy until I decide to shoot again. As always I will keep you posted here at Black Beauty Domme Chronicles! 

In the meantime, I still have a lot of My videos catering to all sorts of kinks and fetishes in My clips store. Copy & paste the link below to see them now ... NJOY!

Domina Erotica

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My travel schedule and updates

*  Germany :
Saarland - October 24th 2016 - January 2017
Berlin - February 1st - 15th 
Saarland - February 16th - March 15th
Berlin .. March 16th - March 27th

*  California :
Los Angeles - April 2nd - April 24th

*  Hawaii :
April 26th to June 2017
Specific island will be posted soon! 

I'm getting quite a few requests for sessions in the New York area. I don't have the dates for My travels to the east coast yet, but when I do I will definitely post it here in My blog. I've been traveling a lot lately and plan on being 5 to 6 months in the United States and the rest of the months in Europe. So where ever you are if I'm in your area you may contact Me for a session I will determine if you're accepted and if we are totally compatible or not. 

To book a session with Me you may send Me a respectable inquiry at : Be brief yet specific regarding your scene interest and tell Me a little about yourself. I don't need your whole life story, just 2 lines of information about yourself will be sufficient enough. 

If you want to get into more kinky details and talk to Me live about a session, our compatible fetishes and Me making you My bitch, then you can call Me directly on My Niteflirt Phone Domination & Fetish Hot line at; 

1800-863-5478    Extension # 01902677

See you and talk to you soon!

Domina Erotica

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My website/Contact Me

Hello, In My last post I mentioned that My website was temporarily suspended due to technical issues.  Well, My site is now back up and running for your viewing pleasure! 

If you want to contact Me send Me an email at:

Domina Erotica

Thursday, February 2, 2017

My web site

As some of you may have noticed My official website at has been temporarily suspended. And that's because of technical issues. My site is still alive and well it's just not visual right now. It will be back very soon!

Domina Erotica 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy New Year and updates!

Hello all .. first of all its 2017! Wow I haven't been on here since last year! I've been so involved in other things I haven't took out any time for posting. So, since My last post in October 2016 I was moving out of My place in NJ and going to Europe until this April.  I'm still in Europe having a great time. Enjoying the culture, people, shopping, night life and lifestyle. I've been to Italy and Paris twice since I've been here and plan on seeing more of Europe before I return to the United States in April. I am accepting sessions while I'm in Germany when I make Myself available. 

Domina Erotica

Thursday, October 13, 2016

I'm not leaving October 14th .. I am leaving October 24th !

Life has a way of changing your plans. I was scheduled to move out of NJ October 14th and fly to Europe for a few months. But I've had a change of plans, so now I'm leaving New Jersey October 24th instead. I was ready to go but looks as though I've been given more time here in New Jersey to take care of some things and accept sessions. 

There are a lot of My admirers that hoped I would have more time to session before I go .. and so your wish is granted! I will be accepting sessions until October 22nd. So if you're ready, so am I.  I will still be at My private equipped play space in South Brunswick NJ until October 22nd. This is the last call for all the admirers that have seen Me before and for those that haven't. Get your ass over to see Me before it's official. 

See you soon! 
Domina Erotica

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lots to do before I leave NJ !!

The  time is coming nearer .. I am flying out to Europe this October 14th.  There is never enough time in the day or night to pack up all of My things in My New Jersey location, still dominate and train My pets/subs etc. ... I've been told that I will be missed tremendously by My loyal pets/subs and even My new pets/subs said that they wished that they came to see Me much sooner because now I'm leaving New Jerse This is bittersweet for Me! 

True class, grace, experience, beauty, intelligence mixed with an amazing personality isn't easy to find these days in this lifestyle and vanilla lifestyle. I truly had fun and appreciate all of the New Jersey subs and pets that have been trained by Me and for having the balls to see Me. If you have never experienced genuine  domination before ... by Me training you allowed you a much better understanding and respect for a Domina of My caliber.  And not being so intimidated that you cannot see Me in person. Because I'm too real .. as I was told.  It's ok, Black Beauty will always reign Supreme! 

I thoroughly enjoyed having My way with you if you ever were in My presence under My seductive spell of domination and alluring control. I'm going to Europe to train and have My way with some European pets and subs, see various beautiful countries, cultures and enjoy My life! I'll be traveling for a few months throughout Europe. As to what I'm doing while in Europe and when I'm traveling back to the United States. I will post it here in My blog site. Talk to you soon! 

As always, Domina Erotica

Thursday, September 1, 2016

I'm leaving New Jersey this October!

Hello My faithful admirers, I'm leaving New Jersey this October! I'm packing up My personal kinky play space in South Brunswick NJ and moving on! When I leave NJ I'll be going straight to Europe. I'll be in Europe for a few months traveling to many different amazing countries and seeing the world. After Europe I'll be back in the United States. I'll keep you posted as to where.

If you never seen Me before for a session then you don't realize what you're truly missing. You need to get yourself over to Me right now! You would be insane to miss the opportunity of a lifetime.... for Me to captivate and have My way. you!  You have never been so wildly seduced, erotically stimulated, truly mentally dominated and controlled by an experienced Black Beauty like Me before and you never will. If you don't believe Me then come and see for yourself.  I'm accepting appointments now in My South Brunswick NJ place so you can book your session request by email at:

You can also call or text My booking line at 305-992-6085. 

I have truly enjoyed My stay in NJ. I've made many new pets and molded lots of subs! I will be back visiting NJ and accepting sessions at some point in the future. And when I do I will post it here in My blog ahead of time as to where I'll be on NJ etc.. as for now it's official I'm leaving NJ.  

Spanks & Kisses .. I'll see you soon !

As always ...  !Domina Erotica

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me ... August 29th!!

One of the best days of My life is coming up and I'm so excited about it because it marks another year of being Me. Elevated, Fabulous, Kinky and Blessed! August 29th is My birthday!! I'll be the naturally sexy gracefully refined  hot curvaceously delectable exotic Black Beauty of 49 years as of August 29th. 

Want to send Me a gift? Of course you do as you should. Click on the link right below 

Domina Erotica Wish List

My Europe trip is delayed/Accepting sessions in Manhattan

Update .... I previously posted a few days ago that I'm leaving for Europe and would of been there right now but I've been delayed. I'm still traveling to Europe but the next new departure time isn't certain yet. I'll get back to you soon on that. 

Update ... I am still in Manhattan but no longer in Greenwich Village accepting sessions. I'm presently in Upper West Side Manhattan accepting sessions. I'll be here until August 28th and after that I'll be back in New Jersey accepting sessions in My own private equipped play space in South Brunswick NJ. See you soon! 

Domina Erotica