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Black Beauty Domina Erotica

Black Beauty Domina Erotica
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leaving for the DOM CON Convention in the a.m.

I am going to the DOM CON Convention in Atlanta in the morning, I will be there Friday morning and will be returning to Fort Lauderdale late Sunday night. I am looking forward to terrorizing the neighborhood, socializing, going to a few seminars and workshops, attending some fetish parties and of course training a few elected subs for session play. I posted that I will be there so I got quite a few calls from subs to be trainind while I am there. Looking forward to having a good time. Will get back to you with how things went there and the scandal that took place....until then.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Professional/Lifestyle Domme...

I consider Myself to be a Professional yet Lifestyle Dominatrix...Some say that you have to be either one or the other in which I disagree. I am living proof as My entire reign as a Mistress has been this combination. I first started off in the scene as a Lifestyle-ProDomme, doing various scenarios and honing My skills, expertise becoming more and more intrigued with the spiritual, psychological, emotional aspects of this lifestyle. Finding My own way and morphing into My own style and flavor. I immediately knew where My passion was and this was going to be a path that would stay with Me because it was too natural for Me and I thoroughly got off on it!. The psychology, fetish, power, control, esthetics, creativity, domination, seduction, passion, worship, eroticism, the lifestyle.

I had subs in the beginning of My reign that were personal subs that did My bidding and was useful to Me as non tribute subs for session trainings. I enjoy having a deeper relationship with My subs and slaves getting to know them as people, not just someone that obeys Me. It is very important to conversate with your sub/slave making sure that you are on the same page and going in the right directions in your paths, needs and objectives. As any personal sub they would also be around Me in the capacity of house/dungeon cleaning, being used in scene play and fetish training just because I wanted to, running errands, chaffeur, being used in pics with Me etc...whatever I saw that was needed for servitude. Although My personal subs do not give tribute to be in My presence, I do expect gifts from time to time such as birthdays, christmas and just because gifts too...At the same time I also saw and now see subs that give tribute on a more professional level and this combination sticks with Me because it was My way of having the best of both worlds, why not!
The whole it has to be one way or the other is based upon the ideas and opinions of those who have more of a structure based mentality when it comes to such an open minded lifestyle. If you are Lifestyle and receive tribute for sessions then you are not really living as a true Lifestyle Dominatrix? I am a true Dominatrix, a Lifestyle-Pro Dominatrix, My soul tells Me so, My heart is in it, My mind set is based upon the arcanum of this Lifestyle, I am a true fetishist and self proclaimed freak. And after being a Dominatrix for as long as I have been I am fortunate enough not to be burnt out or jaded. Once that happens it is time to call it quits! For Me I am not one of those people that will milk something until it is dry with nothing left to give and being bitter about it. I would bow out gracefully and with class!!