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Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Blog Talk Radio Interview!

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Brunch with an Icon..Revolutionist..& World Known Photographer!

In My life I can say I have met some great people and had some wonderful experiences and today was one of  the greatest. My best friend and I reunited with an old and amazing friend of ours name Bob Adelman! We met him today at his home, we sat for awhile and talked as he dropped deep knowledge, life facts and showed us his books and future projects. Then we went out to the Fountainbleu Hotel in South Beach for brunch, it was a bright sunny day with a spectacular view of the beach. We have known each other for about 15 years now and to this day I am still in complete awe of this man and what he has accomplished in his long history of being a well known Freelance photographer,  Life magazine and  Time Magazine photographer of the 1960's Civil Rights Movement and still going today. Bob Adelman was best friends with Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Grace Kelly (he produced her book) ...  Annie Liebowitz, Helmet Newton (one of My favorites), has rub shoulders and taken pics of kings, queens, rock stars, world high level officials and leaders to name just a few. He has mingled with and shot so many people throughout history I could hardly keep up.  I am not dropping all of these names out of being star struck. This is just to give you a little bio of what caliber he is on with his gift. If you know anything about the 1960's American Civil Rights History and the profound leaders then, there are famous pics that were taken of Martin Luther King in his "I have a dream speech." Bob Adelman shot the close up black and white pic of Martin Luther King during his speech that day, and that pic has been seen by millions of people to this day. 

He shot all the famous black and white pics of Martin Luther King when he marched and gave his powerful speeches. He also marched along side of King during protests. He shot the pic of the people being showered by the fire hoses with water during protesting. I seen so many of his private pics of Martin Luther King that have not been viewed by public eyes.. WOW! He even shot Rosa Parks... (she changed black and white history by refusing to give up Her seat on the city bus to a white woman that wanted to sit down. Back then black people had to sit in the back of the bus by law and if a white person needed to sit you had to get up. Well, Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up Her seat and major protesting and boycotting of the city bus by black people and some white people made a change in the laws as well as leaders standing up for this cause. Blacks after that were allowed to sit where they wanted on the bus.) ....  :) ....  If you are not familiar with this history, do your research it's an eye opener.

Bob Adelman also shot the famous black and white pic of Malcolm X holding the newspaper and giving the middle finger. What I really respect about Bob Adelman is his passionate dedication to a historical cause that has given people a window into the harsh reality of racism and segregation of the past and present. Documenting profound and key points and people in our time, capturing it in compelling black and white photography and story telling. He has many new books and projects coming soon. Go to the following link:

Bob Adelman Official Web Site Link 

View some of his work to get visuals on what I am saying. As it's said pictures speak a thousand words! One of My favorite books he shot the pics for is located in his site and it's called "Mine eyes have seen". The cover of the book is of Martin Luther King and his wife Coretta King by his side as they are marching in a protest. Bob Adelman has personally signed the following books of his and gave them to Me  ...  "Mine eyes have seen", "Visions of Liberty", "Gentlemen of Leisure", "Remembering Grace", and "The Great Life Photographers" ( a book he produced gathering all the great photographers of "Life'" magazine and putting their pics in this one book). 

I hold a very special place in My heart and soul with Bob Adelman not only because we go way back as friends but because I also have revolutionist in My blood and I understand what it's like to fight for something that you believe in. I am fully aware of the injustices in this world, segregation and racism is still alive and kicking. I am down with black power as well as all people uniting as one and fighting as one for the sake of harmony and peace. My black power mentality also comes from 2 of My uncles being in the Black Panthers when I was a child and viewing the struggles for equality.  

Bob Adelman also shot Me while I lived in New York years ago. Here is My favorite classic Domina Erotica black and white photo shoot series he did of Me....... We are shooting again very soon,  I can't wait! See you next week for dinner in Bal Harbor Bob.... kisses Domina Erotica