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Black Beauty Stockings Pantyhose & Long Fingernail Worship
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Exotic sexy dark chocolate for X-mas

Well folks Christmas has come and gone and heading for the New Year 2010....I had a great Christmas. I received very nice gifts this year. One was a beautiful huge 4 foot tall bouquet of exotic flowers which was so amazing and colorful. My house was smelling like a bontanical garden. Some of My favorite sensual smelling body lotions and bath oils, very sexy lacy panties, a fab and very sparkly diamond leather watch, hot leather boots with a 6" heel, a big gift certificate at an exclusive spa to get pampered like a Queen and latex clothes. I have after x-mas gifts still coming soon. I also gave some great gifts to special people too...

Just a few people over to enjoy each others company be festive, eat really good food, talk sh@#! and talk about our blessings while being grateful and relaxing. Talking about life, love, the world and kink. Conversation was going on in the living room area and then we all took the party to My arena. Where as you probably already know one thing leads to another in this kinky room.

I was in the company of a very sexy dark chocolate sex kitten within this conversation and she dissappeared from site into My Black Hole also known as My prisoner interrogation room. Black walls and ceilings with black rubber flooring and white rope tied up neatly on the walls, shackles, toys and silver hanging chains and a blue light for ambience.

I went to see what she was doing because she was in there for about 15 minutes and when I looked inside she was totally naked only wearing a smile! I was a little taken back because I did not expect this but found it very inviting and a turn on. I asked what was she up to and she said that she waiting for Me and wanted to play, so be it! I started by teasing her with soft strokes to her dark chocolate skin and whispering what was on My mind and what I would like to do to her etc....the scene was erotic and spontaneous, it's what I love anyway. I raked her skin with My long fingernails, pinched and tweeked her hard nipples, spanked her firm ass and broke out doing some percussion play on her ass getting it even more warmed up and excited.

Bondage was not in the cards for that night, one step at a time is the name of this game. I imagined in My head if I did tie her up and totally had My way with her that night it would of been a wrap because I would of went to town on her and made her never want to leave. Just as well we only went as far as we did and I liked it that way as I continued to tease and torment her. Gives more room for the future possibilities. You know the whole getting to know you process etc....Anyway, I was talking in her ear and doing some erotic play, I looked up and the other female company was looking in on us curious to see what all the spanking and moaning was all about. She stood there with a smile on her face and said so that's what's going on in here! She came in and took a seat on the chair and watched Me and sexy dark chocolate. She threw in an occasional spank on sexy dark chocolates ass too...

This went on for awhile, the kinky sensual/sexual tention was a bit much so we stopped. We all started to chat again and got on the subject of bull whipping. I pulled out My ole' trusty bullwhip that I've had for many years and it's in perfect shape after alot of use by Me..I displayed My bullwhip techniques using the cracker of the whip to aim at your target and the proper way to use and hold the whip. It was getting late, sexy chocolate and her friend had another engagement, My other company went home and I was hanging out with My other friend for the rest and last of the night chilling out and talking. Until I received a phone call and it was someone wanting to come by for a last minute late night training session of heavy bondage, CBT and foot worship. Why not, I was still feeling festive and energetic. He arrived an hour later and I had a great session. At the end I got a nice x-mas bonus on top of the tribute he gave Me for x-mas!

To sum it all up it was such a delicious gift to have had dark chocolate that I know melts in your mouth and in your hands..mmmmm! Can't wait to see what happens next when we don't have to stop...dangerous!

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