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I am Domina Erotica Long Fingernail Black Beauty & Ebony Royalty Supremacy the Ultimate Masterful Alpha Bitchtress of Verbal Mind Fuck beta Slayer Humiliatrix HypnoDomme Seductive Black Goddess & devious slut Trainer. I am a firm believer in BNWO (Black New World Order ♠️). Where the Superior Black Queen & Black Kings rule over you melanin deficient servants!

You will join My πŸŽ€Ebony Royalty Supremacy Sissy HaremπŸŽ€ you will read more about Me & My sissy harem induction in My blog below. If you desire to join let Me know I’ll give you further details. I am here to give your pitiful life purpose. Only through Me your worth is valued. You are privileged by the control of The Ultimate Black Queen like Myself to serve Me in your weak willed life is certainly an honor for you betas, fetishist and sissies! You will only approach Me with proper tributes & gifts and are fully aware of your rightful place & the natural order of things as My bitch! You have now entered .. Black Beauty Domme Chronicles .. Welcome to My Ebony FemDom blog world within a world where you should feel blessed to be granted access to My updates, My Pay2Play Protocol (Ca$h- Google Pay - Cashapp - Amazon Gift Cards & Paypal), My Black Beauty World Domination tour travel schedule & locations, book a real time session with Me while I'm touring in your area, read My kinky real time fetish stories written by Me, Sexting with Me, My clips4sale store, iwantclips store, (onlyfans coming soon), talk with Me live on My Niteflirt phone domination degradation & fetish Hotlines, Skype cam & Face Time, severe humiliation erotic seduction & real time domination sessions, My interview where you can hear Me speaking My opinions about BDSM Fetishes & Ebony Domme life in general, My sexy fetish pics, Mistress Mantra, Domme Philosophy & more.

Caution betas being so intrigued by My exquisitely fine ass & hot chocolate domineering existence will lead your white ass into an addictive mind fucked journey of profound seductively hypnotic financial sub space & deep exploration of your fetishes & submission. You have been warned!

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Black Domina

You are here to give reparations to get My attention and to be of service, that is your purpose. To worship and admire Black Beauty. I am here to receive & be worshipped that is My purpose. Black Royalty should be & will be lavished for Her beauty & power over you.

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Absolute Chocolate Perfection!



Sunday, December 26, 2010

Here is My "LIVE" interview on Blog Talk Radio with Ebony Domme Diva

If you want to hear My interview you would need to have your speaker volume up. My interview comes on when you log into My blog. You may hear an advertisement first, then My interview so have patience. If the interview does not start automatically, they click onto the first grey colored bar in the Blog Talk Radio Box... NJOY!!

Please return to hear My interview here for some reason the link is not working now. I will have it fixed very soon.. so come back and stay tuned!!

My "LIVE" Blog Talk Radio Interview tonight December 26th 2010

Hello all, I will be taping a "LIVE" Blog Talk Radio Interview this evening started at 11:00 p.m. and ending at 12:00 a.m. I will be interviewed for a full hour by Joclyn Devou creator of the fabulous web site catering to the beautiful Ebony Dommes called Ebony Domme Diva !! I am also a member of the Ebony Domme Diva ..... 

The topics for tonight discussion will range  from some of My experiences being a Professional & Lifestyle Dominatrix, My views on the scene and the people who play, serious issues and pre conceived notions about this lifestyle will be a hot topic as well as conversations regarding My insight and solutions to B&D SM ignorance. My videos will be discussed too!

As some of you may already know I am a advocate to this lifestyle and will graciously accept respectable opportunities to be interviewed or to lecture about being a Domme, Fetishes etc... as much as I can. 

Tune in tonight at 11:00 p.m. to hear all the good stuff ..... go to the link below to log in and hear My "LIVE" interview.


Also click on to this link:    Ebony Domme Diva   if you want to join the Ebony Domme Diva web site and be apart of chocolate city!

NJOY, Domina Erotica > Black Beauty Domme

Monday, December 20, 2010



Friday, December 10, 2010

New video footage for My new members area ... update!

I shot more kinky videos the other day with My new young bitch boy named slave "b" ... we shot foot fetish and worship scenarios like licking whipped cream off My feet, oily feet on cock and balls, ass spanking with My feet, ball busting etc.... these clips will be put in My new members area called "Black Beauty Videos" which will be located at My web site soon. I am still working on all My new videos for My members area as well as the new design of My site too.

These new videos will be very hot and full of erotic classic domination, fetishes and kinky
scenarios like:

Long Fingernail Worship
Long Fingernail Hypnosis
Long Fingernail Raking
Ball Busting
Cock Box

Foot Domination
Foot Worship
Slut Training


Strict Detailed Fem Dom Instructions
Tiny Penis Humiliation

To all of you fetishist for nylon stockings, silky pantyhose and fishnets ..... My new tantalizing and very sexy series of "Stocking Seductions Pantyhose Pleasures & Fishnet Fantasies ..... video clips will be revealed soon!

I am still "in the process" of building  My official site at hopefully this will be something I will accomplish very soon. My members area will have new tantilizing and addicting video content not seen in My clips store. And My web site will be updated with a new more polished look too!

Of course I will keep My clips4sale video store at:
so you can go now and buy My videos there for your viewing addictions and

Prepare to become addicted  .. Spanks & Kisses ..... D.E. 

Want to see all My blog writings here?

There seems to be some of you that are not sure how this whole blog thing works when it comes to being able to find older blog post that I wrote or to see more of My free video clips. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will see the words "OLDER POST" in blue letters. Click onto the words "OLDER POST" and that will take you to My previous post from days before. The words "OLDER POST" is at the bottom of every blog page.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Some examples of My kick ass photo shoot!

Here is a taste of the kick ass pics I told you about I did with Alexandra Tiger last weekend with Our photographer ...... SUPER HERO VILLAINIES HOT ASS DOMMES READY TO OVER THROW SUB CULTURE & CONTROL THE DEMISE OF SUB SPACE WORLD WIDE!


I got this idea to shoot Our shadows after the shoot was over and I saw how hot My shadow looked.... so this pic was born and the Super Domme Heroes was created! .... HOT SHIT PRODUCTIONS!

A Thanksgiving quote from Me!

I could not let this Thanksgiving slide without at least saying something about it. Below is part of a writing I wrote here in My blog July 10th 2010 on "The 3 Greatest Virtues" .... I feel that it is never too late and only appropriate to think deeper than usual on a day that should be celebrated everyday, so here goes:

Gratitude..... this is something that should be practiced everyday for everything. In life everything is taken for granted. Your life, your health, love, money, your job, material blessings, family, friends and most important GOD! To be grateful for all things from morning till night, till death do us part is part of the key to eliminating stress and unnecessary drama in life. We receive countless blessings everyday, and too many times those blessings are looked over and taken for granted as though we are owed these things, and we are not! What we have in life really does not belong to us, they are borrowed!..... True Gratitude comes from the deepest and most purest part of your soul. Anyone can say "Thank you", but how sincere are you? Even if you are given the smallest thing, it is important. We are always tested to see how grateful we are for the things we receive... little do you know you fail majority of the time.  All the material blessings you have can be taken away within a blink of an eye, will it only be then you will fall to your knees and be sincerely grateful? You can be healthy and living life then all of the sudden you find yourself fighting for your life, will you only be grateful then? You can love someone, and then the next day they are gone with you not being able to say goodbye, will you be grateful for their life then when it's too late? Gratitude starts now and forever!

As always and forever .. Domina Erotica

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Successful photo shoot etc...

The photo shoot this past weekend was amazin' and I can't wait to see the pics. We shot at some great locations on Saturday, one was a tire rim store. Shiny steel tire rims and latex, I love it! We both wore black and hot pink latex and had a lot of fun shooting there. The guys working at the shop were more than happy to see Us parade around in sexy latex clothes and high heels too! We also shot in zentai cat suits in a old steel mill that had rusty steel planks and beams. That was sooo hot too because We looked like Super Heros in Our suits. 

Next photo shoots are scheduled for next month and locations and outfits are going to be fab of course once again. Being that the weather is cooling off some here in Fort Lauderdale I can shoot outside without feeling like I an going to sweat to death while wearing latex clothes. 

Watch and wait for the revealing of these new pics in My web site.

Shooting videos tomorrow with a new young sub named sub "b"... we shot before doing some oily feet on cock and balls fetish, long fingernails worship, ball busting. Tomorrow I will do more long fingernails, feet and stockings scenarios maybe some cbt depending on My mood.

Anyways, I will be blogging again soon!

Domina Erotica & Alexandra Tiger ... gets kinky with a married couple!

I love to see couples whether they are married or not. The excitement it brings into their relationship and how open some people are really turns Me on and gets Me in the mood for some serious and fun play. Alexandra Tiger and I saw this very kinky married couple together the other day. Sometimes husbands likes to be dominated and get involved too, but this husband just wanted to sit back and watch as his hot wife gets seduced and dominated by Us.... She was pretty with a sexy body and piercing on her nipples, clit and belly button. We told her to wear something sexy with high heels for Us. She stood in the middle of the dungeon and We circled around her touching her body, smacking her ass and telling her some of the things we will do to her. She was already very excited, her nipples were hard and she was smiling. We collared and leashed her bent her over did percussion play on her ass until it was red. Made her kiss Our feet and led her around with the leash like she was Our sex kitten.  

We pinched and played with her nipples, cropped and spanked her ass, raked her skin softly with Our long fingernails. We then shackled her wrist and ankles together behind her as she was on her knees collared and leashed. We did amazing hair bondage on her beautiful long auburn colored hair from the roots to the tips. We used her hair leash and controlled her moving body .... We spoke in her ears very dominate yet erotic as Our little sex kitten purred and gyrated her hips and ass because she was sooooo horny! 

We cropped and careese her breast and body then knocked her to the floor as she was hog tied with her ankles shackled to her wrists. We teased and denied her for awhile, dominated, controlled, fondled, used, played bound and gagged Our sex kitten while her husband watched with a smile on his face, now it was time for her to be our entertainment and have multiple orgasms in front of us! We pulled our Our various orgasm maintenance tools and this little sex kitten gave herself multiple orgasms as she moaned and screamed that she has arrived! 

We had a lot of fun and this happily married couple said they will be back for sure and We are looking forward to it... till next time!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hot Photo & Video Shoots

Lot's to do .... much to plan ... never a dull moment ... tomorrow is the hunt for beautiful and surreal locations for the shoots and final accessories needed. This weekend Friday will be editing previous videos and then shooting new videos catering to My sexy long fingernails, some ball busting, foot worship and whatever is clever. Saturday Alexandra Tiger & I have a hot photo shoot with a fabulous photographer that shoots kick ass photos. Check out Our photographers profile here at this link:  Our amazing Photographer's profile link 

Then Alexandra Tiger has a solo photo shoot on Sunday with another amazing photographer named Elis Berg.... I will do the stylist assisting in that shoot and it will be fab too! 

The pics that I shoot will be placed on My web site and here in My blog for your viewing pleasures. I can't wait because I wanted to change the pics on My site for awhile now. I am also getting ready and updated for My web sites new Members area for you to purchase My kinky and erotic fetish videos that will be made exclusively for My Member area at: My Official Web Site

I am also still interviewing/inspecting sincere subs to be in My videos and photo shoots, so if you think you qualify and can be use to Me then send Me an email with a brief bio of your scene experience, a recent tasteful pic of yourself (NO genital pics), who have shot with before? Where are you located and your availability. I will get back to you......

Domina Erotica 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fetish Factory Halloween Party 2010!!

That time of year has come and gone, where I get to dress as Myself and see others dress like Me for Halloween. I had so much at the Fetish Factory Party this year. The venue was Exit 66 in Los Olas, one of My favorite clubs. It is set up so nice with the outside pool, inside decor and installations was amazing too. There were soo many people dressed in very creative and fun outfits. I am a voyeur and love to watch people and what they wear and ideas they come up with. 

They had some great performances and some of the kinky scenes going on that were freaky and nasty just like I like it. I did have a slight wardrobe malfunction with My 8" black shiny boots. The bottom sole of the boot started to come off and I almost fell but maintained My composure. I was saved by a very kind sub that went through the whole club looking for shiny black tape to quick fix My boots so I did not have to leave and go home to change. 

I attending the party with Alexandra Tiger of course, and My slut susie. Alexandra Tiger was in sexy leopard print looking sooo good, and My slut susie was dressed in trade mark pink whore gear and her blonde swiss miss wig!...... I don't get all dressed  up in another personality or costumes for Halloween, I like being Me and dressing in My fetish clothes. But, this year I end up dressing up like Lieutenant Ahura from Star Trek without even trying too. I wanted to wear My silver metallic cat suit and black shiny patten corset. I brought this really cool black wig that looks very Star Trek, but again with no intentions on being a space cadet. Put that all together and I was ready to be beamed up! It ended up looking very hot anyway as you can see from some of the party pics below. 

I am looking forward to next year and seeing what life brings!

Glenn (Owner of Fetish Factory & Fetish Factory Party God)
Me and Alexandra Tiger
Domina Erotica, susie slut & Alexandra Tiger

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My latest lecture I gave at Broward College....

Here is the video clip of My latest lecture that I gave to students as I spoke about the B&D S/M Lifestyle .... NJOY!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Broward College lecture to students about B&D S/M

Today I lectured about 45 students at Broward College for a social studies class. It went very well and the students were once again engaging, excited and very curious about what I had to say. I lectured there before this past April and I always have an amazing time talking in front of people shattering some of the pre conceived notions about this lifestyle and the people who are involved. I find it fulfilling and a rush to either perform a fetish show or just talking about fetish. The looks in the eyes of people hungry for knowledge and a better understanding feeds into Me being an advocate for the D/s life and makes Me want to learn more.

The professor for the class introduced Me and Alexandra Tiger also came to the lecture. I wanted to involve another enticing element today and She was exactly that. The last lecture I was solo, now this one I brought Her along and She spoke briefly too. I love Her sexy German accent, it's a blessing to have such a hot girlfriend who is a Domme too! The next lecture I give I will also bring a sub for some show and tell with a few kinky demos. That's going to be a scandal, because it was already one today walking through the campus. I was wearing 8 1/2" red patten high heels, a black shiny latex dress, red "fingerless" latex gloves of course because of My long 2" fingernails, My bag with some whips, blind folds, crops, handcuffs, rope etc... for the lecture. I had to wear a sheer black jacket over My outfit because of discretion for the school and students. Alexandra wore black leggings with a artsy metal design on them, sexy white shoes, white fish net top and a black corset, nice!

I talked about all sorts of subjects from where do kinks and fetishes come from to being a Dominatrix and why do men see a Domme etc... I video taped the lecture today just like I did the last one this past April. If you want to see it click on the following link: April 2010 Lecture . I have to edit the lecture for today and I will be putting a clip of it here in My blog and on in the near future. The full length of the lecture video can be seen in My membership video store coming soon.... The lecture lasted about 1 hour and 40 minutes so that was more than enough time to discuss different topics and have fun. After it was over some of the students and the Professor talked with Alexandra Tiger and I before the next class came in. They still had some questions and curiosities. One girl wanted advise on how to make her relationship more kinky and exciting for her and her boyfriend with anal play and oral sex. Another girl was talking to Us about the The Fetish Factory party this past weekend that We missed and she attended. She was submissive and wore some kink related stuff like earrings, necklace and vampire fangs
over her teeth, interesting! One guy was interested in being a Master. Overall some really nice people.

I am looking forward to the next time ... as always, Domina Erotica

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Busy, Distracted and having fun!

The title to this blog says it all!! ... I have been busy putting together My new ideas and plans for My videos, shooting and editing more clips. I shot some very hot video footage with Alexandra Tiger. We shot some sexy stockings and foot worship scenarios and then I shot solo in My very short dress, high heels and long fingernails. Any videos with Alexandra Tiger and I will be displayed for purchase at Black Beauty Visions Videos when it is ready for release to the public. We will be shooting a lot more together and it will be addicting sensual and kinky.

I am also working on a well needed, very exciting, big and kinky project that will be the buzz of the scene. And that project is called MIAMI CHATEAU!!!... enough said for now!! I will let you brew on that and I will reveal more of this at a later date.

Distracted and fun .... from spending a lot of time with My gorgeous, captivating, energetic and kinky new girlfriend/lover... Alexandra Tiger. She is 22 and I am 43, talking about a COUGAR! Some would say I am a cougar, and if that describes a very hot older woman then sign Me up. I love the n r g and the mind set we have , it all vibes in harmony.

In general, life has been as always interesting and never a dull moment. I am very happy with My new furniture that I got for My birthday. It was belated gifts, but I got it and it looks amazing in My place. Dark brown black wood, very Japanese style and classy. Can't wait to decorate more!

I have been training My personal subs and grooming those selected to be in My videos and other servitude to Me. I am building a small sincere harem and it's not always easy because some people don't have what it takes fast enough and need severe training and attention. If I feel that person and situation is worth it then I may consider the challenge. I need polite, useful and reliable subs that know they are submissive from their souls and understand their place and position.

I am making plans to attend the Fetish Factory Halloween Party October 30th... I make it a point to attend their Anniversary and Halloween parties because they are amazing all the time. Go to Fetish Factory Halloween party link to find out more. I will not be in costume, but I will be corseted up and wearing latex.

I was going to attend DOMCON in Atlanta the weekend of October 9th, but had a change of plans. I will be attending DOMCON in Los Angeles next year in May for sure!

That's all for now, I will be back a lot sooner than last time!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Black Beauty Videos site... !

NOTE: This a correction to the previous blogs I wrote here stating that BLACK BEAUTY VIDEOS is what My clips4sale store is called and it is not! ... BBV will be explained here:

Hello all, I will be adding lots of new, hot and exclusive video clips on My new website coming soon at:   My production company is called Black Beauty Videos. This new site will host more of My collection of kinky fetish videos. This will be a Members site where you can purchase My various videos with a list of fetishes and will be specifically categorize catering to the following:  Stockings & Pantyhose ....  Peddle Pumping  ...  Long Fingernail Fetish ..... Ball Busting ...  CBT ....  Foot Worshipping ... Slut Training and much more

I will of course keep My official web site at: ... That just means I have to double up on My video productions and shoot a lot more footage to get this accomplished, and I will! It will actually be fun as usual because I LOVE the whole creative process getting together what I am going to wear, where it will be shot location, location! Who will be in the videos with Me or am I flying solo. And of course what kink will the video be about. I am going to be wearing a lot of stockings pantyhose and fishnets, showing off My long 2" fingernails, getting My feet worshipped massaged and kissed as I use them to trample, kick cock and balls, tying up man meat in bondage. So much to do and so little time!

I am also working on more series clips to My new members site. Continuations of clips like Part 1 Part 2 etc.... you get the picture. I like to do series because it's like watching a whole movie and looking forward to what happens next. Keeping the story line going freaky, fun and engaging.

I will post here when My new video store at Black Beauty Videos will be ready to feed your addictions!

Monday, August 30, 2010

I had a great birthday!

I had a very nice birthday weekend. It was chill and reflective. Saturday evening, August 28th was beautiful, I drove over to the beach right before midnight to have a birthday picnic with Alexandra Tiger. We ate chicken and cheese, sweet snacks as we laid back on the beach chairs under the bright moon, vibrant stars watching the waves of the water with perfect weather. It was very reflective and romantic at the same time. Birthday morning I woke up in such a great mood and was excited because it was My day, thinking back on the past year and looking forward to My future years to come.

I had a delicious brunch cooked for Me then I was off furniture shopping, of course I was very excited about that! I picked out a few items that I wanted and I can't wait to redecorate My dining room area and kitchen. I have to reorganize a few things first but that will be done this week, so My new furniture will look fabulous, with more to come! Sunday evening after the furniture store and shopping, I was taken to Seasons 52 one of My favorite places to eat. If you never been, I highly suggest that you check it out, the food is great and the ambiance is really lovely....I received other nice gifts too, like jewelry and Victoria Secrets, kinky stuff...etc...!

Can't say that it's all about the material blessings, because I am not that shallow, I have a sincere gratitude for being "allowed" to be here another year. The gifts are welcomed though and very nice... My appreciate goes out to all that have given Me gifts and to all that have sent Me kind and wonderful words for My birthday.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me...I will be 43 years young and loving it!!

I have never been the type of Woman that stresses over Her age and worries about getting "older". I am like fine expensive wines that ages gracefully and taste better as time goes by. I am very proud of My age and happy to be in a place in life where I understand My purpose and reason for living. I am also aware that older does not always mean wiser, and younger does not always mean stupid or naive. Fortunately, I have fallen into the "older yet wiser" category and I am truly grateful for this blessing. Don't get Me wrong I am by far not saying I know it all and the wisest person around. But I feel I do pretty good considering!...One may ask what makes Me feel and say that I am truly "older yet wiser" and My answer would be based upon My life's teachings, realizations, innerstanding Myself as a Spiritual human being, a Woman and a child of God. If that goes a little deep, then hey, I am just speaking from a place that I am very familiar with and that's My heart and soul.

My Birthday is August 29th and I am very excited for this day to come. I am going to celebrate being "allowed" to live such a great life and to have experienced so many different things, gone to many wonderful places and met so many great people. I feel I still have so much to learn and accomplish, so I am looking forward to what is next for Me. Anyone that knows Me will tell you I have been the same person as far as being real, giving and passionate... only thing that has changed is that those qualities have enhanced and that makes Me happier!

43 years young is what I say and mean because I don't feel 43 years old. If anything I feel vibrant and youthful. I don't "look" 43, whatever 43 suppose to look like. I still get carded at the store for My I.D. which is always flattering. I feel blessed and some ask Me how do I maintain My youth. My answer is the following: My ethnic background is Native American Indian (Cherokee), West Indian (Jamaican), African American (Black), which helps with My skin being soft with no wrinkles. Lots more melanin in the skin as well as oils to keep the skin more supple ( I also try My best to take care of My skin and drinking enough water helps too)....... My positive deep inner attitude about life and having the ability to not be easily stressed out about situations and drama....... I try and practice My spirituality regarding the "3 Greatest Virtues" (Read about the "3 Greatest Virtues" I wrote here in My blog below this post) And I have a profound respect for the Creator....... I don't drink alcohol any more. I stopped drinking over 15 years ago......... I don't smoke cigarettes ....... I eat 80-90% organic foods and love to cook organic recipes....... I try and work out sometimes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and sexy body....... I love with passion and forgiveness........ I do what I LOVE, which is being a Dominatrix with the whole lifestyle involved....... I take out time for Me! .....I try to keep a balance in My life of all things important and true to Me...... I try and be there for others and not always expecting something back..... and last but not least as I said before, I don't stress over getting older......

Not sure yet what I plan on doing for My B'day but whatever it is it will be all good! I have a wish list for those of you that would love to send Me gifts. If you need info on how to send Me a gift, click onto My email address at:  .... I am in the process of adding a lot more wish list gifts to My list of things I like, so stay tuned for that..... Click onto the following link to view My list:

Domina Erotica's wish list link

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Domina Erotica & Alexandra Tiger accepting sessions at FETCON in Tampa!

Alexandra Tiger and I will be attending the FETCON Convention in Tampa, Florida August 5th - 8th and staying at the host hotel Hyatt Regency Hotel, 211 North Tampa Street, Tampa, Florida 33602. We are accepting double Domme sessions and single Domme sessions while We are there from select subs. To find out more about the convention go to: FETCON Convention site ..... to find out more about Alexandra Tiger, check Her out at: Alexandra Tiger's blog ..... 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The 3 greatest virtues!!

The 3 greatest virtues in every human life are the following:

Humility..... this is the ego monsters biggest enemy. Being able to allow yourself to take a step back from it being all about you. To humble yourself, to soften your character and look at the world through different more compassionate eyes. Having humility is not about looking and acting weak, it's not about worrying about what others feel and think because you are not the loudest, meanest or the strongest. You can have humility of the heart and soul and still carry yourself with a strong yet positive vibration and still get respect! Would you rather be feared than loved? Bowing down to something much greater than you does not make you the weakest link, if anything it makes you a greater human being and elevated spirit!

Gratitude..... this is something that should be practiced everyday for everything. In life everything is taken for granted. Your life, your health, love, money, your job, material blessings, family, friends and most important GOD! To be grateful for all things from morning till night, till death do us part is part of the key to eliminating stress and unnecessary drama in life. We receive countless blessings everyday, and too many times those blessings are looked over and taken for granted as though we are owed these things, and we are not! What we have in life really does not belong to us, they are borrowed!..... True Gratitude comes from the deepest and most purest part of your soul. Anyone can say "Thank you", but how sincere are you? Even if you are given the smallest thing, it is important. We are always tested to see how grateful we are for the things we receive... little do you know you fail majority of the time.  All the material blessings you have can be taken away within a blink of an eye, will it only be then you will fall to your knees and be sincerely grateful? You can be healthy and living life then all of the sudden you find yourself fighting for your life, will you only be grateful then? You can love someone, and then the next day they are gone with you not being able to say goodbye, will you be grateful for their life then when it's too late? Gratitude starts now and forever!

Acceptance........ this would have to be the hardest virtue of all. It means that whatever life sends your way, you are to be accepting of it without complaints! Complaining will NOT change it, complaining will only accumulate more toxins in your soul and attitude and it does not change things at all. To look at the situation and say, I accept this change, I accept this hardship, I accept this arrangement in My life because this is my blueprint and my lesson to learn suck it up and accept it. I know it is much easier said than done, but it is important and it is never going away. Losing a job, a death, financial downfalls, eviction, heartbreak, rejection, bad health, problems and difficulties are all some examples of what we deal with in our daily lives. To look at the situation and swallow hard, accept it as being apart of our lives as human. Our emotions and attachments will always play a important part, and because of that will make it hard to accept. But when you accept life's circumstances, you find a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you feel a sense of freedom and deeper understanding, especially if you look and can see it from a spiritual perspective and not human knowledge. Although it will be hard for you, acceptance allows you to move forward and make room for a more positive outlook on life!

Domina Erotica

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Domina Erotica & Alexandra Tiger

It is an extreme rare occasion that I partner up with another Domme. In My over 17 years in this lifestyle there have been only 1-2 Dommes that I rolled with and we were good together. But fate has recently sent My way a Domme that I am planning on working with in the near future doing double Domme sessions, videos and all around terrorizing subspace. Her name is Alexandra Tiger....a stunning and classy German Domme. She just relocated to Miami from Germany about 6 months ago and we hit it off right away. I am VERY particular about who I allow in My small circle of people especially being side by side with Me as a Domme and feeling comfortable knowing I will not be embarrassed because She does not know what She is doing and does not represent Herself with style, intelligence and experience. Alexandra Tiger and I just did a very hot photo shoot together this past weekend over at the Fort Lauderdale beach area and also in My arena at Domain of Erotica located in Fort Lauderdale. We are working on future plans for a web site venture and other kinky adventures, so stay tuned. Here are a couple of teaser pics for your viewing pleasures.......

Domina Erotica & Alexandra Tiger
Hot like fire!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Keeping the wheels greased...

As always I am on My grind. As you see in My blog post below I added yet another hot video to My collection. As well as many more to come. I am always looking to make connections with people, expand My horizons and experience new things. I am working on a new yet very big project, but I can not reveal what it is yet, let's just say when it's all said and done it will be amazing and fabulously kinky....something Florida really needs!! Don't have an estimated date/time it will be done, but the ideas and creative motion is set and being put in place as we speak. I am also on the look out for new locations to shoot videos in for a nice variety of back drops.

Planning on updating My official web site at: with a whole new look, almost like a magazine look and feel to it, much more polished and clean. I can't wait because I have been wanting another creative style to My site along with more content and brand new pics...!!

At My dungeon training arena called Domain of Erotica located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I am getting a new and updated look with a silver metallic paint job to one of My walls and new toys for My playing pleasures.

And as always, editing more of My video footage and shooting more erotic domination and fetish videos.
There is always something to do and usually not enough time, but I would not have it any other way!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dominating a submissive married couple!!

I love to dominate women and men but when I have them together it's the best of both worlds! I had an amazing session with a married couple that flew in from London on holiday to indulge in south Florida's kink and nightlife. I was first contacted by the male husband sub and he was quickly told by Me to put the female sub wife on the phone to verify her existence. I spoke to her and we made the arrangements. They arrived and the female sub walked in the door first...... sexy, blonde, big tits, works for Me! The male sub was nice looking too. We chatted for a while, then I made her get undressed while he watched and yearned for his turn. I examined her toned tanned body and squeezed her hard nipples and she giggled. I shackled her wrist...I pulled him by the neck closer to Me and squeezed his balls. After that it was on for the rest of the evening. Hot, dominate, erotic, kinky......I controlled and dominated both of them, had My way with them, play with them and used them for My deviant pleasures. And after 3 hours of intensity there came the explosion and then a calming bliss!

We talked for awhile after the session, they drank some wine for a night cap and then they were gone saying they "will" be back! They were a lot of fun and said that was the best time they had ever had with a Domme before. Of course, I love what I do and who I am and that helps. Oh, and that special touch makes it all the better too!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back from the Keys & shooting videos...

My vacation to Key West was wonderful, it was like a 1000 degrees outside so I decided we should stay below deck on the yacht for most of the day. At night we played under the stars. We indulged in sissy maid training, servitude, foot massages, heavy restrictive bondage, cbt, discipline, slut training etc....lot of fun! Now I am back on My grind and edited more kinky videos footage. A long time sub admirer named sub m flew in last night for the shoot and servitude until Monday evening. I will put him to good use while he is here. I shot some very hot domination, ass worship, stocking fetish, nail raking scenarios today with sub m! I can't wait to start editing that content to get it in  My video clips store for your viewing addictions. That should be soon......

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Editing Videos and living life...

When I was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago for the DOMCON Convention I shot some more kinky video footage for My video clips store at:  Black Beauty Vision  I can't wait to finish editing it so I can load it up for your purchasing, viewing pleasures and addictions. The scenes were so hot and I had a lot of D/s fun of course. I love to shoot new content playing and training My female and male subs, seducing and dominating them, editing the content to My liking. Plus,  I am happy that My editor is skilled and great at it..... He has a good idea of where My head is creatively so we flow when we are editing till we have the finish product. Although I feel I can and have trusted him with editing content alone without Me. I still like to be hands on with the production. I have a certain standards and way of getting things done and that's on point! I am always seeking different locations for better back grounds and diversity when I am shooting. It gets My juices flowing when I am being video taped knowing that I will be watched and that person is living through the sub that I am using. Or just watching Me alone with no sub and I am captivating My audience and taking them to sub space. And then I get so in tuned with what I am doing in the scene that nothing else exist. I understand what they are going through and feeling when they watch because I am a voyeur and freak Myself!

As for other life in general I am going back to Key West tonight... I was there last weekend with My sub as I mentioned in My previous blog here. He is My sissy maid and I get pampered on his yacht. It's a nice getaway, some may say a vacation from a vacation because I already live in Florida. That alone is a
vacation! The Keys are beautiful and being on a yacht makes it all the better. I will be returning back to Fort Lauderdale this Saturday morning.

I may be shooting more videos and or editing when I return, not sure yet. The  Fetish Factory is giving their monthly party this Saturday evening at the Sea Monster here in Fort Lauderdale. If I am not too tired or busy I might be going. I met this very pretty new Black Domme for brunch a few days ago for a possible mentoring and fun, and we talked about going together to the party, that gives Me more incentive to go, plus I always have fun at their parties, check out their parties and web site at: The Fetish Factory

I am working on a new look for My official web site at : so stay tuned!

Looks like more travel is coming My way to places like New York, California (again this year!), Canada for the Montreal Fetish Weekend, Tampa Florida for FetishCon etc.... this is My plan but as some of us understand and know, GOD has the master plan!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Key West Bound!

Getting ready to travel to Key West. I have a very useful servitude sub there with a beautiful yacht that enjoys spoiling Me like I deserve. A full weekend of sissy maid service, foot massages, training, shopping, relaxing, bondage, domination, slut training, heavy verbal and spankings...... .I love being ME!

My Fetish Factory 15 year Anniversary Party Experience

Ok, if you ever want to experience a kinky kick ass fetish marathon then you REALLY need to check out the Fetish Factory Anniversary Party next year. I had soooo much fun starting from Friday night's meet and greet party. To Saturday nights Fetish Ball. Sunday afternoon's fetish Pool party. Sunday evenings Extreme Fetish Party. To the after hours Pool Party!!! Talking about kinksters from all over the globe, wearing some amazing and extremely creative outfits, wonderful performances, great socializing, connecting with new and old friends, parties, scandal and deviance. I am a voyeur to My heart and I was very entertained with so many scenes going on throughout the whole weekend. I, of course had My share of useful victims to play with too. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing My latex especially a few items that were new and I have not worn yet. Red and Black, Yellow Latex, Military Style Latex Catsuit, Black Latex Bathing suit etc....

Overall, obviously I had a good time and I am looking forward to next year. Every year seems to get better and better. It reminds Me of My days back when I lived in New York way over a decade ago, when the fetish partying was plentiful and fabulous! Never a dull moment and always something to do, places to go, people to see and mischief to look forward to. I will have some pics of the party posted very soon here, so come back and check them out!

As always, Domina Erotica

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fetish Factory 15 year Anniversary Party this weekend!!

This weekend is the Fetish Factory 15 year Anniversary Party ( Fetish Factory site ) and I can't wait. 3 days of fetish, kink, fun, play and latex! I always look forward to their parties because they are kick ass.... Lots of kinksters from all over, meet and greet on Friday, Fabulous fetish Ball and show Saturday night, Extreme Fetish Factory Party Sunday night for more kink and play. I will have pics taken so look forward to seeing some of them here soon!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mistressleesa Blog/DOMCONLA 2010

Below is a link to Mistress Leesa FemDom Links and a great blog site that documents a kinky scene experience story that I told while at DOMCON in Los Angeles at one of the lectures held there. Mistress Leesa blog is highly recommended if you like to keep up with the fetish community and events. Click onto the link below.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My DOMCON LA experience and pics!

I just returned from the DOMCON Convention in Los Angeles and it was fabulous! I had such a great time there and look forward to going to the next one this year in Atlanta. These conventions are held every year.

The work shops I attended turned out to be informative and entertaining, the friday night meet and greet play party was held at Passive Arts Studio which was about 10 minutes from the host hotel Hilton Hotel LAX. Nice people and scenes going on etc... I of course accepted sessions while I was there and trained subs. Saw people I have not seen in awhile like My good friend of 15 years David Jackson, Publisher of DDI (Dominant Directory International) Magazine and Bootlovers Magazine (Boot Lovers Magazine site). We have been trying to connect for awhile now for Me to do a photo shoot for his magazines. Never in the right same place and time, one day though!  He's mostly based in London, so when I travel there....maybe....I also met some cool new people. Saturday nights fetish ball was packed and I had a good time. Some great outfits, plenty of interesting scenes to go around, paparazzi, fetish performances, socializing, good music and lots of fun!

Here are some of the pics from the Convention...... enjoy!

Maitresse Renee, Me, Goddess Infinity
Friday night Meet & Greet

Me in My military style latex catsuit 


Buns of steel...

Me & Goddess Infinity after the Mistress Tea Party
in the Hilton Hotel LAX

This was Mistress Jillian and Her furry sub at the VIP after party...
The furry subs face was so real looking it was amazing, the eyes blinked
and the nose moved. The teeth were very realistic.. one of the best furry suits I've seen.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Getting ready for Los Angeles DOMCON!

I have been very busy these days, between personal this that and the other, riding that inevitable wave of life and all the joy it can bring, expanding My web site and fetish videos Empire, shooting and editing My videos again. In which I was on a hiatus from shooting new material etc.... for a little while, but I am filming again now more and new sexy, kinky fetish videos. As for Los Angeles I have been preparing for that big event coming up this Wednesday May 12th to 16th and I can't wait!! The DOMCON Convention ( Dom Con Convention site ) held at the Los Angeles Hilton LAX is where the kink and deviance will take place in all its glory! I am going to terrorize, socialize, attend fetish parties, play at Passive Arts Studios, shoot some more erotic domination videos, check out the lectures, shows, workshops and accept sessions while I am there. I will be staying at the host hotel LA Hilton LAX and taking sessions there so if you are interested contact Me a.s.a.p. at My email address at:  My time is limited. Lots to take care of before I go ... what am I going to wear? Red latex, military latex, rubber chaps.... I'll just bring all of them and some other sexy latex outfits with My high heel boots and shoes. Always looking forward to sliding in My latex.... and getting that delicious feeling! Anyway, let's move on I am enjoying talking about latex too much.

I have this sweet sexy female sub waiting for Me when I arrive in LA. A scrumptious tasty morsel for erotic play and servitude. She is from LA and I am going to have fun having My way with her making her My slave bitch! I also have a 2 select male subs for My beck and call what I need and whenever I need it, which makes My life easier and that's always better. I have confirmed sessions scheduled and looking forward to new flesh to torment and dominate. I plan on getting away from the hotel and convention to hang out a Venice Beach and Hollywood Boulevard and wherever else adventure will take Me. Might as well make the best of it and enjoy every moment, as in life!

If I have time I will blog again before I leave for LA, if not I will blog when I return after May 16th.....

Monday, May 3, 2010

Blonde Chocolate....

Look at those beautiful sexy long fingernails..... made for flesh scratching!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Want to see My OLDER BLOG POST?

There seems to be some of you that are not sure how this whole blog thing works when it comes to being able to find older blog post that I wrote. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will see the words OLDER POST in pink letters. Click onto the words OLDER POST and that will take you to My previous post from days before. OLDER POST is at the bottom of every blog page.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Domina Erotica and slut monica at Domain of Erotica

Me and all My Beautiful Black glory and sub slut monica after our video shoot. Check out the video clips HERE!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Broward College lecture update....

Well My lecture was a complete success and I am very happy with the outcome. I had a inquisitive and open minded class of student. I got there early for Me and My videographer to set up. The students starting to arrive and they looked eager to begin. I had a bag full of crops, latex, whips, masks, shackles a latex sleep sack and a few other things for show and tell. I was all set but before we started I had a nice conversation with the professor and her and I discuss some psychology about the scene and she had some questions from her text book knowledge. Now we are ready to officially begin.

The professor introduced Me and I was welcomed by a loud applause apparently there was a buzz going around that I was speaking at the college. My cousin was in that class and she sitting there smiling. I began the lecture with clearing away one of the most popular pre conceived notions about a Dominatrix....No We are not just Women that carry around a whip and beat men for a living!

I get that questions sometimes when I am asked what do I do. This is the image that a lot of people have about a Dominatrix. I explained more about that as well as various other topics about this Lifestyle. The students were very engaging with many questions. I wore a classy blue and black latex dress that fit Me like a second skin with My 8 1/2" black platform high heeled shoes. I had the floor for about an hour and a half and that did not seem like enough time because the dialog was flowing and the energy was amazing. My videographer filmed the whole lecture and I will place a clip of it here in My blog soon so you can check it out. I will have the whole lecture for viewing soon too and will let you know where it can be seen.

After the lecture some of the female students wanted to talk a little with Me and touch My latex dress and agreed that it felt very erotic like I said. I also passed out all of My business cards to the students, they wanted to check out more. And of course it always happens that some of or one of the female students become even more intrigued with being a Dominatrix after getting that facts and asked Me, do I still train Dommes. I told her to give Me a call and maybe we can chat about it. The Professor and I had a little more conversation and then I left.

It was a very enlightening and fulfilling experience, I really enjoy speaking to people and spreading the reality and truth. I am looking forward to My next lecture, I will let you know.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Doing a lecture at Broward College on B&D/S&M Lifestyle & Psychology

I will be speaking at Broward College tomorrow evening on the B&D S&M Lifestyle and the Psychology behind it. I am always excited to speak to people about being a Dominatrix and what makes this Lifestyle tick. I thrive on washing away the preconceived notions a lot of people have and giving the true meaning of it all. I will cover various topics such as being a Dominatrix how I got started and why, some of the different fetishes and where they came from, the mind of a sub and slave and the difference between the two, the deep psychological aspects of the scene as well as the physical/mental, why are there more white subs than black subs throughout history, the difference between male subs and female subs, what happens during some sessions, what is discipline and humiliation etc... I will also bring in a few toys for a show and tell and mini demo. I have the floor for an hour so I plan on making every moment count. I will also have a questions and answers segment after I speak because I know they will have a lot of questions and comments in which I welcome.

I spoke before in New York to New York University (NYU) students but that time they came into My arena. I was a Domme at Nutcracker Suite in Manhattan which was one of the most popular and best Domme houses in the lifestyle world. 12 students male and female came to the dungeon to do a thesis on the psychology of S&M. I was asked to speak to them as well and give a demo being that I was in the dungeon and I had My sub there dressed head to toe in rubber like I was. I spoke for about 2 hours and showed them some of the basic of a Dom/sub scenario and it was fun and I had a great time. Opening up their minds and giving them very useful material for their thesis.

After the lecture was over 3 of the female students were very interested in learning how to become a Dominatrix. I told them to come back the following week if they were really serious and would I assisted them with the basic training and advanced as time went by. All 3 came back and I trained them .... to this day 2 of them are still practicing Dommes and the other one does it every once in a while. We kept in touch sometimes after all these years and they tell Me it was the best thing that they could of done with their lives. I love when that happens Women Empowering Women!!!

I will back with the update on My lecture I am sure I will have a lot of talk about... until then. Domina Erotica

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breaking in a new slut!

I have a new slut that I am breaking in and the name that I chose for My new slut is paulette.. Now paulette is a pure slut in every sense of the word and meaning. Paulette loves to be bitched out, treated like a whore, thrown down to those slut knees and sucks My fat 8" strap on, dresses like a cheap hooker, dances for me like a amateur stripper as I throw change at her, licks those cock sucking red lips for more cock to be shoved down her throat and wants to be pimped out to big dick black men. Now if that is not a nasty bitch I don't know what is!

Monday, March 22, 2010

What is Kinky?


Sexually deviant: being or engaging in unusual sexual practices that may be considered deviant (slang )

Sexually provocative: intended to be provocative or sexually alluring, usually by being deliberately unusual or bizarre ( slang )

Eccentric: behaving in an unusual, idiosyncratic way ( informal )

D.... Deviant

O.... Oracle

M.... Mistress

I.... Insatiable

N.... Naughty

A.... Alluring

A.... A Diva

E.... Erotic

R.... Rigger

O.... Open Minded

T.... Taboo

I.... Irresistible

C.... Captivating

A.... A Diva

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I will be in Los Angeles for the DOM CON LA Convention in May

I am going to the DOM CON LA Convention in May 12th-16th. My plan is to terrorize, socialize, play, train, attend parties and have fun as well accept sessions in the host hotel Los Angeles Hilton LAX. This is an event not to miss and will be full of scene and lifestyle kinksters, fetish parties, work shops, fetish vendors, classes, Dommes, subs, lectures on the lifestyle, play and fun and hey it's California so why not be there for a mini kink vacation!

Go to the DOM CON LA web site to find out more about the convention at:
If you want to find out about booking a session with Me at the Convention or even in Fort Lauderdale where I have My own arena for play contact Me through My email at:

Monday, March 15, 2010

For the love of beautiful Women!

I love women and always will. I have known I have a passion for Women from a very young age and never felt that was weird, it always felt natural and right. I know there are a lot of people who had and still have a hard time accepting their desires and natural attractions to the opposite sex. That is understandable considering up bringing, family and social pressure, religion and just being afraid of what people will think about you. I fully embrace that I have a passion, desire admiration, love, respect, lust and need for a feminine Woman and all of Her grace and sex appeal.

The power and control of a Woman can't be compared or lessen by any standards in life. The sway in Her hips, the sass in Her talk, the sillouette of Her frame, the sweet scent of Her skin, the curve in Her back, the arch in Her feet in high heels, the fulness of Her lips, the softness of Her breast, the heaven in between Her legs, the sexy giggle in Her laugh, the deep soul in Her eyes, the passion in Her words, Her gentle touch, Her apple bottom ass and Her demand for respect!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thought for the day!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My free video clips

To view more of My free video clips scroll down to the bottom of this page and click onto the pink words OLDER POST .....!! I know that the whole size of the videos do not show up. I am trying to have this problem fixed. Looks like the video file is too large for My blog page, sorry about that but enjoy anyway.... Domina Erotica

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Calling all sluts/subs/masochist to be in My videos!!!

I am still shooting My video clips and I am always looking for fresh meat. But not just any fresh meat.... I am seeking reliable, sincere, genuinely submissive female and male subjects to be of service to Me and I will use you as I see fit for whatever I need you for and for whatever subject scenarios that you fit in. You must have some latex clothes or at least be able to get some pieces of latex clothing to shoot with Me as My sub. For scenarios like slut training for males you should have feminine wear like stockings, panties garter belts etc... For slut training and erotic scenes for females you should also have those types of clothes yourself too... these particular items do not have to be latex. We must vibe and click from the first time we meet or it does not work for Me and I can't use you.... Locations vary depending on the scene, but the main shooting areas will be Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Discretion is practiced for those that need it, meaning if you have to wear a latex mask then so be it. Some experienced is required I don't have time to fully train you from scratch, you will have to have some knowledge and experience in this lifestyle pertaining to fetish, submission, kink and discipline. I will however polish the experience you do have to fit into My need for a perfect video. Reply with a recent non genital pic of yourself and briefly some of your scene experience and some info about yourself to My email at:

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I absolutely love My feet being pampered, worshipped, massaged and adored by a true foot fetishist that knows how to take care of them and has a genuine passion for pretty tasty toes, soft and sexy feet like Mine. My feet are very sensitive and I always keep them well pedicured with My toes polished to perfection. When I go to the nail salon My pedicurist creates art on My toes and makes designs that should be framed. And then when I am in the mood I allow elected subs that are deemed worthy to kiss and massage My feet like slave x here in this pic. Light kisses on My feet and toes with deep tissue massages are welcomed when allowed. Beautiful smells of aromatheraphy oils like black currant cherries, lavender, vanilla, tahitian coconut and chocolate are some of My favorite scents for My feet. Taking your time and not rushing My foot pampering is key in making My experience fulfilling for Me and an absolute joy and treat for you while in servitude. Trampling and smashing My feet on the elected subs body parts can sometimes be fun for Me especially if said subject is totally bound and restricted. With My sub not being able to move and Me being in control of the physical aspects of the sub is just a start because the psychological and mental aspects I already have in bondage.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Vibing with like minds and conscience people ....

This title is like music to My ears and I love music.... One of the best feelings and experiences is having people brought into your life's path and you connect, you vibe on a level that makes your soul smile and feel content. When these people are brought to you or you to them embrace it with all the fiber of your being because it can be at times a rare occasion. With all that is happening on the ball that we are rotating on and living in I am truly grateful for these type of real people coming from a real place living in real life saying real things. No bs just good ole fashion it is what it is attitude, way of thinking and doing thangs. It's not a cliche ...... the world is a jungle and I am a squirrel trying to get a nut and I will succeed in doing so!  LIVE LOVE LAUGH ................ REPEAT!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I have been crazy busy...

Life is short and unexpected with its turns twist and bends. I have been so busy lately editing My fetish videos shooting new footage, starting new projects that could be very beneficial, creative, fun, the opening of higher horizons and basically managing life in general. I just did another hot video shoot this past sunday. I was looking at the footage of Myself sitting in the back of a Bently car wearing a metallic blue latex military dress looking very fabulous and in charge, My long french tip fingernails were very pretty, My high heels were amazing and I was seductively moving My body as I sat there gazing in the camera tantalizing My would be potential viewers that will be watching Me when they purchase that video clip. I got turned on by watching Myself, basically having an out of body experience feeling like I was watching someone else. With the provocative music playing in the video and imaging what someone else would be seeing is quite interesting. I don't mean this in an egotistical way just feeling special and unique.

I did another interview on the "G" Spot show the internet show hosted by Gabrielle St. Angelo on tonight. It went very well as usually and I always enjoy Myself. Speaking to a mass audience is something I feel very comfortable doing. Especially if it's about My lifestyle as a Domme and fetishist and breaking down the styreotypes and preconceived notions that a lot of people have. Explaining what certain things means and where it all started for most people etc.... The "G" Spot Show reaches a lot of people and as they are watching they are in school and I am the teacher holding court and giving a class on B&D S/M intellect emotional and physical aspects etc... for those interested listeners. I thrive on knowledge with learning and giving back. As long as I have been in this lifestyle if I don't know something by now, then that means My head has been in the sand and I missed the whole point of My journey.

So much to do, places to go, people to see, emotions to feel, people to love, eyes to open, things to say, life to experience, things to learn, people to listen to and life to live.... what are you waiting for!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

This is who I worship the Queen of fierceness GRACE JONES!!!!

For all of you who don't know who is in this video... it's  GRACE JONES. This woman epitomizes fabulousness beauty creativity power seduction bizarre untouchable bad ass ness. In the 1980's She was the most amazing performer artist and singer known around the world. When I lived in NYC I had the pleasure of meeting Her in Manhattan at a club called Limelight. She was performing that evening. I worked at the Limelight at the time as a fetish performance artist and club host. Her and I must be kindred spirits for our similarity for originality, style and fabulousness. Also we were wearing almost the same outfit that evening. A very tight fitting black stretch material body suit that had a very big hood connected to it, short fingerless lace gloves and black shades our face. Only difference was Her body suit was long leggings and Mines was shorts. I place this video in My blog paying homage to all Her glory. Go to and type in her name to view more of Her videos.

Domina Erotica

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A prayer for the less fortunate in Haiti

Keep the prayer going……….


I just want to say THANK YOU, because this morning  I woke up and knew where my family were. Because this morning my home was still standing, because this morning  I am not crying because my friend, my mother, brother etc... needs to be buried out from underneath a pile of concrete, because this morning I was able to drink a glass of water, because this morning I was able to turn on the light, because this morning I was able to take a shower, because this morning I was not planning a funeral, but most of all I thank  you this morning because I still have life and a voice to cry out for the people of Haiti.

I cry out to you, the one that makes the impossible, possible, the one that turns darkness in to light, I cry out that you give those mothers strength, that  you give them peace that surpasses all understanding, that  you may open the streets so that help can come, that you may provide doctors, nurses, food, water, and all that they need in a blink of an eye.

For all those that have lost family members, give them peace, give them hope, give them courage to continue to go on! Protect the children and shield them with your power. I pray for them to be allowed the best possible arrangements!!!

 Pray together for the people inHaiti . And all the less fortunate of this world. We here are truly blessed!!!!!