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Monday, February 28, 2011

No I will not fuck you...I am a Professional Dominatrix!

This question has come up alot and I thought that it would only be helpful and informative for those who do not understand and have thought about it......

QUESTION:.......I read your information on your BP page and you said NO sex is involved in your meetings with your clients!? I am SO confused on how a man would get turned on to the point of being TOTALLY satisfied other than seeing you in ALL your SEXY outfits!! Please explain?????

MY REPLY........When a man/woman goes to see a Dominatrix, they already have in mind or at least an idea of what it is that they are into scenario wise and want to try. For example when some people think of a Dominatrix, they know that She specializes in S/M, Fetishes, Roleplay fantasy, Bondage, Discipline, some sort of sexual, kinky surrender etc....She wears the sexy fetish latex or leather clothes and very exotic high heels, She is in control and knows about kink and helps you to explore your open mind and hidden kinky desires and fetishes. The submissive man/woman is usually without their clothes on unless he/she is bound in some fetish material like latex or leather /in rope bondage etc.... Or they may have on latex, leather, rubber, plastic material or clothes, whatever roleplay it depends on the mood, desire and the type of session.

The scenarios can get very psychologically provocative and does not always put the main focus on genital pleasures. This lifestyle taps into the hidden and emotional aspects of kink and pleasure. The physical is always there with being aroused of course and attracted to the person, and what they are doing to you. But the mental part is very intense when really concentrated on and taken serious. This way of thinking is a liberating experience when explored with someone you trust, which is very important when taping into boundaries and pushing buttons.

At times the submissive is granted a release of pleasure done by his/her own hands or instructed to do so by the Domme. It can and should be intense/fun/sensual and entertaining but always consensual and safe. The majority of people that I see have a high powered job and they are in charge of telling people what to do all day. They come to see a Dominatrix for a release/to let go, to flip the script on their life because they are always in charge. They see a Domme because She takes that control away from them and the person is willing to submit and be told what to do. To some it gives a sense of balance in their life, something exciting and even thereputic.

Some people thrive on the mental control from the Domme and to be captivated by Her. Roleplay fantasy comes from many sub levels, curious notion places and kinky desires. There are alot of people with fetishes and don't realize or want to admit it. If you have an obbession with something like women's feet or toes, passionate about a woman's round butt, gives you an instant boner to see a woman dressed in a specific outfit, lust after long legs, etc...then you have a fetish. Yeah, you may want to call it a simple desire but it goes much deeper than that. If you are obbessive about it and won't settle for nothing else if you can help it, then it's a fetish...It's alright to have a little freak in you. Some peoples fetish may go deeper and to other places than others. Nonetheless, they are still fetishes and you can/do get off on them being stimulated and mentally turned on. I do have My limits on what I will and won't do in session and will say NO in a heartbeat if I don't feel comfortable with a request or something. I love $$$ but it's not that serious!!! There are some Dominatrix that involve actual sex in there scenarios and that is their perogative. They might feel it is necessary to get the job done or maybe they just enjoy incorporating/having sex during scene play with certain people because they are so turned on and in their zone. I don't involve actual sex in My scenarios because I like waking up in the morning with the feeling of some self respect. I like relying on My skills, sex appeal, conscience mind and body to represent....I do however get turned on at times during some scene play...come on I am still an insatiable woman and human, I just know how to control Myself !!! My desire/fetish of the psychological aspect of it intrigues Me immensly. I enjoy the range of the encounters, meeting many interesting people world wide on various levels, the creativity and the esthetics of the scenarios....meaning the fantasy roleplay, domination, many types of rope bondage like japanese rope bondage and other physical play etc.... My personal list of fetishes is long but My self acknowledgment and enlightenment of it helps/guides Me to feel/be more comfortable when I take My seat in someone eles's mind and through the back entrance of their pandoras box...