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Absolute Chocolate Perfection!



Monday, December 28, 2009

Exotic sexy dark chocolate for X-mas

Well folks Christmas has come and gone and heading for the New Year 2010....I had a great Christmas. I received very nice gifts this year. One was a beautiful huge 4 foot tall bouquet of exotic flowers which was so amazing and colorful. My house was smelling like a bontanical garden. Some of My favorite sensual smelling body lotions and bath oils, very sexy lacy panties, a fab and very sparkly diamond leather watch, hot leather boots with a 6" heel, a big gift certificate at an exclusive spa to get pampered like a Queen and latex clothes. I have after x-mas gifts still coming soon. I also gave some great gifts to special people too...

Just a few people over to enjoy each others company be festive, eat really good food, talk sh@#! and talk about our blessings while being grateful and relaxing. Talking about life, love, the world and kink. Conversation was going on in the living room area and then we all took the party to My arena. Where as you probably already know one thing leads to another in this kinky room.

I was in the company of a very sexy dark chocolate sex kitten within this conversation and she dissappeared from site into My Black Hole also known as My prisoner interrogation room. Black walls and ceilings with black rubber flooring and white rope tied up neatly on the walls, shackles, toys and silver hanging chains and a blue light for ambience.

I went to see what she was doing because she was in there for about 15 minutes and when I looked inside she was totally naked only wearing a smile! I was a little taken back because I did not expect this but found it very inviting and a turn on. I asked what was she up to and she said that she waiting for Me and wanted to play, so be it! I started by teasing her with soft strokes to her dark chocolate skin and whispering what was on My mind and what I would like to do to her etc....the scene was erotic and spontaneous, it's what I love anyway. I raked her skin with My long fingernails, pinched and tweeked her hard nipples, spanked her firm ass and broke out doing some percussion play on her ass getting it even more warmed up and excited.

Bondage was not in the cards for that night, one step at a time is the name of this game. I imagined in My head if I did tie her up and totally had My way with her that night it would of been a wrap because I would of went to town on her and made her never want to leave. Just as well we only went as far as we did and I liked it that way as I continued to tease and torment her. Gives more room for the future possibilities. You know the whole getting to know you process etc....Anyway, I was talking in her ear and doing some erotic play, I looked up and the other female company was looking in on us curious to see what all the spanking and moaning was all about. She stood there with a smile on her face and said so that's what's going on in here! She came in and took a seat on the chair and watched Me and sexy dark chocolate. She threw in an occasional spank on sexy dark chocolates ass too...

This went on for awhile, the kinky sensual/sexual tention was a bit much so we stopped. We all started to chat again and got on the subject of bull whipping. I pulled out My ole' trusty bullwhip that I've had for many years and it's in perfect shape after alot of use by Me..I displayed My bullwhip techniques using the cracker of the whip to aim at your target and the proper way to use and hold the whip. It was getting late, sexy chocolate and her friend had another engagement, My other company went home and I was hanging out with My other friend for the rest and last of the night chilling out and talking. Until I received a phone call and it was someone wanting to come by for a last minute late night training session of heavy bondage, CBT and foot worship. Why not, I was still feeling festive and energetic. He arrived an hour later and I had a great session. At the end I got a nice x-mas bonus on top of the tribute he gave Me for x-mas!

To sum it all up it was such a delicious gift to have had dark chocolate that I know melts in your mouth and in your hands..mmmmm! Can't wait to see what happens next when we don't have to stop...dangerous!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Delicious cherry red nails, toes and lips


Monday, December 21, 2009

Breaking in a new sub...

Sometimes subs come and go. Then there are the ones that you can see the potential of them being a great sub during the first evaluation interview. I have a feeling that I ran across a keeper. So far I have allowed him in My presence twice and that is sometimes to early to tell for some Dommes, but for Me I seem to know right away. The specific things that I seek in a sub should be evident at the first encounter. What you say, how you say it and how you don't say it tells alot. As well as the vibe that I read from them...The demeanor and how the sub naturally addresses the Mistress and his etiquette tells alot.

Is this submission coming from a real place or is it a front for unexpected b.s. and fraud. Time really tells it all but first impressions are important. What does it mean to be submissive? Is one question and their description of servitude and I don't mean a cookie cutter answer but some real solid emotions and words. Remembering your ass is on virtual display for Me to disect and read your body language and responses. This particular sub that I have interviewed has shown so far that he could be around for the long haul. I will be seeing him again next week for further evaluation.

I had a black sub and he was a true sub with sincerity and servitude. He is a student and had to leave for school in Tallahassee, FL. to study to be a plastic surgeon. Very unfortunate for Me because he was definitely a keeper. He had shown Me that he was in pure devotion to Me and was honest about it. I would literally bust his balls and I had a good time doing it...this subs is and always be My sub even when he is away, I will be seeing him again during spring break. I know you are reading this and you are missed and rare...

It's always fuifilling for Me to watch My very selective harem grow. Some say a hard man is good to find and I do agree, but a good man is harder to find. They are out there like diamonds in the rough!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

My own internet radio show?

So I finished My taping at the WRPBiTV internet radio show and I was hit with a very big question by Gabrielle St. Angelo from The "G" Spot show.....she asked Me, "How would you like your own internet radio show?". Then the producer chimed in and said he thought it would be a great idea and he would talk to Me about more details if I was interested. The thought of this totally excited Me yet made Me wonder and think to Myself, would I have the time and serious commitment it would take to pull this off?!

This is all hypothetical right now and as I said did not give a definite answer either way. But the thought of it totally intrigues Me with creative juices flowing. I will have to REALLY think about this and consider how My life is being relatively busy as it is. Thinking about rearranging My schedules and incorporating alot more Woman power and resources into the game.

Now I am truly grateful for the offer and not looking for excuses not to do this, just making sure I decide smart and for the greater good of My plot which is world domination. We will see I will get back to this...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shooting another live taping of WRPBiTV internet show tonight

I will be shooting another live taping tonight at 10:00 p.m. on A internet talk show based in West Palm Beach, FL. The show on WRPBiTV is called The "G" Spot hosted by Gabrielle. I will get the link so you can look at the interview, and I will post it here on My blog as well as take pics to be posted. I always have a great time doing these shows, people can call in and ask questions and talk to Me as they see My live being interviewed.

The topics we discuss is based on My fetish lifestyle, My opinions on world events and life in general. It also gets out into the public the real world of domination, fetish and S/M and helps to demolish the preconcieved notions some people have of a Dominatrix and the lifestyle etc..I get to talk about things and clear the air with My words of personal knowledge, experience and understanding. This is something that is very important to Me because I take who I am and what I do serious yet still like to have fun.

So tune in and take it all in, I tape every month usually on a Monday night at 10:00.  But this month I am taping on a Thursday night and this was an exception because of scheduling reasons.

Enjoy My interview...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Never leave home without it...

So I was at a Femme Domme friend of Mine's house named Mistress Monique and one of My subs was there just in case I/We needed something or wanted to train him in servitude and discipline. Her and I was having a great time chatting, trying on latex clothes that we just got as the sub assisted and getting ready to make dinner for ourselves. One would say why didn't the sub cook? Well, I am a very cook this particular sub was not....I was not going to waste good organic food for nobody. Anyway, as we are enjoying our night and finished our fabulous dinner, Mistress Monique called over Her sub play toy for a night cap of domination.

Her sub arrived and We started with them cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes although there was a dishwasher there it gave them more to do. We sat back and enjoyed the mini desserts of strawberry and chocolate cheese cakes the subs served Us on a silver tray. After the subs were done in the kichen one of them was told to get the cherry oils from the other room, We wanted a deep tissue foot massage. My Domme friend and I sat back and received a great massage from the subs. I got the urge to restrict the subs so Mistress Monique and I started shibari rope bondage on the subs, tying them together it was very elaborate bondage. Very tight, perfectly symetrical and artistically done. Mistress Monique assisted Me with the shibari bondage because She is just learning and very intrigued by it. I am mentoring Her and She has alot of potential. She is originally from California and hopefully She will soon reside here in Florida.

We kept them bound for awhile as we tormented and tease them with CBT, flogging, nipple teasing with My long fingernails and lots of verbal. Some ice cubes for the balls and cock leashes as we made them attempt to walk while they are bound together, which was not easy and very amusing to see. We had a good time and this lasted for a couple more hours. We untied them finally and sent them on their way home for the night.

And this is what I mean by "never leave home without it", because I did not have My camera to take pics of this and wish I did. Mistress Monique did not have a camera at the time. From now on I am making a point to make sure I carry My camera with Me, times like these need to be put into visuals for all to see.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

In life...

Be who you say you are... and say what you feel... Don't be a fake because those that matter, don't mind ... and those that mind, don't matter!

I thought this would be the quote of the day but as always it's appropriate for everyday.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Interviewing new subs to be in My video clips

I plan on shooting some more footage for My video clips the beginning of January, more specifically January 6 thru the 9th. I am interviewing/inspecting fresh meat to be of sincere service to Me in My videos. The sub has to have the following qualities:

*  Reliabilty

*  True submission (not playing the role of being submissive, I know the difference)

*  Local or able to frequently fly in for trainings/bonding and actual filming

*  Sincere in their words and actions

*  Etiquette is a must as well as positive attitude, clean attire and hygiene

*  Have some training/scene experience or if a novice must show real sub sincerity and eagerness

*  Must have some latex clothing or able to get some

*  Excellent at following orders

*  In decent physical shape

* Mentally and emotionally stable

*  Prompt and on time I will not wait for you ...

Locations will vary from Boca Raton to Miami areas, and it depends on My needs and desires at the time as well as what the scenarios will be about. I will determine what areas the elected sub will be placed according to their level of training and lifestyle experience. Discretion will be taken into consideration if you cannot show your face. You will provide your own latex hood or mask for your privacy.

Time for interviews will be discussed Me @ with a brief bio about yourself  in your fetish lifestyle and your vanilla lifestyle...who are you???..and why I should consider you for the position. Send a tasteful yet recent pic of yourself, no genital pics will be accepted.

Domina Erotica

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Latex sleep sack dreams

I have a latex sleep sack that I love to hold My latex sluts prisoner in.....binding them very tight, with their face enclosed in latex stripping or hoods and out of control. My latex slut named lucy is such a slut for latex and being immobilized in it. She brings her inflatable latex mitts and hood. Her hood has tubes for breathe play which I love. Lucy gets all excited knowing that she will not be able to escape as I shine the outside of the latex sleep sack as she wiggles inside of it getting even more excited because I am touching her. Sliding My slippery hands all over outsides as her already slippery insides are getting more slippery. My lucy the latex slut is tied up inside the sack and the more she moves the tighter it seems to get. I hear her moan under her hood and I remove the eye patches on her hood so she can briefly see Me, just to tease her.

I am now standing over her wearing My latex chaps with a studded latex top, 8" black shiny boots. I reached over and grabbed My crop, lightly cropping her crotch with a rthym. I hear her moan louder and louder....I commanded her to roll over on her stomach and move like a worm wiggling on the ground. She did so looking like a shiny black seal that has been pushed to shore. I cropped her ass until I was satisfied and her ass was hot. I then made her roll back on her back, I placed the hood eye patches back on so she can't  see again. That was enough imagery of Me, she will keep those thoughts in her memory.

I stood over her telling her how much of a slut she is and to remember who was controlling her. I then remove the detachable face of the hood for a while I needed to leave the arena, but I blindfolded My slut.
Never a good idea to have your subjects in a position that is harmful if you are leaving them alone for a little while, have to play it safe! I went to get something to eat in the other area. I returned and My latex cocoon was still wiggling on the floor. I had My latex slut wiggle over to the sofa in the arena and place herself at the foot of the sofa. I wanted a foot rest and My latex slut lucy was it. I munched on My food and rested My feet on My latex foot stool until I was finished with My food. Then I talked on the phone and sent text messages as I pleased. She was doing what she was suppose to do and that's be a latex cocoon at My service.

I kept her in there for awhile as I continued on with My phone conversation and occasionally took My crop to her ass and etc....such a obedient slut and she can stay in that sleep sack for a good amount of time, as it should be!
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

My furry love of My life....

My heart belongs to a very cute, furry 4 legged pooch named Aura also known as Nuggett or G-Nuggett when she is rebelious! She is My little luv and My furry child...I am a dog lover and she is a pampered pooch, can't you tell!! She is a miniature Dapple Dachshound...a little over 3 years old.

Pose for the camera baby!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Writing to express your soul and free your mind!

I love to write, I have been jotting My thoughts and feelings down for awhile. It is a release and it feels really good. When I am really into a subject like kink and it's really flowing I get turned on. But not so much in a way horney more like mind fucking! It becomes a strong rythm that takes you on a ride up and down in and out in your mind and your inner conscienceness. Deep and long strokes across your mind and then it comes around and slows down and so on...ok let Me keep going because I was getting a little too involved.

I have many favorite things to write about as you will see here and all of them move Me. Therefore you will feel it. I enjoy telling stories, real ones that is. True real time fetish stories is what I call them, experiences I personally had. That's why blogging for Me is ideal. Whenever the feeling and desire takes Me and I want to write and I love for others to go on that journey with Me I blog here, I may write in a notebook etc..

When I am writing about spirituality etc..then it's the same intensity just coming from a different place.
When it's about life in general I still catch a high.

Freedom of expression in this way is very important to Me, expressing Myself through My personality and character is an element in life I breath deeply. I love having a vivid imagination and seeing clear My scenarios in My head. Details are key when telling a story down to the simplest things. To paint the picture so precisly you feel like you were in the room or you can feel everything that is being said, you can relate.

For Me writing is one of the best feelings to have, beside getting and trying on latex clothing. I am very passionate about them both! There is so much to say in such little time....say it!

Monday, November 30, 2009

My new pics..what a tease!

I want to give you the larger size of some of My new pics to tease you. These pics are from one of My lastest photo shoots. I have much more to mezmorize you with but you will have to wait for My updated site at You can check out My site now and those pics are hot, but wait till you see the rest, I am looking forward to it Myself.

Well, njoy!

Latex Vixen!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanks for the giving...

I want to say first and foremost....THANK YOU!!!....for everything, every moment, every hour, every minute and every second of everyday!!....To the All Mighty...The Creator and Maker of all beings...I feel blessed and I am blessed. There are many of us that had a great Thanksgiving full of family and friends, lots of food and drinks, plenty of hugs and love, tons of kisses on the cheeks and handshakes, quite a few smiles and tender looks, a warm, safe environment and cozy bed to go to. But there are many that lacked this type of enjoyment and holiday celebration and unity. My heart goes out to them...for whatever reason these people did not have what many of us are blessed with. I had so much food left over from Thanksgiving, that I cooked and a friend cooked and I was not going to thow it all away. To Me that is considered very selfish and not as compassionate as a human soul could and/or should be.

When I am driving I see a group of homeless people, the same crew all the time sticking together at the same location. They are some of the sweetest people I know. How do I know they are because I usually stop and talk to them for a few minutes when I am at the stop light where they are getting their hussle on at..Today I got a large platter tray, utensils like forks and knives and spoons, paper plates and napkins. Packed this platter with all the food left and drove over to where they hang out. I waited for a few minutes and did not see them but then I looked again and saw one of them was walking down the street. I called him over to Me and told him I had a lot of good food to give him and his friends. A large smile accompanied his bright sky blue eyes and he must of said thank you 50 times. He said that the rest of his friends are down the street and he would take the food over to them and they are going to really eat for the first time in a long while. My heart was so happy because it just feels good and it is only right. I do this every year with My left overs from Thanksgiving and also during the rest of the year at times. As well as other volunteer from the heart services for humanity.

Opportunities like that to give back are mandatory. We as a people have become SO selfish with the lack of compassion that is astounding. I know that giving and being nice sometimes comes back around and bites you in the ass. Some people may take your kindness for a weakness and try and sometimes succeed in taking advantage, I am well aware of this fact and I know this from personal experience and also being a member of earth with observing our obvious behavior. This does not take away from the fact that you can still have compassion. I am not writing this to make it seem like I am a saint or even to receive praise, I try My best to be the EXAMPLE AND NOT THE PROBLEM.  I am writing this because maybe somebody will get this and think about themselves and maybe look outside themselves and realize there are many people that are in need and there is something that could be done about it. Even if it's the smallest thing. Some people feel no one has done anything nice or from the love of their hearts for me, why should I give to someone else from my heart? More than likely someone else has it much worse than you have it, and giving from a special place helps accumulate positive energy and helps to erase negative karma. Compensation is something we all have to make for through meterious deeds.

I have heard some people say that why can't the homeless get off their ass and get a real job instead of begging for money etc.. in the streets. One can say that and look at their lives and think that could never happen to me! Well, a good majority of the homeless did not say "Oh I want to be in the street begging for money and not knowing where my next meal is coming from". LIFE let down a heavy gavel on their heads and it went down hill from there with what seemed like no other outlet or way out.  Some may say that they have gone through very hard situations too and they bounced back. Well, that was your best possible arrangement specially made for you. Not everyones' destiny as we know will be the same, we don't have some of the same strengths and weaknesses. We are all different yet the same.

I have spoken to a few homeless about their lives and what lead them to the streets. Their answers come from losing jobs, losing spouse and children to divorce or death, bad health and no healthcare or care at all. Getting evicted and losing their car, apartment or home, bad car accident,  drugs, drinking name it and it has happened. Some have tried almost everything to make their situation better to get themselves and maybe their family out of this drowing hole with no avail. The system and people who don't care may be blocking their paths to salvation...Some of these people could have been some of the strongest but with
very weak luck, it happens.

We are still in this recession and it's getting thick and deeper in the hole, some say it has improved a little. There are numerous amounts of people that are finding themselves facing these kinds of hardships and possibilities. This is the real world and most of us live in the real world where these things are happening and obvious. Not something that happens mostly in third world countries. Keep your eyes blind to the truth and there could be a time that you may have no other choice but to see clearer with a warmer heart, with no warning to take heed and run for cover. This is not doomsday talk this is life...we are ALL apart of this GLOBAL CLEANSING!



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Want to send Me a comment or question about this blog?

Feeling like you have a comment, something to say, or a question to ask Me about what I write in My blog?
At the bottom of each of My writings you will see the word COMMENTS click onto that and you will be able to leave a comment etc... You may notice that I have repeatedly mention about a person being able to leave Me a comment here, I state this at the end of some of My writtings.  I did this because some people only read what they want or need to and might skip over this particular writing not realizing that a comment can be made here.

I will only allow tasteful comments or questions. I will delete the comments or questions that are disrespectful and ignorant so don't waste your time or Mine.

Have a blessed day, Domina Erotica

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Red Latex Bikini & Red Fishnets

Last night was a night for worshipping My 8" high heeled red patten leather shiny shoes, while I am dressed in a red latex bikini with red fishnet stockings on. I tied My victim up really tight and stuck My high heels in his mouth, then telling him to lick them from top to bottom. On his sub knees doing what he was told with pleasure My heels slut was licking away. I told him to stop licking and I placed My heel on his already tied up man meat. My shoe sluts man meat was hard as a rock. Having nasty thoughts are you My whore?..I continued this teasing and having My way. Such a good shoe slut, he went back to worshipping My red heels as I started polishing My latex with latex polish and a soft clothe. Making sure the little bit I did have on was shiny and clean. As My shoe slut groveled and found it hard to move because he was so restricted, I went on to tell him how much he needs to understand he is in his rightful place...



Monday, November 16, 2009

Youtube has removed My video clips!! has just removed My video account stating that I have been flagged 3 times because My videos were going against their compliance policy. They allow the public to determine whether a video is acceptable to them or not. Youtube does not question these people they just flag your videos and if you are flagged then you are taken off ... being flagged 3 times in a 6 month period, you are gone! What I find ridiculous is that I have seen over the years much more sexually explicit or even violent video footage on there that was and is way more scandalous than Mine. And these videos remain on there for years without being flagged.

After My first flag I thought, ok that should be the only 2 video clips of Mine flagged even though when it did happen I was like, now what is so wrong about it? I left it alone and left My video clips on there and did not bother to remove the rest of them. Then time goes by and 2 more are flagged. I sent youtube a few e-mails about this and also join a group on youtube that allows members to voice out there issues within the site etc...A reply I received from one of the other youtube group members was, My video clips border lined porn!! I thought this person must live under a rock or somewhere that mind of his is limited to knowing the difference. We were both clothed and the clips were mild. A little more time goes by and now I have been flagged with My last clip and good-bye..
I, of course don't know who felt so incline to not have anything better else to do but to have My video clips flagged. Considering like I said the kind of footage that is on there "worse" than Mine. My video clips were sexy stocking videos, My cute chocolate sub lexi and I in latex, Me basically seducing her but as I said tastefully....What also sucks about it is that I had a nice collection of subscribers that were on youtube and now they are down the drain along with My account. Could of should of would of gotten all of their names and contact info if I knew this was coming so soon. Anyway, initially I was more annoyed by this but now it is what it is so move on!
And if any body reading this seen My video clips before, they will know that My style is classy, professional, erotic, kinky and seductively tasteful for youtube. I had My videos under the over 18 section. Anyway, this was on My mind and thought you should know just in case someone went to youtube and wondered what happened to My clips. I am working on a new venue site to host My clips, so stay tuned!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A subs first time...

I enjoy seeing a sub when it's his first experience coming to see a Dominatrix. Tonight I saw a novice and he was into being put in a waist cincher corset, pantyhose and 6" stilettos with a high arch. He looked sexy like a slut and his little ass was so cute and small it had to be warmed up by My hands playing percussion on it. He needed lessons on how to properly walk in high heeled shoes and still remain graceful. Look if you are going to wear them you might as play and be the whole part. "Now I want to you watch Me walk across the room, place close attention to how I move My legs and the sway in My hips and ass". I said. I walked across the room and told him to do what I just did. He walked and tried to keep the sway in the hips thing going as he balanced himself in his 6" heels. One foot in front of the other, I tied his corset very tight around his waist so that was something extra he had to concentrate on. "Time to multi task, I said".
I watched him walk back forth for awhile assessing how much training I may have to put into this new slut and how much I am going to enjoy it. I called him My little bitch and told him he knew that's and that's all he is going to be...a slut...My slut!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Leaving for Japan in the morning...

I am traveling to Japan tomorrow morning at 7:35 a.m. I am going on a beautifully profound and deeply spiritual pilgrimage. This is something that I have wanted to do for many years and now the time has finally come...I am truly grateful! I could of gone to Japan any other time in My life but not for this reason, this is very special. Everything in life down to the most smallest thing is in perfect harmony in the precise order of the blueprint created specifically for it and us as humans. My journey to Japan comes from a spiritual path that I have been on for many years now. Although I have a strong fetish side to Me I also have a deeper side that is based upon pure purification of the spirit, mind and body. Not just talking about it but actually putting into practice.

Within My soul I incorporate My spirituality in My Domme/fetish lifestyle through My positive inner most attitude, My given insightful outlook on life, love, human behavior and the unseen world. Now I am not talking religion or any type of cult way of thinking, some may assume these things and it's nothing like that. I also don't have anything against a persons belief in religion each is own..It's based upon My belief in the Creator being the higher power and the amazing arrangements, blessings, protection, guidance and purification we all receive on a daily basis whether we believe or not. My spiritual path, My conscience connection to God is the focus of My journey to Japan and purpose. I am going with a very large group of people and there is power in numbers.

I was having a conversation with someone today and she was not feeling well and in bed. She kept saying how "sick" she was and I answered her....We don't get sick, that is a human word used to brain wash us to think that what we go through is bad and very negative. Think about the word and say it "sick", it sounds bad even when you say it. We "cleanse" we go through cleansing when our spirit, mind and body is ridding itself of impurities and negativity. "Cleansing" sounds more positive because it is and that's the attitude we should try and have when we are going through elimation of toxins and poisens that lay dormant in all of us. The more we feed into a situation being negative the more power you give it and at the same time the more you pollute yourself. What a vicious cycle.

My way of thinking is not something that I am trying to push down someones throat for them to believe and think like Me, we have been made to be diverse creatures so your belief can be yours and Mine is Mine. But if you happen to understand and believe like I do then welcome to My/our world! There is so much I can say on this subject but I will be brief for now. I will at some point continue on with this subject at a later time. Just something I wanted to share and give some insight to another side of Me. A side that I hold in very high regards for Myself with respect to others.

I am all packed and ready to go to see what My blueprint has laid out for Me and I am so excited with positive anticipation it's going to be hard for Me to sleep tonight, but gotta go and get some rest I have to be up very early in the morning.

I will be taking pics of My adventure to share here and will blog back with details of what happened and My experience, see you in a few days. Not sure if I will be using the internet while I am there. So I will blog back when I return if that is the case.

Bye for now...

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Domina Erotica

Monday, November 2, 2009

Black Beauty returns from Spiritual Pilgrimage to Japan..

I just returned from Japan....My purpose was a spiritual pilgrimage and it was the most amazing and profoundly intense journey of My life. It changed the inner core of My spirit and soul. I was there for 6
days and the whole trip was filled with enlightenment and elevation. This subject is non kink related and that's alright. We all have to a degree some more or less than others a deep relationship and/or understanding of something much more than this human side of life and knowledge. My experience was something I will cherish and feel for all of My life times. The trip there was very long (14 hours) with a lay over in Fort Worth Texas. My adrenaline was so pumped I could not get there fast enough. I did not travel alone I was with 10 others on the plane there and when we arrived in Japan it was about 14,000 people as a collective and we all had the same intentions in mind.....a harmonious life altering spiritual pilgrimage.

I went to Takayama, Tokyo, Montomitamazama, Hikiru Shiden, Hida and Mount Fuji. When we arrived at Mount Fuji I was taken back and deeply moved by the extreme power and beauty of it. It was almost like looking at the face of God. I say this because this is how it made Me feel as well as others too. There are many mountains in Japan all beautiful, but the magnificance of Mount Fuji is uncomparable. I was blessed enough to have a perfect view of it from My hotel room and I took wonderful pics of it during sunset and sunrise. I will post some of the pic here for you to see them. I was and still am very moved by what I have seen and felt.

I saw some very sacred and secluded areas and spiritual history of Japan and sacred universal people and objects. Very high up in the mountains and along the country sides of Japan are some of the most amazing places on earth. The mind set and culture of this country I was very impressed with and not really surprised. A major part of My belief system derives from eastern philosophy. I have always had a respect for Japan and it's culture and deep spiritual philosophy. Their history goes way back thousands of years based upon honor, respect, obedience, spiritual wisdom and a simplier way of life. Tokyo reminds Me alot of Times Square in New York but intensify that by 10 times. Lots of people, hot styles, lots of Japanese business men in black suits. Alot of young people some very punk, many places to eat and things to do, lots of bright lights and candy colored taxi cabs. Bright neon flashing signs, subways, movement and the occasional "massage palor" down a few alleys. I went out on a adventure on My own about 8:00 at night in downtown Tokyo with My camera and video. I had such a great time with not a fear not care in the world.

It is interesting the difference between the east and west way of living and thinking. In the great divine plan of life that is the beauty of diversity. Learning and understanding other people, places and things that are different than you. I thrive on this and look forward to My next adventures and journeys that life has to bring.
This is something I was compelled to share with others because it means so much to Me. Take Me writing this and sharing this however it comes to you. There may be those who will fully appreciate and understand this and some who may wonder why did I bother. Either way is fine with Me.
LIVE LOVE LAUGH.....Domina Erotica

This is one of the beautiful pics I took of Mount Fuji....I zoomed in and got a nice pic of the snow cap. It was such a gift because the day was so sunny. Usually it's alot of clouds on the snow cap so it's not so clear.

Me in front of Mount Fuji full of light....

This shows you how high up in the mountains we were. I am in the clouds on the 5th level of the Mount Fuji which was very special because it is not often people are allowed that high on the mountain.


This is a pic from My hotel room balcony of Mount Fuji at sunset.....magnificent!

Sunrise 5:05 a.m. Good Morning!!

Me at Hida Hotel during a delicious and wonderful arrangement of authentic Japanese foods...

This is Hikuru Shiden Museum in Takayama, Japan. One of many sacred places that is not open to the public. Viewing is only allowed for spiritual pilgrimages like I was on. We were not allowed to take pics inside of the museum. There are alot of ancient sacred artifacts, objects and history inside which was very profound and amazing to see.

The architechture of the museum is very detailed and beautiful...


This is My hotel living room in Motomitamazama, Japan. Very authentic and comfortable.

Me and My room mates having a tea party in the afternoon..KAMPAI!!!

Some of the beautiful mountain landscape driving to Tokyo.

Sorry this pic is sideways, I tried to put it right side up but oh well. I am in Tokyo!

Me at the Metropolitan Hotel in front of a Japanese festival set up..

Waiting for My serving of green tea and ginger cookies.

Ancient Japanese artifacts....

Me in Tokyo chillin on a chilly day...

Old downtown Tokyo

Beautiful flowers of the day..

This is where I dined for a wonderful meal...

This was a great hot spa where men and women get pampered separately. You are totally nude and you soak in powerful yet tranquile minerals and botanical treatments deep tub, deep tissue body rubs with essential organic oils....sooo relaxing and special, I slept like a baby that night afterwards and went back every night I was there.

This rock reads "These words are from the voice of God!"....located in Montomitamazama, Japan

Food glorious food!

This Craft Center I could not take inside pics of but what I saw inside was spectacular deeply spiritual artifacts and history of the country experience!

This is the entrance display of the Craft Center...

Very ancient bamboos and woods near the entrance of the Craft Center.

The cars in Tokyo, Japan are very small. The roads and streets are narrow because there is such a high volume of people there room has to be made.

Traditional Japanese toilets are in the floor unlike Western toilets. You have to squat to go and have good aim too. They believe going to the bathroom this way is better because of the squatting position pushes down on the abdomin and releases more. I quickly got use to going this way and started to prefer it.

Me and some friends in the Narita Airport train on our way to catch our flight back to USA...

Some last minute shopping in Japan before I leave..

Thursday, October 29, 2009

2:00 a.m. thoughts...

I am up and it's about 2 in the a.m. I am checking My e-mails, eating chocolate chip cookies and comtemplating world domination. Although I am up burning the after midnight oils I am really not too tired yet. Has something to do with the residue of jet lag from Japan and My energy and mind is floating and flowing. Since I have returned there is much to do, places to go and things to see. Amazing how events in ones life can change you for the better or worse. Effecting how you perceive life, how you treat people, how people see you and what you do.

Substance is something that is very important to Me and seeing things deeper than what they really are is key. There are so many misinterpretations about life and what it all means. We all have our opinions about life based upon our up bringing, belief and societies actions and non actions. Love, forgiveness, regret, anger, pain, lack of respect, jealousy, fear etc....some of the adjectives of life's lessons goes on and on. I believe it's how we handle these things tells alot about who we really are and what we are made of within.

As much as we feel we have and feel that we own it's not ours to begin with in the material world. Just as it is said it is not the destination it's the journey that holds the most importance. Of course it is good to have a goal, it's just what you do and don't do in life to get there tells alot about your soul. I am by far not an angel but I do have a higher conscience that allows the right decisions to enter Me. Pride in what you do and the respect from others is a good thing. Respect not in an egotistic way but through humility and trust.

I am closing this writing now and allowing Myself to get some rest for the day to come.

Good Night or should I say Good Morning!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The wolf within...

An old Cherokee was teaching his grandchildren about life. He said to them, "A battle is raging inside me ... it is a terrible fight between two wolves. One wolf represents fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. The other stands for joy, peace, love, hope, sharing, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith." The old man fixed the children with a firm stare. "This same fight is going on inside you, and inside every other person, too." They thought about it for a minute and then one child asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?" The old Cherokee replied: "The one you feed.".....


Monday, October 26, 2009

My Internet Talk Show Interview Part 2

I did My second taping for WRPBiTV tonight. The show on WRPBiTV is called The "G" Spot and the hostess name is Gabrielle. A very sexy fiery red head who interviews Me on various subjects about life some world events and of course the main subject is about fetishes and the whole Domme Lifestyle etc..I did My first live taping with Her about 2 months ago and I will post that here when I re-retrieve the file for it so you can view it. Tonight we also talked about latex clothes, the desire, how it feels. Gabrielle's sidekick was on the show as well, he was very curious about the scene and had quite a fews questions to ask regarding it. My Aunt came with Me to watch and check out the show. She is very cool and open minded. It is a good feeling for My family tosupport Me and have an open enough mind.

This segment lasted about 35 minutes. I am usually interviewd for 50 minutes but tonight was cut a little short because of scheduled timing. I really enjoy being interviewd and asked questions about being a Dominatrix and the whole lifestyle of it. It is a very insightful opportunity for people listening or reading to get facts not fiction of what this really entails from someone that has been around for awhile and not afraid to tell it like it is. We laughed and joked a little and enjoyed ourselves very much during the interview. WRPBiTV has been around for a long time in the Florida area and reached lots of listeners and viewers. People can call in with questions too.

I have a year long contract with The "G" Spot Show with Gabrielle to be a guest on Her show once and month. So you can catch Me LIVE just go to the site and look for The "G" Spot Show with Domina Erotica and you can check it out for yourself. You can see Me being interviewed and discussing that nights topics. The show starts at 10:00 p.m on Monday. I will have it posted here ahead of time when I am scheduled to be on so don't miss it!!

Trampling with tight jeans and flip flops

Ok, so My last blog here I talked about My WRPBiTV monthly interview I did Monday night. After it was over I drove from West Palm Beach came home to relax etc...I checked My e-mails and there was an e-mail from My favorite welcome mat. He hoped it was not too late and asked if he could come over to My arena for a intense trampling session with Me. Of course I said yes, I had some energy left even though I was winding down for the night. By the time he made it to My place it was about 1:00 in the a.m. Now I don't really do sessions at this time of the morning but he was an exception because I really enjoy his company and trampling him.

He has a special request and that is Me dressed in either very tight jeans or very tight booty shorts, a tight t-shirt and wearing flip flop sandles on My feet while I trample him. I start off with trampling his chest and stomach and then move down to his balls. I stomp and throw in a few jumps while I am at it. I also take one of My feet and smash his face so it is pressed on the floor. While I am stomping and trampling he asked if I would curse him out like I was pissed off at him for doing something wrong. I am running up and down his body tap dancing on his chest and smashing his balls and cock with My flip flopped feet, while he grunts and  moans.

I am laughing, verbalizing, stomping, trampling, dancing, running and having a great time with My welcome mat. This goes on for about 1/2 an hour or so. I am working him up to be able to handle more but that will take some time. He said that in the past he has went to other Dommes and they were too gentle with him, too concerned if they were hurting him and asking him are you alright. Not Me, and he likes that! I see that My welcome mat is getting very excited. I increased My verbal and stomping as he got more turned on by it. You know what happened next and he let out a moan. I got in a good little work out at the same time and the last of My energy was depleted.

He cleaned up, we chatted for a bit and then he left. Sleeping Black Beauty went to bed....sweet trampling dreams!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Training a new cleaning sub...

I am very particular about who I allow into My Harem of personal subs, slaves and real time session subjects. I get calls and e-mails often from those who want to be in any of the above categories. There is this one sub that has been wanting to show Me just how well he could follow orders with cleaning My arena just like I commanded him to. I am a very meticulous Woman that likes details to be well understood and performed when it comes to cleaning and following instructions. So I told him to come to My arena after thorough screening and correspondence to show Me what he could do.

He arrived on time, that's a good point for starts. He was very nervous and eager when he arrived. I was not dressed in My fetish gear, just a pair of very tight jeans and a t-shirt with very high heels on of course. I gave him a look like he should know what to do first, that's when he fell to his knees and kissed My feet. I told him to remain on his knees as I discussed with him what I wanted him to do as far as cleaning and My expectations. After his briefing, I told him to go to the bathroom and take off his pants, shirt and shoes fold it neatly and return back to the arena main room when done. I then put a white lacey satin maids apron around his waist and told him that is the official cleaning uniform for now. I gave him the Bissell little green rug cleaning machine to clean My rug and chairs. I checked back in from time to time to make sure he was doing the job right.

After he finished that I tied up his cock and balls and made a tight leash, then I gave him natural cleaning solutions to clean My arena floors and area. He cleaned for about an hour and then the next task was to rake the leaves in the back yard area, put them in the pail and then come back inside. By this time he was sweaty and a little grimey from his tasks. I figured why not make him even more sticky, so I told him to get in the shower tub and lay down on his back. He immediately got excited which made his CB bondage even tighter..I had to piss, so I blindfolded him and pissed My golden nectar next to him. I stepped on his hardened excitement with My high heels and then I told him to finish himself off and he exploded all over him self. I told him he was a pissy dirty mess and for him to go home just like that marinating in it. He did not mind at all. I told him to get dressed, he kissed My feet and I then dismissed him. I guess he will be more useful for cleaning for Me, he did do a great job at it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Foot Fetish...

I have My own fetishes and one of them is Foot Fetish..I love having My feet pampered, worshipped, lightly kissed and especially massaged. I have this one sub that has proved himself an excellent foot massager and pamperer to My feet. He came over to My arena today for an afternoon session of foot worship. He arrived on time just like I like it and I instructed him to kiss both My feet as he entered on his knees in My presence. I then sat down and made Myself comfortable as he followed and sat down on the floor in front of Me. "Take off My shoes", I said...I told him to get his face down near My feet one inch away and sniff My feet and he sniffed every toe back and forth. As he sniffed I placed one of My feet on top of his head to make him sniff closer to the other foot. I yelled at him to sniff harder or I will smash his face into it.
"Sniff like a dog", I said..and he did. I then told him to kiss My toes lightly each and every one. I said "stick out your tongue", and I placed My big toe on his tongue and told him to "lick it"! Then I shoved it down his throat and said..."SUCK IT"! He sucked My big toe, but I don't like to feel teeth as he knows this. After having the pleasure of kissing and sucking My toes I motioned for him to bring over the exotic and sensual oils like black cherry currant and vanilla that I love to use for a good foot massage. I sat back and closed My eyes awaiting a deep tissue massage to My pretty feet and toes. I love a deep and firm massage I don't like a light foot massage that does nothing for Me. He massaged My feet for an hour and I was in heaven.
After the massage I had him put My 8" high heels back on My feet, told him to kiss them one last time and sent him on his way...until next time.


Sunday, October 18, 2009


I can't express enough about a person being reliable and sincere on what they promise to do especially if they are contacting Me to offer their services and time etc....Don't make fake promises because it sounds good at the time and you don't follow through on your word. Some people don't care that their word is who they are in life because they don't have etiquette or self respect for themselve, so having respect for others is foreign to them. If you truly can't be relied upon , then what good are you, your word means nothing an example not the problem, it's enough b.s. and hardship in the world today, why add more?
Are you a drama junkie?
No one wants to be around a fool unless they are one and those who perpatrate a fraud keep your distance, I can smell you from a mile away! Those who intentionally waste peoples time, dillusional and have a difficult time distinguishing fantasy from reality live and thrive in a world of self destruction and confusion, looking to inflict annoyance on others and are jaded and bitter about life need to innerstand this type of behaviour will keep you in a vicious cycle of unhappiness and lack of inner peace.....Don't you want more out of life? When desire overcomes your conscienceness there is no reasoning.
I am "very" selective about who I allow in My harem. And if you even want a small chance of Me accepting you, then you must come very correct and upfront with some class, etiquette and integrity. This is not Me just ranting and raving this is reality and facts. Those of you that have your head screwed on tight enough will relate to what I am saying here. This is the real world and although I am a Lady, I will let you know in a heart beat about yourself. And if I am incorrect about something I have the strength within to be corrected and learn from My mistakes. Yes I am a Domme and naturally have a way of controlling those in My environment if need be, but there is a fine line between ignorance and know it all. A person that feels they know everything really knows nothing at all....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rubber thigh high boots....

Well, I did mention in My previous blog that I got a brand new pair of beautiful black rubber boots when I attended the DOM CON Convention in Atlanta. These rubber boots are so sexy, reaching near My ass, fine quality rubber and a major turn on for Me. I have put them on quite a few times since I got them and I can't get enough. The smell of them and how they look when they are shined is so erotic. I will be wearing these boots outside in public alot for the autumn/winter season here in Florida and when I travel.
My pet kneel came by tonight for training and I had him talc the inside of the boots and then assist Me in zipping them up. Next he shined them with some Black Beauty Latex polish, one of My favorite polishes because it works well and also the name of course. After they were placed on they looked perfect with what I was wearing, My latex bra and sexy latex booty shorts. I admired Myself in the boots in the mirror and then had My pet kiss them from the pointed toes to the thigh. Making sure if he messed up the shine with his lips he would re-shine the spot again.
I laid him on his back and shackled his wrist and ankles. I stood over him and then placed My booted foot on top of his hard man meat. He groaned and wiggled as I kept this up changing from one foot to another. I had him suck My heels and then kiss the soles of the boots. I walked around his body telling him how much of a boot slut he is for Me and he will polish the rest of My boots the next time he comes to see Me. I attached a leash to his collar and did some collar and lead training as he remained on his hands and knees crawling like My pet with his ankles and wrist still shackled together. I made him follow from one side of the arena to the next.
After exhausting My pets knees from crawling I allowed him to lay on his back again. Legs and arms in the air looking like an insect that was just sprayed with bug spray. I laughed at how humorous I thought he looked at the moment with that thought in My head. He was wearing lacy purple girly panties that I told him to wear that day. It was time for My pet to go and I was getting hungry so I dismissed him for the evening. He got dressed, we chatted for a bit regarding our next meet, he kissed My feet and left.
When he was gone, I still had My rubber boots on, I sat down not wanting to take them off. I sat down and ate My dinner with them on and had a great meal! I still kept them on for a few hours after that, to Me that was dessert

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My DOM CON Convention experience story..

Well I am back in Fort Lauderdale from the Convention in Atlanta...I had a good time. I arrived in Atlanta Friday early afternoon, got checked in and started My adventure. I had sessions right away. One sub I had sessions with at least 3 times while I was there contacted Me for a long red fingernail/domination session. I actually seen him about 15 years ago when I was working at Nutcracker Suite in New York. I attended the Pro-Domme workshop and mingled. I met Mistress Sadie Hawkins of Atlanta a nice Lady and very interesting person to meet too. That evening I went to the play party at 1763, kinda low key vibe and not alot of people but it was alright anyway. There were a few scenes going on which fed into My voyeour side.
I met some really cool people at the Convention, two that stood out the most to Me. Goddess Max Payne ( was one of them, someone that I really enjoyed getting to know, Saturday was Our first time meeting and hopefully it was not the last. She will be coming to Florida soon, but unfortunately when She visits the end of this month I will be in Japan. But Her next visit I should be in Florida and We are going to spend time together terrorizing. She is a beautiful Black Domme with the type of class I admirer in a Domme and a Woman. We had great conversations and We clicked with a positive vibe right away. I cherish moments like that when meeting other Black Dommes (people), I don't have alot of "real friends" because as we all know sincere people with good intentions are very hard to come by.
Goddess Max Payne and I attended the Fetish party Saturday night at 1763 a dungeon play space in Atlanta owned by Miss Whip. By the way, the space at 1763 is quite amazing I was impressed with the layout and purpose. There We hung out with Sir Max another person I met at the Convention on Friday, really cool guy and good people. He was very useful to Me assisting Me with some things I needed, conversating and taking Me and another Domme, Mistress Black Mamba out to breakfast Saturday morning. That afternoon I had 2 more sessions, one was very intense CBT, verbal degradation and serious flogging. I also hung out at the vendors selling their fetish wares during the day. I bought some fabulous rubber thigh boots from The Shoe Guy, these boots are sooo sexy can't wait to put them on again with My latex cat suit. I can't wait for My next victim so I can walk all over him with My rubber boots!
I also purchased 100 22 gauge hypodermic needles for play piercing for My next pin cushion. After the Fetish party Saturday night Goddess Max Payne, Sir Max and I hung out until 5:30 in the a.m. in one of the hotel rooms at an after hours party given by a Mistress from N.C. We had a great time, Domina M was also there along with other out of town Dommes and of course subs at our beck and call for servitude and play.
Sunday was My last day there, and I was still ready for action. In the afternoon, socialized, went to the vendors and started to get My self ready to return back to Florida that evening, My flight was at 9:30. I had bitter sweet good byes with Goddess Max Payne, like I said We connected and I will miss Her, until next time Miss Lady!.
Sir Max drove Me to the airport. After I checked in I noticed a man staring at Me and fixated on My very long red fingernails. He knew who I was from My web site on the internet, he said that he saw Me around for along time and always wanted to meet Me but he was nervous about seeing Me. He said that he thought I would be too addicting...He commented on how much he loved long fingernails. He even said he has a strong fetish for them as well as black Women. We talked for awhile and I gave him My card, he actually was on his way to Fort Lauderdale, Florida too. He was visiting on business there for a few days and only saw a Domme 5 times before in his 4 years of actually being in the scene. One Domme that he saw before I knew from New York. He called Me this morning and requested a session with Me, I will be seeing him tonight at 8:00. A nail raking, heavy bondage, collar and leash scene. Never know who you might meet!
Anyway, to sum it all I enjoyed Myself, it's always great to get away and expand your horizons, explore new places and meet new people, but it's also good to be home.

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Domina Erotica

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leaving for the DOM CON Convention in the a.m.

I am going to the DOM CON Convention in Atlanta in the morning, I will be there Friday morning and will be returning to Fort Lauderdale late Sunday night. I am looking forward to terrorizing the neighborhood, socializing, going to a few seminars and workshops, attending some fetish parties and of course training a few elected subs for session play. I posted that I will be there so I got quite a few calls from subs to be trainind while I am there. Looking forward to having a good time. Will get back to you with how things went there and the scandal that took place....until then.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Professional/Lifestyle Domme...

I consider Myself to be a Professional yet Lifestyle Dominatrix...Some say that you have to be either one or the other in which I disagree. I am living proof as My entire reign as a Mistress has been this combination. I first started off in the scene as a Lifestyle-ProDomme, doing various scenarios and honing My skills, expertise becoming more and more intrigued with the spiritual, psychological, emotional aspects of this lifestyle. Finding My own way and morphing into My own style and flavor. I immediately knew where My passion was and this was going to be a path that would stay with Me because it was too natural for Me and I thoroughly got off on it!. The psychology, fetish, power, control, esthetics, creativity, domination, seduction, passion, worship, eroticism, the lifestyle.

I had subs in the beginning of My reign that were personal subs that did My bidding and was useful to Me as non tribute subs for session trainings. I enjoy having a deeper relationship with My subs and slaves getting to know them as people, not just someone that obeys Me. It is very important to conversate with your sub/slave making sure that you are on the same page and going in the right directions in your paths, needs and objectives. As any personal sub they would also be around Me in the capacity of house/dungeon cleaning, being used in scene play and fetish training just because I wanted to, running errands, chaffeur, being used in pics with Me etc...whatever I saw that was needed for servitude. Although My personal subs do not give tribute to be in My presence, I do expect gifts from time to time such as birthdays, christmas and just because gifts too...At the same time I also saw and now see subs that give tribute on a more professional level and this combination sticks with Me because it was My way of having the best of both worlds, why not!
The whole it has to be one way or the other is based upon the ideas and opinions of those who have more of a structure based mentality when it comes to such an open minded lifestyle. If you are Lifestyle and receive tribute for sessions then you are not really living as a true Lifestyle Dominatrix? I am a true Dominatrix, a Lifestyle-Pro Dominatrix, My soul tells Me so, My heart is in it, My mind set is based upon the arcanum of this Lifestyle, I am a true fetishist and self proclaimed freak. And after being a Dominatrix for as long as I have been I am fortunate enough not to be burnt out or jaded. Once that happens it is time to call it quits! For Me I am not one of those people that will milk something until it is dry with nothing left to give and being bitter about it. I would bow out gracefully and with class!!


Friday, October 2, 2009

The love...lust for latex!

I have a new sub that loves to take Me shopping, he drove 8 hours just to see Me to take Me shopping and after wards I would have My way with him the way I want to. He arrived with a big smile on his face holding a bunch of beautiful tropical flowers as I met him in front of one of My favorite fetish stores...Fetish Factory. We walked inside and I was greeted with one of My favorite smells in the world, the smell of latex and rubber! I inhaled deeply and proceeded in scanning the store and filling My head with the ideas of what I wanted to shop for. We walked to the back of the store where there was a nice leopard print chair that I sat on. I motioned sub x to get on his knees in front of Me as we chatted about his servitude and responsibilities.

When we were through My sub, I will call him sub x walked behind Me and awaited to become My latex clothes hanger as I picked out what I wanted as he held them for Me until I was ready to try them on. 

I picked out a very sexy black dress with a built in corset, a bright pink latex top, a very hot blue and black
black military shirt dress and some other fab latex gear. I tried on the pieces and they looked great, I was very pleased. I walked out with two arm fulls of amazing latex clothes along with a smile in My fetish heart. I am a true fetishist when it comes to the almighty latex, the smell, the shiny look, the erotic feel of it and the way it hugs every inch on the body like a second skin...very sexy!

We left the store and sub x followed Me back to My arena for his training for the day. sub x had a full training of serious verbal humiliation putting him in his rightful place and letting him know how sub-serviant he is as sub x, collar and leash training like a puppy making him bark like a dog and wag his tail following behind Me waiting for My next command, tease and denial, mouth spitting, face slapping, ass sniffing, foot worship, massaging My pretty feet with erotic oils and for the grande finally to be anointed by the Goddess... 

We concluded sub x training and I sent him on his way giving him something to think about and to never forget. Until next time...


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Unruly slut named susie...

I have an unruly slut named susie. She is not submissive and tries to be a challenge for Me because of that. She is a slut when she is a slut and the other alter ego at other times. The non submissive side considers itself to be dominant and tries at times to top from the bottom. I for One am not the type of Domme that allows such behavior but depends on the person and circumstances will see how far I am willing to allow this...Which really never happens. Can be challenging at times and I do realize that at times the non sub/slut susie can border line on trying to push My buttons to see just how far she can go and get away with.
The beauty of this is that I am very intuitive when it comes to pyschology and head games. So to try and top from the bottom and feel that you are getting away with something is very far fetched from reality and succession. On step ahead of you....always!
I locked susie up last night in a chastity...there are 3 keys. I had two and one was left in her office. The test was to see if susie will go home locked like I left her, place her blue rubber bloomers on and go to bed. Susie was exremely horney and I knew that. She would have to pass by her office where the 3rd key was to get home from My place. Of course being unruly and disobediant susie went to the office, unlocked the chastity and relieved herself. She was suppose to call Me in the morning at 9:30 and then I would unlock the chastity.
Needless to say I was annoyed because she unlocked herself and relieved herself. Now I was planning on playing with susie this weekend because I have not played with her for awhile now. But because I have not played with her in awhile and I know she is dying to do so, I will not play with her! Playing with her will only give susie what susie wants on top of being disobediant to My orders. Does not work that way, so she will wait. Why should you get the desire of being played with by Me and you can't follow instructions I don't care how horney you are. Now you will suffer. Plus besides not playing with susie and making her wait until I decide to I know of a few things that susie really does not like and I will spring those on her when she least expects it....Also a whole new set of keys and locks will be gotten and there will be no more test to see if susie will pass them with a key out of My reach because obviously I can't trust susie.

All keys will be with Me like they have been before.
There are control issues with susie mainly because as I said susie is not naturally submissive and has a dominant position at work during the day. But when it comes down to it susie knows who really is in charge and that's Me. I still deal with susie because there is a side of susie that I like and we get along with. Susie will be broken and I will be the One to do it. I have alot of patience and this here requires it...until I decide differently.
Susie is the only sub that I see and have that is NOT naturally sub, one for now is enough.

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