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I am Domina Erotica Long Fingernail Black Beauty & Ebony Royalty Supremacy the Ultimate Masterful Alpha Bitchtress of Verbal Mind Fuck beta Slayer Humiliatrix HypnoDomme Seductive Black Goddess & devious slut Trainer. I am a firm believer in BNWO (Black New World Order ♠️). Where the Superior Black Queen & Black Kings rule over you melanin deficient servants!

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Black Domina

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Absolute Chocolate Perfection!



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Have a Merry Christmas or else!

May a dominant sexy ebony elf ... happily shove Her red high heels merrily down your throat!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Consuming the Consumer!

It may sound strange to some but I can be a materialistic person meaning I do enjoy and I am grateful for nice things, yet not down with all the pressure and consumer hype of having to feel the deep need and addiction to go crazy shopping for Christmas. I enjoy all the wonderful decorations, family get together, Christmas lights, holiday cheer, and Christmas food. And I also enjoy receiving gifts and giving some. But the whole spirit of Christmas gets lost for Me when I hear stories on the news how people were stampeded upon like cattle rushing in to graze on their last meals during this past Black Friday. How this older man was actually having a heart attack on the floor and people just walked right over him and he died because he was ignored. I know Black Friday was a little while ago, but what made Me bring this up was a documentary I watched today on the Sundance Channel. This channel is cool because they show the best documentary films and indie films that were chosen at places like the Cannes Film Festivals. The documentary is called "What would Jesus buy". 

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir on a cross-country mission to save Christmas from the Shopocalypse (the end of humankind from consumerism, over-consumption and the fires of eternal debt.) Check out his trailer below on you tube :

I watched this documentary with complete fascination and total belief. Although I am not a religious person and not a church goer, I do agree with Reverend Billy and his crusade. Click the following link for more of his videos:

More Reverend Billy Videos

Although I am a Dominatrix lifestyle and professional and most Domme are about give Me, give Me, give Me, like I said I like the give Me too. But I just don't agree with how this time of the year some people become so desperate, dangerous, depressed, suicidal, lonely and too expectant. When I was much younger, I like most kids had high expectations to receive gifts because I thought Christmas was about giving thanks to the Creator, giving gifts for children and not all the consuming. Now as I have gotten older and wiser I must say it's has grown to be pretty sad and not all the same joy as before. It's been done to death and you can only spend so much without it becoming an annoying pressure to make sure you shop till you drop, run out of money or in debt. 

I also would sometimes get annoyed as a child when I would see some adults get an attitude and not even speak to someone because they did not receive a gift from them. Like I said, I thought Christmas was about the Creator and the kids, the spirit of the holidays etc... so when the adults would get an attitude and argue about not getting their expectant gifts, I started to view the ideas of Christmas with a whole different light. 

I am not a bah humbug scrooge by far, I still enjoy everything that I love about Christmas that I mentioned in the first paragraph above. It's just when you really "see", not just "look" at Reverend Billy's videos you will get My true meaning. 

I am a appreciative person and don't take My life, living, experiences, wisdom and beliefs
for granted. I also have a very strong personal connection and love for the Creator and all that I am allowed to "borrow" while I am here on earth. There is nothing wrong with moderation especially when you can truly love to appreciate it and all it can teach you. 
Christmas has turned into this beast that stalks people every year and it's sad. But I still find the beauty in it that is still not quite lost. Thank God for that!

From the lines of the famous movie called "The Grinch who stole Christmas":

"It came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes and bags!"

Be safe, and really cherish what is most important!

Spanks & Kisses, Domina Erotica

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Brushing off the cob webs!

Ok, I know I have not blogged in awhile but such as life..%$#@ happens! I have been so busy
and caught up in some non Domme related things. In between that I have been still pinching,
scratching, kicking balls, spanking, tying up and down My subs, dominating, having My way
with them, so don't think I have not been at least active. I just had a great session the other
day with a sub that was totally into being bound very tight with rope on My bondage table
while I verbally teased him with My sultry and intoxicating voice telling him how much I 
owned his balls as long as I please, scratching and teasing his exposed skin with My long and
sexy fingernails, of course I used My long nails to grab and dig into those balls that belonged
to Me at the time, using his body as My playground as it should be. 

He begged as I did a prolonged version of tease and denial as he and wiggled, 
squirmed. With that in mind I made him wait even longer because he
wanted it so bad and I with My sadistic side was having entirely too much fun making him
wait in a hard cock agony. Trailing My long french tip fingernails up and down his chest with
one hand and making sure I had a firm grip on his balls with My other hand as My nails dug
deeper into his flesh. He was so worked up that he could hardly speak, he moaned and beg
as I laughed in his face with a wicked tone and seductive smile on My face. Damn I love what
I do!

After awhile I decided that I would grant him his release after 2 hours of torturous tease and
denial. I first made sure that his skin was thoroughly scratched up and marked by My nails
deep rope marks on his skin from binding him so tight. A little friendly reminder of his 
Black Beauty Domme experience!

Must increase the erotic visuals by saying that I wore the sexiest lime green latex mini dress
that hugged every inch of My smooth chocolate skin. I totally get off on using My subs, doing
with them what I please and sending them on their merry way. And I must add that you will
stay tuned for more adventures and updates from Me or else!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

All is full of love...

This video is from one of My favorite artist, Bjork. Most of you have never heard of her before, so it's up to Me to introduce you. She always has amazing creativity, kick ass music and profound meaning to her music and videos. Some videos may seem a little bizarre, but that's one reason why I am intrigued by her style. This video to Me is the epitome of beautiful robotic love and high tech woman to woman cyber sex. A must see....!!!

My main bitch!

Ok, so I have this bitch that comes to see Me like clock work every 2 weeks. He makes sure he gets his Black Beauty Domme fix! I have been seeing him now for about 9 years and he is My top bitch! I have My way with him, tie up his balls and cock, spank his ass until it turns rosey red, make him deep throat My toes and half of My foot, he is instructed to wear panties every day under his clothes while he is at work, he presents himself on his hands and knees when he greets Me at My dungeon, He gets bent over and cropped and whipped, thrown down and used by Me, made into a sissy bitch, he is told that he is My pet bitch, stepped on with My bare feet, I spit in his mouth and on his cock, rake his entire flesh with My long and sexy fingernails that he kisses while on his knees when I am done with him .... until next time!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sexy Black Fishnet Stockings Long Nails & Betty Page Heels clip

Check out My latest fetish clip of Me in My stockings and heels looking extremely sexy and tantalizing.  My moves will allure you .... Buy My clip and drool as you would love to lick My heels and sniff My stockings My little pet slut!

    Click here to buy My sexy clip

Black Beauty!

A Black Domme is a vision of beauty and grace. You know you want to be of servitude and pay homage to the hershey skin of the Domme, for Her to control your mere existence! There are so many submissives/slaves that think this way, you are to bow down and understand where your place is and that is on your knees looking up and obeying the command of the Black Beauty! Her full lips, the sway in Her hips, the lovely and pretty painted toes that you yearn to kiss. Grovel at Her feet and beg for Her to pay attention to you, to collar and leash you and make you Her pet. Fantasize of serving the Black Beauty Boss dictating control and manipulating your mind, body and soul which no longer belongs to you!!!! A enigma of curves, power and captivation. A Vixen of Domination and Discipline the Essence of Seduction!

There was a time where the Black Domme was more of a taboo almost none existent in this Lifestyle. Now with the fetish, desire, need, demand and understanding that the Black Domme should and will be held in recognition and appreciation is here!! The gateway has been opened and the Black Domme of Beauty shall reign supreme! There is a desire and appreciation to worship ALL Dominant Women whether they are black, white etc...but My focus is on the Black Goddess, She who must be obeyed! Thoughts & opinions from Dommes and the slaves/submissives who worship them are welcomed.

Domina Erotica

Sunday, October 23, 2011

DOMCON Atlanta pic

Here is the only pic that I have from this past Domcon. Alexandra Tiger, Goddess Max and Me! Hot and sexy vanilla and chocolate Domination! This pic was taken in the Hilton Hotel lobby before Alexandra Tiger and I went out to enjoy site seeing in Atlanta.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My DOMCON Atlanta Experience..

Alright, so I just came back from Domcon in Atlanta and I must say I feel 70/30 about it....70% of Me had an amazing time with Alexandra Tiger and just socializing, met up with Goddess Maxine Payne .. She is a beautiful black Domme from Atlanta very classy and cool and I always look forward to seeing Her there... She is suppose to be coming to Florida and We will hang out and cause a scandal.... I had some great sessions with new subs and old ones, chilling out in Our nice hotel room with room service .. playing, relaxing by the pool and jacuzzi, going shopping at 5 Points in Atlanta which is a small area of alternative shops with a few funky stores in which I got a very hot leather jacket, at the vendors area of the convention I got a gorgeous green latex dress that I can't wait to slide up on My chocolate curves, and I did not make the parties cause I had a session or Alexandra Tiger had a session so We missed that part of the event, the weather was nice most of the time until rained but it was still nice...

The 30% downside is, because We went at the very last minute to Atlanta by car and it made Us tired having to try and catch up on sleeping and We drove back with a assistant driver of course, also assuming it is the economy and people's lacking desires but there was not as many people attending this year like usually. There were less vendors and the fetish crowd hanging out and socializing in the hotel was a little scarce although there were a ok amount of people, you notice the difference. All in all I have a lot of respect for Mistress Cyan, She is the creator of the DOMCON events in Atlanta and Los Angelos.To have the energy, time and patience to put this together requires a lot of effort. I will be attending the Domcon in Los Angelos, California in the Spring. Now the LA Domcon is kick ass! Just because it's LA vibe and more people are willing to travel to LA than Atlanta because of the obvious reasons .. LA is LA more live where the action is and Atlanta is a lot more laid back with a different vibe. 

I did not take pics like I planned but I do have a couple of pics I will post here that Goddess Maxine Payne has of Me, Alexandra Tiger and Her at Domcon. Unfortunately, I did not thoroughly document My travels and adventures to ATL with pics but, hey what can I say but maybe next time!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Words to live by....

"Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools speak because they have to say something."
- Plato

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Domina Erotica & Alexandra Tiger.. DOMCON in Atlanta October 6th-9th .. SESSIONS!

I will be attending the DOMCON Convention in Atlanta, Georgia October 6th to 9th and staying at the host hotel Double Tree Hilton Hotel - Marietta. I will be accepting professional sessions while I am there for you enticed admirers that would love to be taken advantage by Me!

I will also be doing double Domme sessions with My gorgeous German Domme girlfriend Alexandra Tiger. Our collaboration is addictive, seductive and dominating so book your sessions now availability is limited!

I was asked by one of the DOMCON presenters MsWhip the owner of the 1763 dungeon in Atlanta to do a fetish performance while I am there either once or every afternoon of the Convention, plans are being made now and I am very excited about performing and showing My skills in public. I will do a performance using My long fingernails and pretty feet for trampling and some ball busting to My victims. Very hot and a must see if you are going to be there! I have been doing fetish shows for many years and an opportunity to do one at DOMCON this year will be exactly what I was born for! I get off on being watched and tormenting the minds with erotic visuals and temptations. I will be promoting all that is Domina Erotica and having LOTS of kinky fun there with subs and Alexandra Tiger of course. Alexandra Tiger and I have Our own provocative and kinky fun without anyone else being around I am soooo looking forward to that : )   Last time I went to DOMCON in Atlanta I had a lot of great times and seen lots of people I have not seen in awhile and met some new kinksters too.

This year I will make sure to have more fun than the last time. DOMCON in Los Angelos is coming again in the Spring 2012 and that will be pure scandal! I will be there, have whip will travel.....

If you want to find out more about DOMCON Atlanta click on to the link below:

See you there!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Throughout history men have been made painfully aware that they are in total hypnosis, 
servitude, admiration, control and mercy of the Female gender and its Supreme being. I have 
always known that there is something quite extraordinary about Me being a Woman and 
for sure a Dominant and confident Woman. The caption in this pic tells it all and if you did
not know .... you know now!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What a great birthday!

The day before My birthday I was made an amazing full corse dinner by My long time good friend and her girlfriend. The next day My birthday started of as a bright and sunny day in Fort Lauderdale with lots of birthday wishes by phone calls, texts and emails from various people wishing Me a great b day! My beautiful girl friend has a surprise for Me and takes Me to it. I have no idea .... when we arrived I was so happy because I was at a spa. One of the nicest spa's I have ever seen. I was welcomed and made very special. I was taken to a tranquil room where I received a shiatsu deep hot rock massage for 1 1/2 hours. I was in absolute heaven. Then I relaxed in the lounge with a hot green tea, then off to My deluxe pedicure.
One of the best pedicures I have received in awhile and that lasted for 1 hour. Aromatherapy water filled with lavender oils. Then I was off to chill out in the massage chair for about 1/2 hour. I was a complete
relaxed and happy noodle when I left. I wanted a very zen relaxed day and that's what I got for sure.

Then we ate, partied a little and then went to a really cool movie in 3D. It was a perfect day for Me, I did not really want a lot of noise and drama on My b day and I go exactly that. I also got clothes, a birthday
cake and I am still expecting gifts to come. I have a few pair of very sexy shoes coming by some obedient subs of Mine etc.... and by the way a weekend trip planned to go to Disney Land! I am filming videos while I am there and documenting My exciting trip. Don't have a definite date set but it's in the making now. I am looking forward to this trip with My girlfriend, My sub slut susie and My camera guy. It's going
to be a scandal!

Although My b day was last week August 29th I am still in that state of mind and grateful for another year
of life's deep exploration, fun and kinky living. Here today gone tomorrow ..... don't waste it ..... njoy!

Domina Erotica

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me .. August 29th!

Hello all, as you may know My birthday is coming up this August 29th 2011 and I am always looking forward to those of you that enjoy sending Me gifts for the day the Black Beauty Domme was born! 

I do have an address for those of you that want to send Me a gift. This address is used for gift sending ONLY! You will not find Me at this address, I accept presents here: 

1611 N.E. 50th Court Fort Lauderdale Florida 33334
Attention: Ms. Johnson 

Click onto the link below, it will take you to My wish list. Keep in mind that My Amazon wish list and My Extreme Restraints wish list are the best list to get Me a gift from. But, if you have something else in mind that is not from My wish lists and you feel I will LOVE IT, send it. All gifts sent to Me will be opened by My assistant and brought to Me. 

I wear size 8 1/2 shoes and boots and size Medium in clothes. If you need further details about what to send Me or information, send Me an email to: My email address

Click here for My Wish List

Another year ... these are some of the words to describe what I have felt so far....... Intense, spiritual, demanding, worshipped, exciting, kinky, eventful, erotic, latex loving, deep, extreme, courageous, fun, slave trainer, inspired, hot, emotional, perverted, feelin' irie, beautiful, painful, roller coaster, loved, irritated, political, eye opening, deliciously dominating, happy, upset, sexy, motivated, tired, controlling, hilarious, fashionable, sad, balls and man meat smashed under My pretty feet, scandalous, WTF!!, wicked, in demand, joyous,  fast paced, slow moving, curious, a fetish vixen, sensational, plotting world domination, relaxed, understanding, admired, growing, high heel wearing and loving it, psychotic, creative, positive, energetic, coach potato, learning, doing, innnerstanding, like a teacher/mentor, world wind romancing, someone who loves to use Her long nails for pleasure and/or pain, relaxing, loving, playing, key holder,  progressive, passionate about living life, feeling on a profound level, moving at the speed of light, seeing behind the scenes, powerful, sore hands from spanking disobedient bottoms, lots of laughter, entertained, surprised, shocked and f@*&$*@ amazing!

As always, Domina Erotica .... 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FETCON 2011 Mini Video Tour ...

Hello here is Part 1 of My mini video tour from My FETCON adventures in Tampa Florida. I did a 7 part mini video tour while I was there to give you a sneak view of My kinky lifestyle. Just go to youtube and check out all My mini tours and the rest of My fetish videos... I did say that I will be posting pics here of FETCON but I changed My mind. The mini video tours will have to do for this year, so njoy!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Trample High Heels & Pretty Toes clip....

I have My video clips back on youtube ... here is one of the trailer clips. Just a taste of what you will see in My new members area of My web site that I am working. High heels and My pretty feet trampling,
stomping on helpless cocks and balls, but in this clip you don't get to see Me actually stomp his cock.
You will have to see the whole clip in My members area for that.

The action will get very heavy in some of My videos where I will mash cock and balls and make
smashed potatoes out of them with bare feet, heels and boots... stay tuned!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I am going to FETCON in Tampa Florida .. July 28th-31st

Hello long time no hear from. I must announce the kink and travel news about Me going
to FETCON in Tampa Florida July 28th to 31st. I will be accepting single sessions while I am there and I am staying at the host hotel Hyatt Regency in Tampa. I am traveling with Alexandra Tiger and we will be offering double Domme sessions at a SPECIAL $400 per hour for the dynamic Dominant duo. A Black Beauty Domme and a Gorgeous German Dominatrix to rock your kinky world and make you Our bitch! Check out Her site at the following link : Alexandra Tiger's web site . 

We will be attending work shops, socializing, checking out the kinky parties in other hotel rooms and causing a scandal. Playing with subs, checking out Tampa and doing photo shoots.
There will be a Kick the Clown Party, for those who LOVE boots and want to kick the clown with your boots on, there will be much more going on but that's the theme of the party. Alexandra Tiger and I was asked to host this party but Our reply was too late and another
Domme is doing it. That's fine because it will give Us more time to chill out and have no other concerns but to have more fun. 

FETCON is mainly for fetish models, photographers industry people. You have Dommes there as well as subs and fetishist too. There is a mix of people and the parties are usually good and I always have fun. If you want straight up Domme, subs, kinky people and fetishist then attend DOMCONLA ...  More kink for you money in My opinion. I will have pics posted here from My FETCON adventure so stay tuned...

Click on the TEXT LINK  below to find out more about FETCON ... see you there!!!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

High Heels..Foot Fetish..Ball Crushing...Verbal

I love to shoot videos. I just shot some more hot footage .. I get a rush and can't wait to put it all together. Planning the location, what subjects I want to use for My scenarios, deciding what fetish I am going to shoot, what will I wear and how long I will shoot etc... My main subjects I will be concentrating on will be long fingernails of course to start. Long Fingernail hypnosis and tantalizing, teasing, raking, scratching and digging into flesh. My Long Fingernails will have designs on them too but will be used like a weapon....Me wearing various High Heels and Boots as I just walk and step all over My subjects like a carpet or Me walking down the street or sticking My heels in My subjects mouth. Trampling with and without shoes up and down My carpet subs. Sometimes bare feet with My pretty and tasty toes. And speaking about My toes and feet, they will be worshiped, kissed, massaged, toes painted and sucked on. My feet will stomp on balls and smash cocks. Lots of squishy foods will be eaten off My toes by worthy foot pets.

I have My COCK BOX..... that will be thoroughly used for My entertainment as I stand on top of it with or without My high heels on and squash My subs man meat that's pulled through the cock hole. This series will be one of My favorites! CBT and bondage is high on My list of things to do too. As well as lots of verbal, something I love to do. I enjoy talking and expressing My domination and control over My subjects. My instructional and verbal abusement videos will be very detailed and creative as usual..instructing you to do things to yourself in honor of your servitude to Me, telling you just how useless you are, telling you what I would do to you if you were in My presence and a lot more.

Stockings, Pantyhose and Fishnets are last but not least by far....designer, various colors, styles, textures, cuban heels, seemed, thigh high, garter belts, body stockings etc.... I love them all. My series called Stocking Seductions Pantyhose Pleasures & Fishnet Fantasy......  will be very erotic and sensual! So if you are a fetishist, then this will be for you.

I am shooting every week now and in the market for fresh meat.....I am interviewing now so send Me an email to:  if you are interested in being in My fetish videos. You must be the following to apply:


Domina Erotica

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Want to see My Older Post?

If you want to see My Older Post in this blog, just scroll down near the bottom of each page and click onto the words "Older Post" ... read what I wrote last week or last months..NJOY!

My new clips site update...

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Be Grateful.....

be grateful that you have the ability to submit .... be grateful that you have knees to bow down to Me .... be grateful that you have eyes to see Me have My way with you .... be grateful you have hands to give Me what I need when I ask you .... be grateful you have a voice to say mercy and thank you Domina Erotica ..... be grateful you have the sense to know you are not in charge ..... be grateful to know that you are to be in servitude to Me ..... Be grateful I will stomp your man meat while strapped in My cock box ..... be grateful I would sensually dominate you .... be grateful to feel My hands as I spank you bare bottom until rosey red..... be grateful to able to smell My perfume as I walk by you and ignore you ..... be grateful to hear My voice put you in your rightful place as My submissive ..... be grateful to feel My long fingernails as I rake your skin ..... be grateful to have My hands across your mouth because I don't want to hear you speak ..... be grateful to be in My presence because you really are not worthy ..... be grateful to be bound and gagged by Me because you deserve it .....

be grateful to feel the sting of My whip just because ..... be grateful to be locked in chastity with Me as the key holder because you are such a slut ..... be grateful I take out the time to pay attention to you because I really don't have to ..... be grateful you are useful to Me ...... be grateful to feel My long nails dig into your sour balls ..... be grateful to hear My sultry voice whisper your demise in your ears ..... be grateful to feel My pretty toes against your lips as you kiss them ..... be grateful to be silenced by the ball gag that I place in your mouth ..... be grateful to have a collar and leash put around your neck by Me as I make you My pet ..... be grateful to be trampled on with My feet or heels..... be grateful to be trained by Me ..... be grateful to see Me dressed in latex from head to toe ..... be grateful to lick My boots clean ..... be grateful to be able to provide domestic servitude to Me ..... be grateful to be teased and tormented by Me ..... be grateful to be interrogated by Me ..... be grateful to taste My golden nectar ..... be grateful to be My bitch and take My strap on ..... be grateful that I slap your face ..... be grateful to know your place ..... be grateful that I am strict yet sensual ..... be grateful that I can thoroughly mind fuck you ..... just be grateful

by ... Domina Erotica

Friday, May 6, 2011

Key West

Hello all, I have been taking care of business, enjoying life and chilling out with a few good people that I have around Me. I just returned from Key West and I once again had an amazing time there. The day was bright and sunny and the drive down there was very peaceful and scenic. I find it fascinating that when you look on the map of Key West in the United States and you see the tiny dots at the southern most bottom of Florida that people and things actually do exist there. One of My favorite spots was the land mark at the end of Duvall Street that designates you are 90 miles to Cuba from that bottom point of Florida. Key West is surrounded by water and you can feel that when you are there. The further you drive south bound to Key West and look on boths sides, you have pretty blue and green waters that look like a post card. You can see some people far out in the water and the water only reaches up to their knees or waist line. Little islands that only birds may inhabit and you can see some people fishing or sun bathing. Lots of places to stay over night and quaint places to shop in the Keys.

There is a bridge called 7 Mile Bridge that has great water views and the seafood and key lime pie was delicious. I traveled to the Keys with Alexandra Tiger and We had such a good time.

I also have a sub there that has a nice boat and I would be treated like a Queen and he would be My dressed sissy maid for the time I was there. When he has thoroughly done all his duties and servitude responsibilities for the day, I would sometimes allow him to eat grapes from in between My pretty toes and then kiss My feet. Sometimes he is used as a bench for Me to rest My legs and feet while I sip on some refreshments that he has prepared for Me. Actually that all sounds really wonderful, I will call him and tell him to get ready to launch the boat, I am ready for another ride!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cock Box

I am having sooooooo much fun using My new COCK BOX!.....I was in the process of having one made for Me and then all of the sudden I get a phone call from a sub that I actually shot My cock box video with and plan on using him a lot more in the future. He called Me asking Me did I want his cock box, the same one we used in the video because he had no use for it anymore as the owner and wondered if I wanted it. Of course, bring that box over right away. He had painted the box a brown color so when the Domme is wearing black high heel shoes or boots, the shoes would show up in the videos or pics because most Dommes wear black heels. I am planning on painting My new box a fire red color which will look very sexy and hot when I do wear black heels and boots when I shoot more videos and pics.

This cock box is perfect for those subs that love to have their man meat trampled by My pretty oiled feet or very high heels. I have a special way to harness those balls and cock to stay through the cock box hole. Some subs may not be so endowed and their sissy meat does not pull through the hole, therefore I tie rope around it and hoist it through the hole allowing Me to have My way with it. Stomping, stepping, trampling, squashing and squishing their meat until I get a really good work out. Sometimes I love to just use My bare feet, going back and forth from one foot until the next like a cock and ball stomping dance. Hearing them moan and squirm under Me as I look down at them. I am standing very tall over them as I stand on My box and trampling them. Sometimes holding onto the same rope that hoisted their meat through the hole and laughing at them because I am so entertained and feeling like the Queen of the cock box hill ........... in which I am!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Negative responses to a post I wrote on Max Fisch..

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My youtube videos have been removed/flagged again!!

Here we go again....same shit different day! Once again My you tube videos have been flagged by a behind the scenes hater that has nothing better else to do but flag My videos from all of My you tube accounts. Whoever this person is must be very jealous, offended or intimidated by My presence on you tube because they can't get enough of making sure that I am not on there. So you might as well disregard My previous blog here about viewing My you tube videos because they are not there anymore. It sucks because they were some hot videos with lots of viewing hits. Maybe it's another Domme and she does not like that I am getting attention, who knows. I still have those same videos and more.. Anyway, it is what it is and I will be back on you tube with My videos and of course at some point again, who ever the coward is will more than likely flag My videos once again.

I mentioned this before in My blog when this person flagged My videos, the worse part is that any random person can flag any video if they wanted to. You can complain to you tube's powers that be and it is pointless. They don't care about it and make no reference of effort to finding out who flags who. If you have a problem for whatever reason with any ones videos, you can simply press the flag button and it's a wrap. Anyone that has ever seen My videos on you tube will tell you they are classy and professional, but if someone finds a video to be too "sexually suggestive" in their judgemental eyes then can just flag you. And by the way after you are flagged, they say you can't open up another account with them for 6 months. Whatever, I just open up another account under another name and I am back in!

Some would probably say why bother if whoever it is will just flag your videos again. I feel in the meantime while I am on there it is good for My exposure and also kinky delight for those who enjoy My videos and might want to view My clips4sale store to purchase My clips.

So the saga continues and life goes on and so will I.....can't stop won't stop!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's nice to be missed!

Hello all, I have been away from writing in My blog for awhile and I felt compelled to write now for a brief update and to express how nice it is to be missed by those who follow or read My blog here. I have gotten phone calls and emails from some devotees wondering what happened to Me because I have not written in almost a month now.

The consumption of other life activities and events and all it has to offer has kept Me from writing lately. But I am back on track with My blog and other kinky things that I am used to. Such as shooting My fetish videos and editing them as well as interviewing fresh meat for Me to play with and train for videos and personal usage. So My intermission comes to an end and the Domina Erotica train is pulling out of the low key station ready and going full speed ahead. I have so much to do and more to accomplish in My kinky mission, so time and patience is always a virtue.

As I embark on My kink mission, the main goal for Me is to "FINALLY" get My members area completed for My videos on My web site that I have been talking about forever it seems now. That's another thing that I am getting request about with people wondering, ok where is it already?!  Trust Me, I more than anyone can't wait for it to be up and running yesterday. Tech stuff and the right permanent staff handling the tasks that are given to them takes cracking the whip and keeping them in shape, so be it!

I will be adding some new clips on My youtube sites for those that like a free taste of what I do and love .... coming soon!  Type in dominanails in the search box on to see the clips that I have there now.

Also My store will have more new clips there soon too. I feel I have enough footage put to the side for now that will enable Me to place some new clips there and still have new footage left over that has not been seen yet because it will be placed in My members area on My site.

I was suppose to be traveling to New York this month but had a change of plans, but hopefully My travel schedule will pick up very soon and I may be in or around your area one of these days this year. I of course will be posting any of My travels here in My blog.

So the story continues with never a dull moment and I will be back very soon to express Myself and keep you posted on what's going on, regards.... Domina Erotica

Monday, February 28, 2011

No I will not fuck you...I am a Professional Dominatrix!

This question has come up alot and I thought that it would only be helpful and informative for those who do not understand and have thought about it......

QUESTION:.......I read your information on your BP page and you said NO sex is involved in your meetings with your clients!? I am SO confused on how a man would get turned on to the point of being TOTALLY satisfied other than seeing you in ALL your SEXY outfits!! Please explain?????

MY REPLY........When a man/woman goes to see a Dominatrix, they already have in mind or at least an idea of what it is that they are into scenario wise and want to try. For example when some people think of a Dominatrix, they know that She specializes in S/M, Fetishes, Roleplay fantasy, Bondage, Discipline, some sort of sexual, kinky surrender etc....She wears the sexy fetish latex or leather clothes and very exotic high heels, She is in control and knows about kink and helps you to explore your open mind and hidden kinky desires and fetishes. The submissive man/woman is usually without their clothes on unless he/she is bound in some fetish material like latex or leather /in rope bondage etc.... Or they may have on latex, leather, rubber, plastic material or clothes, whatever roleplay it depends on the mood, desire and the type of session.

The scenarios can get very psychologically provocative and does not always put the main focus on genital pleasures. This lifestyle taps into the hidden and emotional aspects of kink and pleasure. The physical is always there with being aroused of course and attracted to the person, and what they are doing to you. But the mental part is very intense when really concentrated on and taken serious. This way of thinking is a liberating experience when explored with someone you trust, which is very important when taping into boundaries and pushing buttons.

At times the submissive is granted a release of pleasure done by his/her own hands or instructed to do so by the Domme. It can and should be intense/fun/sensual and entertaining but always consensual and safe. The majority of people that I see have a high powered job and they are in charge of telling people what to do all day. They come to see a Dominatrix for a release/to let go, to flip the script on their life because they are always in charge. They see a Domme because She takes that control away from them and the person is willing to submit and be told what to do. To some it gives a sense of balance in their life, something exciting and even thereputic.

Some people thrive on the mental control from the Domme and to be captivated by Her. Roleplay fantasy comes from many sub levels, curious notion places and kinky desires. There are alot of people with fetishes and don't realize or want to admit it. If you have an obbession with something like women's feet or toes, passionate about a woman's round butt, gives you an instant boner to see a woman dressed in a specific outfit, lust after long legs, etc...then you have a fetish. Yeah, you may want to call it a simple desire but it goes much deeper than that. If you are obbessive about it and won't settle for nothing else if you can help it, then it's a fetish...It's alright to have a little freak in you. Some peoples fetish may go deeper and to other places than others. Nonetheless, they are still fetishes and you can/do get off on them being stimulated and mentally turned on. I do have My limits on what I will and won't do in session and will say NO in a heartbeat if I don't feel comfortable with a request or something. I love $$$ but it's not that serious!!! There are some Dominatrix that involve actual sex in there scenarios and that is their perogative. They might feel it is necessary to get the job done or maybe they just enjoy incorporating/having sex during scene play with certain people because they are so turned on and in their zone. I don't involve actual sex in My scenarios because I like waking up in the morning with the feeling of some self respect. I like relying on My skills, sex appeal, conscience mind and body to represent....I do however get turned on at times during some scene play...come on I am still an insatiable woman and human, I just know how to control Myself !!! My desire/fetish of the psychological aspect of it intrigues Me immensly. I enjoy the range of the encounters, meeting many interesting people world wide on various levels, the creativity and the esthetics of the scenarios....meaning the fantasy roleplay, domination, many types of rope bondage like japanese rope bondage and other physical play etc.... My personal list of fetishes is long but My self acknowledgment and enlightenment of it helps/guides Me to feel/be more comfortable when I take My seat in someone eles's mind and through the back entrance of their pandoras box...


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hiatus ....

Well, I have been on a mini hiatus from shooting My videos for a little while now. I am entertaining other things that requires My time but I am in between interviewing and re hiring another editor and/or videographer and back up candidates. I am even open to getting another web designer too... I still have plenty of un seen video content stored away for My new video members area in My web site. Some very hot, sexy and kinky scenes I will let loose hopefully soon. Lots of long fingernails domination, hypnosis and raking, cock box, feet and toes, high heels and boots, trampling, ball busting, stocking, fishnets and panty hose scenarios. 

In the meantime I will idle, create and go with the flow...... and keep the wheels greased and turning!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Blog Talk Radio Interview!

To hear My sultry voice in My hot topic interview with Ebony Domme Diva just scroll down
to the end of this page and click onto the words "OLDER POST". My interview is located on
the second page in My blog. There is a 15 second advertisement before My interview begins,
so have patience.

Brunch with an Icon..Revolutionist..& World Known Photographer!

In My life I can say I have met some great people and had some wonderful experiences and today was one of  the greatest. My best friend and I reunited with an old and amazing friend of ours name Bob Adelman! We met him today at his home, we sat for awhile and talked as he dropped deep knowledge, life facts and showed us his books and future projects. Then we went out to the Fountainbleu Hotel in South Beach for brunch, it was a bright sunny day with a spectacular view of the beach. We have known each other for about 15 years now and to this day I am still in complete awe of this man and what he has accomplished in his long history of being a well known Freelance photographer,  Life magazine and  Time Magazine photographer of the 1960's Civil Rights Movement and still going today. Bob Adelman was best friends with Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Grace Kelly (he produced her book) ...  Annie Liebowitz, Helmet Newton (one of My favorites), has rub shoulders and taken pics of kings, queens, rock stars, world high level officials and leaders to name just a few. He has mingled with and shot so many people throughout history I could hardly keep up.  I am not dropping all of these names out of being star struck. This is just to give you a little bio of what caliber he is on with his gift. If you know anything about the 1960's American Civil Rights History and the profound leaders then, there are famous pics that were taken of Martin Luther King in his "I have a dream speech." Bob Adelman shot the close up black and white pic of Martin Luther King during his speech that day, and that pic has been seen by millions of people to this day. 

He shot all the famous black and white pics of Martin Luther King when he marched and gave his powerful speeches. He also marched along side of King during protests. He shot the pic of the people being showered by the fire hoses with water during protesting. I seen so many of his private pics of Martin Luther King that have not been viewed by public eyes.. WOW! He even shot Rosa Parks... (she changed black and white history by refusing to give up Her seat on the city bus to a white woman that wanted to sit down. Back then black people had to sit in the back of the bus by law and if a white person needed to sit you had to get up. Well, Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up Her seat and major protesting and boycotting of the city bus by black people and some white people made a change in the laws as well as leaders standing up for this cause. Blacks after that were allowed to sit where they wanted on the bus.) ....  :) ....  If you are not familiar with this history, do your research it's an eye opener.

Bob Adelman also shot the famous black and white pic of Malcolm X holding the newspaper and giving the middle finger. What I really respect about Bob Adelman is his passionate dedication to a historical cause that has given people a window into the harsh reality of racism and segregation of the past and present. Documenting profound and key points and people in our time, capturing it in compelling black and white photography and story telling. He has many new books and projects coming soon. Go to the following link:

Bob Adelman Official Web Site Link 

View some of his work to get visuals on what I am saying. As it's said pictures speak a thousand words! One of My favorite books he shot the pics for is located in his site and it's called "Mine eyes have seen". The cover of the book is of Martin Luther King and his wife Coretta King by his side as they are marching in a protest. Bob Adelman has personally signed the following books of his and gave them to Me  ...  "Mine eyes have seen", "Visions of Liberty", "Gentlemen of Leisure", "Remembering Grace", and "The Great Life Photographers" ( a book he produced gathering all the great photographers of "Life'" magazine and putting their pics in this one book). 

I hold a very special place in My heart and soul with Bob Adelman not only because we go way back as friends but because I also have revolutionist in My blood and I understand what it's like to fight for something that you believe in. I am fully aware of the injustices in this world, segregation and racism is still alive and kicking. I am down with black power as well as all people uniting as one and fighting as one for the sake of harmony and peace. My black power mentality also comes from 2 of My uncles being in the Black Panthers when I was a child and viewing the struggles for equality.  

Bob Adelman also shot Me while I lived in New York years ago. Here is My favorite classic Domina Erotica black and white photo shoot series he did of Me....... We are shooting again very soon,  I can't wait! See you next week for dinner in Bal Harbor Bob.... kisses Domina Erotica

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sad news!

It is with the saddest heart that I must pass on the following news: Please
join me in remembering a great icon of the entertainment community. The
Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday of a yeast infection and trauma
complications from repeated pokes in the belly. He was 71. Doughboy was
buried in a lightly greased coffin. Dozens of celebrities turned out to pay
their respects, including Mrs. Butterworth, Hungry Jack, the California
raisins, Betty Crocker, the Hostess Twinkies, and Captain Crunch. The grave
site was piled high with flours. Aunt Jemima delivered the eulogy and
lovingly described Doughboy as a man who never knew how much he was kneaded.

Doughboy rose quickly in show business, but his later life was filled with
turnovers. He was not considered a very smart cookie, wasting much of his
dough on half-baked schemes. Despite being a little flaky at times he was
still a crusty old man and was considered a roll model for millions.
Doughboy is survived by his wife Play Dough, two children, John Dough and
Jane Dough, plus they had one in the oven. He is also survived by his
elderly dad, Pop Tart. The funeral was held at 3:50 for about 20 minutes.

(I saw this and could not resist putting it on My blog)..!

Domina Erotica

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Black Beauty Domme Reigns Supreme!

I am Domina Erotica......A beautiful Black Domme with the skin of sultry chocolate here to be worshipped, admired, served and obeyed. A Black Domme is a vision of beauty and grace. You know you want to be of servitude and pay homage to the Hershey skin of the Ebony Mistress that controls your existence! There are so many people that think this way, and those that feel this way are to bow down and understand where your place is and that is on your knees looking up and obeying the command of the Black Beauty!! Her full lips, the sway in Her hips, the round tight ebony ass that you beg to kiss. Her Dominant Attitude, the way a mere look will put you in the mood. Her seductive stroke that leaves you broke, surrendering and addictive. Grovel at My feet and beg for Ebony Domme to pay attention to you. Fantasize of serving Me the Black Beauty Boss dictating control and manipulating your mind, body and soul which now belongs to Me!!!! A classy ebony enigma of curves, power and captivation. A Sophisticated Vixen of Domination and Discipline!!
I am a well versed Ebony Mistress with over 17 years experience and a wealthy knowledge of the Psychological & Physical aspects of the B&D-S/M Lifestyle. I am a Black Domina of Sophistication, Style & Class a Fetish Barberella holding the key to Her own Thunderdome of Domination...Those that I elect to see will be introduced to My particular brand of pleasurable torment and elegance ranging from Provocative & Very Sensual to a Merciless Black Vixen! Wanna play? My style of Domination is based upon Discretion & Professionalism, Knowledge of Self and the Scene pertaining to the Esthetics's and Behavior Modifications.. An Experienced Ebony Domina & Provocative Seductress, An Ebony Humiliatrix, A Captivating Disciplinarian, A Prisoner Interrogator, Sensual Sorcerer & Mistress of Eroticism that administers what is necessary and Demanding. A Dominant & Erotic Black Woman that believes and lives by the mantra that the Psychological and Emotional aspects of BDSM are just as important as the Physical. A Cool, Calm and Collected Ebony Domme of Erotic Fetish Encounters that stylishly dresses in fetish for the occasion.
There was a time where the Black Domme was more of a taboo almost none existent in the scene. Now with the desire, need, demand, evolution and understanding that the Black Domme should and will be held in recognition and appreciation is here!! The gateway has been opened and the Black Domme shall reign supreme! There is a desire and appreciation to worship ALL Dominant Women whether they are black, white etc...but My focus is on the Black Goddess, Ebony Mistress, Ethnic Dominatrix  ...  She who must be obeyed! Thoughts & opinions from Dommes and the subs who worship them are appreciated.

Monday, January 24, 2011

My pretty toes with black & white designs

Back from Washington, D.C.

Just got back from D.C. with Alexandra Tiger this past Saturday and in one word it was "cold"! Being back down here in sunny Florida and spoiled by being able to still wear no coat on some winter days is a blessing. Besides that I bundled up and enjoyed My visit to the nations capitol. I was in Union Station and walked out of the main exit which is on Massachusett Avenue and the first thing you see across the street and through the trees is the top of the White House. I took one deep breath in of the crisp air and said to Myself ................. " aahh!!!!  can't you just smell the injustice in the air"! ... honestly if you are in tuned with energy and "real" history of this country, you can innerstand what I am saying and not think I am being a negative thinking person. Do your research because this sleeper has awakened!!

Anyway, We went there to conduct some fun sessions, see the sites, have a mini vacation, shop and chill and We did all of that... We had a little pet at Our service for foot massages etc... he was very useful and fun to play with. He was Our personal slut that help to sponsor Our visit, many spanks to you and don't forget to wear you lace tan panties! Washington D.C. has so much history there and the architecture is very old and detailed especially places like Georgetown, the White House area, memorials and buildings. There is a flair of modern and old too which had a nice mix. 

We ate very well with room service at the Rennaissance Hotel in Dupont Circle and was taking out to dinner in Our stay. We really wanted to take some nice pics in front of the White House but it was sooo cold that evening We jumped out the tour van giggling and ran across to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (White House address) for a brief 30 second video taping of being in front of it and ran back to the van to thaw out. Our hands were even too cold to take pics, it was not that serious!

Looks like I will be visiting D.C. again but not sure when, I will post here when I do. I can assure you it will be done in warmer days.