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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Intimidated by the REAL DEAL !!

I have been in this lifestyle for over 2 decades now and I found out very early in life and in this lifestyle that everything and everybody is not for everyone! I totally get it ... there are those of you that prefer the less intimidating looking and not so fetish clad Dominatrix to whip you into shape. What I mean by not so fetish clad dressed Dominatrix is a Dominatrix that dresses in regular street wear like jeans, dresses skirts, non fetish high heels etc... in other words no fetish clothes like latex, leather, rubber, high fetish heels etc ... if that's your dream visuals of how you see your Controller then so be it. For some Females that does not make them any less of a Dominatrix than those that wear latex, leather etc .. I believe clothes should not totally make the Woman. The Woman makes the clothes, Her genuine gifted power and attitude puts it all in perspective. I have occasionally worn non fetish short dresses, sexy lil shorts and skirts during sessions and still was able to conduct Myself as the powerful and effective Dominatrix that I am. You see pictures of Me here in My blog, on My web site etc.. and I am dressed mainly in fetish clothes. Only in My ad in in New Jersey under BDSM/Fetish you will see Me dressed in some regular clothes. 

I write all of this here to say that, whether I am dressed in fetish clothes or not, a lot of you are totally intimidated by Me because I am too real and look like I could really control, use you and be someone that you will get addicted to. I have been told plenty of times that I look like I would just inflict pain and be totally hardcore. Ok, there is some truth to that but that's not My whole personality and character. I do have many facets to My personality and desires as a Dominatrix. Sensual, provocative, erotic, teasing, seductive, charming and alluring are some of My softer natural traits. If I choose to be more hardcore, it's because that's My choice and/or it was requested or necessary. Either way it's all natural for Me.  As I said before, everything is not for everyone. It's ok if you feel the need and have the desire to see a Domme that's less intimidating looking than I am and that carries Herself more like a girl than a Woman. That's part of the beauty of diversity, there are many choices in life. There will always be someone out there desperately seeking someone like Me. Other than that I would not still be here after all this time! To each his own!

Sincerely and as always,

Domina Erotica

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Do you want to talk to Me LIVE?

Do you want to talk to Me LIVE about kink, fetishes and perversions? Do you need to be seriously dominated, controlled, put in your place, given strict instructions on how to be a slut and told what to do, do you need to be verbally abused, are you in need of the Black Beauty Domme to make you Her bitch, do you have a specific fetish you would like to talk about like My pretty feet, My long beautiful fingernails or My sexy legs etc... , do you have a tiny dick and need to be told over and over just how tiny your dick is by Me? The list goes on and on ... Talk to Me, hear My sultry yet demanding voice !

If I am not available at the time leave Me an email request to set up a time to talk ..

Call Me on My Niteflirt Phone Domination & Fetish Hot line at: 

Call Me at 1800-863-5478
ext #  01902677

$3.00 per minute

Monday, January 25, 2016

I'm accepting sessions now!

Being that I'm back in NJ I'm ready to get back in to the swing of things and I mean that literally! I still have My trusted whip for discipline, My long beautiful fingernails for teasing, torture and to be adored, My pretty feet and tasty toes to be worshipped as well as My high heels etc... I haven't session since I left for My adventures in Europe so all of you admirers can start booking your sessions now. You know where to find Me and in case you do not I'm located in South Brunswick, New Jersey in My own private equipped play space. 

Send your session inquiries to My email address : or call My booking number at: 305-992-6085. This number is strictly for booking sessions only, it's NOT a chat line. If you disrespect this rule you will be immediately banned from calling. 

If you want to chat for a long time directly with Me about your kink and fetishes, to be dominated, verbally abused, erotically mind fucked and controlled call Me on My nite flirt number at:

1800-863-5478    Extension # 01902677

If I'm not available to talk when you call My nite flirt number leave Me an email to inquire about setting up a call to talk to Me live! 

See you soon! 
Domina Erotica

Sunday, January 24, 2016

I'm back from Europe !!

Hello My faithful admirers, I have returned from Europe and I must say it has been an experience I couldn't just describe in one word! But I will say one word to try and describe it all and that is FANTABULOUS!!! Just in case you didn't know that's a combination of fabulous and fantastic. Anyways, I started off in Blieskastel and then Bexbach Germany which were very quaint towns although I thought Blieskastel was a prettier location. Then off to Berlin. I absolutely LOVE Berlin !! I was in West and East Berlin.  Areas like East Berlin reminded Me of areas in New York. I love the vibe, eclectic people, style and feel of it. The energy was cool and the shopping was INSANE! 

Because it was around the Christmas holidays I went to quite a few outside Christmas markets/festivals were people sold their very amazing holidays gift items, drank German beer and Gruwein, socialized and had a lot of fun. Gruwein is a German red wine that usually is mixed with a shot of liqueur, so people were very toasted and jolly! In Germany these Christmas festivals are called Weihnachtsmaerketen! Of course I went site seeing and toured around looking at the authentically beautiful buildings and landmarks of Berlin. I took pics so I will post some of the pics here very soon. Berlin has a mall that's called Mall of Berlin. It has almost 300 stores in it and it has to be one of the most gorgeously built malls I've ever been to. The structure and design was amazing, and all the great stores for shopping was overwhelming! It's said to be the largest mall in all of Germany. 

I ate at some of the best restaurants in the area and the food was amazing! Part of My goal of going to Germany was to taste real German food and it was delicious! I was in Berlin for awhile then headed back to Blieskastel to My fabulous sublet to chill. Where I was staying at in Blieskastel I was only about 10 minutes from the France border, we decided to take a drive there. We went to SarreGuemines, France which was so nice. Especially because everywhere was decorated for the holidays and very festive. My original plan was to go to Paris, but obviously because of the terrorist attacks there the borders were closed and it wasn't safe to go. I've been to Paris before years ago and absolutely loved it. It's one one of the most amazing places on earth. 

After that I went to Speisen, Germany to another great sublet. Speisen was nice and quaint as well. Then back to France again, but this time to Strasborg, France to hang out with friends and see the sights. Then off to Stuttgart, Germany! Stuttgart was fabulous with lots of shopping too! After that back to Speisen again to the sublet! After awhile We were site seeing checking out ancient ruins and looking for this amazing ancient castle called Schloss Neuschwanstein and ended up in the country of Austria! It was beautiful with the huge snow capped mountains and landscaping! Then we went to Bayern, Germany and Obersdorf, Germany and these places didn't even appear real, they looked straight out of a post card! So amazingly beautiful, it took My breathe away. The various, humongous and vast snow capped mountains in the distant, the traditional German houses called Fachwerkhaus houses, the beautifully manicured landscaping, the natures was truly awe inspiring to see and feel. I mean feel because the energy of these places was so intense because it was so beautiful and natural. After that We went to Austria again. 

Then we did one of the most ultimately cool and fun thing, We went on a Rodelbahn at the Alpsee Coaster! It's like a roller coaster ride from the top of an extremely high mountain all the way to the bottom of the mountain. In order to get to the top you can take a very long hike or take ski lift up. We took the lift. It can sit 1 or 2 people at a time in the little coaster seats. The tracks are very curved and wavy, it can go very fast and it's a ride you'll never forget! Then We went to piece of nature heaven called Breitachklamm. It's a long hiking mountain trail in naturally carved out mountains that has beautiful waterfalls and sea green/blue waters. This place was so amazingly beautiful !! Pics coming soon. 

Final stop, back to Speisen, Germany to wrap up Our fabulous trip and head back to the States. It was an amazing trip. I was away for about 2 1/2 months. When I returned My jet lag was very intense and I was extremely exhausted but happy to be home! You probably wondered throughout My whole post here I didn't mention Me doing any sessions at all. Well, surprisingly I didn't take any sessions during My whole trip because I decided I just wanted a vacation. A lot of people expected Me to session while I was in Europe but I just wanted to enjoy My time there for Myself for a change and it was great. I plan on returning to Europe this summer, and I will session for sure then ....   

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Where am I and what I'm up to..I'm in Germany !!!

The questions are where am I and what am I doing?  I've been constantly contacted by people lately wanting to know what's up because I haven't been posting here or accepting sessions in New Jersey. I was told that I disappeared. I've actually been busy doing non scene related things. Although I did inform a few people and also in one of My previous post here I did mention I was traveling to Germany, but that was in this past September. Things got delayed and life happens so My trip to Europe was post poned until now! I am now officially in Germany!!! I've been here since Sunday, October 25th. I'm in a nice, quaint, quiet country side area called Blieskastel. Relaxing and taking in the sites. It's a great area to start for Me because I will soon be on a journey to see and do as much as possible while I'm in Europe until late December. 

I will be heading to Berlin next week for only a few days but will be returning again to Berlin before I Leave Europe in December. My plan is to visit Paris and London. Probably because this is more of a vacation than doing constant sessions My plans can change because I'll be distracted by wanting to do and see so many things. When I will be in certain areas for sure I will be posting My add for accepting sessions in under the dom/fetish section. If I'm in Berlin, Stuttgart or various areas of Germany, I'll post in and I'll accept a few sessions there. So if you're in Germany, Paris or London and you see My add posted in Backpage contact Me at My email address: for session request. 

Like I said My goal in Europe isn't based upon doing a lot of session because it's more about a vacation for Me. That's why I'm not doing a lot of hard core advertising while I'm here. Just some sessions to meet new pets to train and have some kinky fun! I'm looking forward to going to Paris again I've been there before and had an amazing time. I've visited other areas of Europe before but never made it to Germany, so this will be great! 

So far My stay has been fabulous, just what I wanted and needed. I'm staying at a very spacious nice place with a pretty garden in the backyard, a beautiful view over looking vast manicured pastures and trees that have changed colors because of the season. 

Right now I'm going to chill out for the rest of the evening and see what the next day will bring. There's a 5 hour time difference, so in Germany the time is now 12:48 am. As your going about your early evening now, I'm am chilling out and done for the night. 

Good night, I'll be in touch with more of My adventures to share! 

Domina Erotica

Friday, September 11, 2015

You are BLESSED!

On this day we should never forget because life moves on. On this day and everyday we should be deeply thankful for ALL the blessings that we receive on a daily basis no matter how big or small. Everything and everyone matters. All lives are important and necessary for survival and change. Take moments out of your life and busy schedules to reflect and express profound gratitude for your life and love. 

On that painfully devastating day of 9/11 I was almost there 1 building away from the twin towers. I had a very early appointment for a session at a corporate building to see someone there that morning. I was on My way from the Bronx to Manhattan and he called Me early that morning to say he couldn't make it for our session because he had an unexpected meeting that came up. Not too long after he called Me I turned on My t.v. to watch CNN and I saw the news about the twin towers being attacked by the planes! I was in complete shock and horror. I could not believe what I was seeing. I became extremely emotional and realized I was suppose to be down there but My session cancelled as I said before. I realized ALL those lives were taken and so many people are now gone in such a horrific way. I immediately called My sub, the one I was supposed to see down next to the twin towers but his phone was dead. I panic because he was still in his building where the towers were hit. I usually sessioned with him at least twice a month at his office location, but after 2 months I waited and did not hear from him and his number no longer worked. I very unfortunately later found out he was killed  during the attack. He ran out of his building and was hit by falling debris. I knew him for over 15 years so this news made Me deeply sad. 

I say all this because life is important, you can be here one day and gone the next. The same for the people in your lives. Say I love you more, be grateful more, live life more, pray more, be real with yourself and others more, travel and see the world more, get out of your own way more, do for others more.. be selfish less, say thank from your heart at all times!

Domina Erotica

Monday, September 7, 2015

Who is Domina Erotica ??

Seductive Sensual Black Dominatrix Fetishist Exotic Long Fingernail Mistress of Eroticism Femme Domme Fatale Ebony Goddess Humiliatrix Stocking Pantyhose & Fishnet Lover Pretty Ebony Feet & Tasty Toes Chocolate Ass Worship Black Latex Vixen Slave Trainer Slut Discipline Restrictive Bondage Enthusiast Prolonged Tantilizing Tease & Denial Queen Verbal Abuser Ebony Mistress Of Kinky Encounters Face Slapper Cock Kicker Slut Fucker Skin Raker Slave Trainer User & Abuser Cat Woman with Talons Pet Trainer Behavior Modification Specialist Domme Mentor Interrogator Thorn of the Black Rose Tiny Dick Humiliator Your Owner &
Provocative Dominatrix of Sensual Domination
Chocolate Delicious Ass Face Smother Long Finger
nail Ball Digger & Nipple Pincher The Sultry Voice Of The Black Dominatrix Of Your Demise & Controller of Men! Over 22 years in this lifestyle still kickin ass!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Domina Erotica going to GERMANY !!

I will be traveling to Germany this month with Mistress Alexandra Tiger, My beautiful German girlfriend! We will be in various areas of Germany like Berlin, Munich etc ... Then we will explore Europe, places like Italy, Barcelona, Paris and maybe Greece! We are very excited and plan on having a fabulous vacation as well as accepting sessions while we are there. 

I will take an abundance of pictures of course and I will post some of them here when I return. I have not been to Europe in a while so I am looking forward to going again. Taking in all the cultures, foods, characters, scenery and the amazing adventure of traveling and learning new aspects of life. Expanding My horizons even further! 

Talk to you soon!

Domina Erotica

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Black Beauty in North Jersey August 22 to ?

I will be in the North Jersey area accepting sessions as of Saturday, August 22 maybe until August 27th. Call or text Me at My booking line at: # 305-992-6085 or email Me.

Click here to send Me an email to book a session

My Expertise: Sexy Long Fingernail Fetish, Worship My Pretty Feet & Tasty Toes, High Heel Worship, Trampling, Bondage Light to Heavy, Stockings & Pantyhose Fetish, Light to severe Discipline, Intense Erotic Sensual Domination, Creative Role Play,Verbal Humiliation & Physical Humiliation, Intense prolonged Tease and Denial, Spitting, Erotic Chocolate Ass Smothering, Slut-Sissy Training, CBT, Face Slapping, Collar & Leash Training

Looking forward to having My way with you ....

Domina Erotica

New video clip .. Erotic Long FIngernail Skin Raking in Vinyl Gloves !!

 Hello to all you long fingernail fetishist! I have a flesh raking video I just uploaded in My store that will make your mouth drool! Black Beauty demands that Her beautiful nails get worshipped and adored!

Do you have a fetish for sexy long fingernails that can rake your flesh! Fingernails on a provocative Black Beauty so long pretty and intimidating that your cock gets hard as a rock! I dig, scratch, rake and control My pet nail bitch with My beautiful talons. He has NO choice, he has to obey as I command him to take his punishment. I make him worship, I make him My scratching post as I use My nails to dominate him into submission while wearing My shiny long vinyl gloves and alluring fishnet dress ...

Click on the link below to buy My video ... Njoy!

Black Beauty Clips Store

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My new Foot Swallowing Video Clip!

Hello My enticed admirers. Many have been waiting for Me to add more clips to My store so here they cum!! I have been on a very long hiatus from My video productions and decided to dig out some hot kinky shit for you to see ... 

I have just uploaded a new video with Me and My foot bitch in My clips4sale store called "Foot Sucking Toe Sniffing & Bondage". Click on the link below to pay and see:

Black Beauty Clips Store 

Watch Me and My foot bitch get his mouth full of My pretty feet and delicious toes as I shove them deep down his throat. He sucks My feet so deep and hard that he almost chokes on them. Kiss, lick, suck, swallow that's all he is good for. Worshiping and devouring My tasty feet on My command! Then I must tie My foot bitch up in tight bondage and discipline him for getting a hard cock while swallowing My feet! 

This video is just one of many clips for you to drool over and see Me in action! I have a few more videos in My archives that I have not loaded in My clips store to show so stay tuned !!

Domina Erotica

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me .. August 29th !

 Happy Birthday to Me August 29th 2015... I will be a beautifully refined age of 48 years young! A year wiser, more improved, more grateful, less impatient, sexier, elevated, empowered, graceful, elegant, dominant, ambitious. A Black Butterfly with golden wings that glide with ease and enlightenment! I love gifts especially surprises from My admirers. Below are links to some things that I love and have a special fetish for. Click on the links that say "A Gift for Black Beauty" and enjoy the fact you are getting Me a well deserved gift for My birthday because you adore Me!

Mail gifts to My gifts address: 

E. J.
32 Catawba Court
Monmouth Junction 
New Jersey, 08852

A Gift for Black Beauty

A Gift for Black Beauty 

A Gift for Black Beauty

A Gift for Black Beauty

A Gift for Black Beauty

A Gift for Black Beauty 

A Gift for Black Beauty 
Shiny patten leather

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Being My bitch is your true reality …

When you are in My presence, when I am training you, when you are collared and leashed kneeling before Me, when you are naked vunerable and bound, when you bow down and kiss My pretty feet, when you are dressed like the slut you were meant to be in My Domain of fetishes and training you are officially My bitch and that is your true reality! Your time spent with Me is not the fantasy, it's your true reality. When you are in your everyday life of work etc… that's the fantasy because your real life is being My bitch! 

Your everyday actions of being the boss at work or whatever position you hold to make your money is a complete fantasy. Your true reason for existing is provided by Me. I am your reason for living in the real world and that's because you are My bitch. Not being the husband, boyfriend or lover of another Woman, that's not your real life. Your real life, your true reality is being My bitch, My slut, My foot masseuse, My pet, My play toy, My piece of meat, My property, My scratching post, My high heel licker, My sissy panty whore. Don't get it confused because I know you need to be told this, I am your true existence not your fantasy. I am the reason why you proceed with your everyday actions and thoughts because it's all to please Me. Your ability to be My bitch comes easy because it's your true nature. It's what you were meant to be, born to be, need to be, yearn to be! 

You can't help yourself because you are programmed to be My bitch, your existence requires constant training and control because you are My bitch and always will be!

Domina Erotica 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Black Beauty & Texas the horse!

One of the most beautiful and powerful creatures every created is the horse. Mysterious, spiritual, graceful, intuitive, strong, fast, loving old souls. I have the pleasure of riding My friend Texas up in the mountains, through the forest, pastures, river and paths. It's one of the most amazing feelings ever, being one with nature. Such a healthy and needed balance in life because I can be such a dominant personalty, being with Texas helps to keep Me focused and happy.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

#ProudToLove - Celebrating Marriage Equality and LGBT Pride Month

We should be free to love, to adore, to live, to explore, to shine, to be, to marry who we want. There are many who do not agree and those that do. I am a firm believer of equality for ALL humans no matter the gender or race, it shouldn't matter who we naturally love. LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Transgender) people are not an abomination, we are children of the Creator. Created in this existence like everybody else .. God makes no mistakes. All meant to be and perfect in our own way. I love all genders and have no discriminations in My heart! I am so happy that the Supreme Court has finally ruled in the favor of equality for all genders to marry, as it should be! 
Who are you to judge!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

My New Phone Domination Line!

I have a new phone domination line at!! You can call Me there and we can talk about all of your deepest, most erotic and kinky thoughts. I know you want to to talk to Me, you have so much to say and with all the perverted fantasies and desires that constantly play in your nasty mind! I will remind you how much of a slut, nasty big black cock sucker you are, or how much you are dying to serve Me but can't because you are such a pussy or just too far to come and see Me in person. Or maybe you have a fetish and need to hear My sultry voice telling you that it's ok to be a freak that loves to get off on it! 

I have many creative yet controlling ways to instruct you, making you do filthy things for Me while you sit on the phone with a raging hard on waiting for Me to tell you the kinky tasks I want you to do for Me, for My entertainment and your servitude to Me! Call Me now because you need to worship, serve Me and be My bitch!
Click here on this link to call Me at !!

I still have My phone domination line at so you can call Me there too at: 

1800-863-5478    Extension # 01902677
These phone domination lines are also created because My phone number 305-992-6085 is ONLY used for booking session, NOT for kinky chat or text!

Domina Erotica

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Black Beauty Glamour ! !

Loving this new photo of Me .. glamour is what I enjoy. Class that distinguishes a Woman from the rest. Shiny lips, alluring eyes with a mystery and a story to tell. You never know what to expect while in My presence. Most are intimidated by Me while others are drawn to Me like an addiction. I love the fact that you can't resist either way. That's My divine power over you! As it should be ...see you soon!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Time stands still for Black Beauty!

Hello My admirers ... at the ripe young age of 47 I will always feel blessed that I still look so young. I took this pic Wednesday, May 27th, 2015 in upstate NY while on vacation. No photo shop or editing, just naturally 100% Me! Click on the pic for a close up .. I believe My youthfulness comes from genetics, living as healthy as possible as far as what I eat which is 90% organic, exercise and a deep profound spiritual stance on life. If you read further into My blog you will understand what I mean by My spiritual side and beliefs on life. I sometimes mix pics between My fetish lifestyle and vanilla life because it's all about Me. I am still dominant by nature whether if I am dressed in latex/leather or not. 

In this pic with the pretty sultry smile and the red flower in My hair, I can still kick ass and control My pets. A lot of times it's all about having the right attitude while still being able to bring a man to his knees to worship Me. Of course My presence is more commanding when I am dressed in fetish but that's the beauty of being a natural Domme, it just works either way!

As always, Domina Erotica

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Foot Worship .... This could be you!

On your knees .. collared and leashed .. salivating .. waiting .. anticipating .. yearning to kiss, lick, suck, sniff worship My pretty tasty toes and beautiful feet! As I strut around you in My sexy high heels, you get a glimpse of My feet as you are looking to the floor, hearing My foot steps get closer you wonder when you will be able to adore My lovely feet like you have been dreaming of. 

I thoroughly enjoy having My feet worshipped, massaged and adored by a true foot fetishist. Someone who knows there place and that's under My feet. Whether I choose to trample you with or without My high heels on, worship My stocking feet or bare feet, stuff My tasty toes in your mouth, make you lick the soles of My soft feet, kiss each toe with admiration, sniff in between each toe, place both of My feet on your face like a masks or on your excited man meat in between your legs! It's all good and you will be My foot bitch and My toe sucker. 

Sincerely, Domina Erotica